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8 Review

Mod Review on Nov 19th, 2014

While it's a joyous romp with plenty of nice details and scripted events, it ends rather abruptly with a sequel planned but ultimately scrapped with no announcement or even another word from the devs :(

Not to mention the voice-work for some characters is heavily accented to the point it's hard to hear what they are saying, especially our two main leads. Which is a shame, because it's decent for the most part.

Give this a gander, once you apply the fix that is.

Go kick some rebel butt (For as long as that lasts, anyway :) )

10 Review

Mod Review on Nov 18th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Surpassing even Valve in terms of detail, I have never really seen such a detailed recreation of the final hours of City 17.

With just one level, I was stunned by how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time, whether you are crawling through head-crab infested garbage dumps, dodging barnacles, manning a combine sniper (!!) to pick off CP's and even blowing up a tricky APC with hopper mines, Overflow was my favorite level in the Forgotten Journey compilation and is perhaps one of the best FPS experiences I've had since Underhell.

Great job, Marnamai! :)

Half Life : Climbox
6 Review

Mod Review on Nov 13th, 2014

Confusing and somewhat unpolished, there was still a lot of eye-candy and the design wasn't bad considering how it was assembled in such a short amount of time.

But alas, it is still very short and much of the combat was very disorienting and far too tight, especially with the speed boost power-up.

Still, not bad overall. :)

The Masked Prisoner
10 Review

Mod Review on Oct 14th, 2014

Straight forward, wonderfully scripted and tightly design, the masked prisoner was a wonderful romp from beginning to end.

While the first release turned me off with orange-mapping, and the latest release is missing some details in the levels, the eye-candy is nothing without solid gameplay, something TMP makes up for ten-fold. With great enemy placement and tight and frantic combat, TMP is just long enough to keep your attention and short enough to refrain from becoming dry.

Simply stunning, I had a blast. :D

The Gate 2
6 Review

Mod Review on Aug 17th, 2014 - 2 people agree 4 people don't

Watching this mod grow since 2005 has been quite an adventure, with many ups and downs and a near cancellation thanks to the ego of a certain French modder. However, The Gate 2 has finally been released.

And I think I will get the negatives aside right now.

The story for this mod is beyond silly and convoluted and the game seems to skip from action to horror to sci-fi to fantasy and adventure like the whole 15 gigabyte file was thrown into a genre blender.

The locales are equally varied and misplaced, with prehistoric earth, Area 51, Korea, ancient Egypt and world war 2.

And I think that's why I like it so much.

Each level is very detailed and articulate right down to the papers on the desks, the wreckage in the corners, the crowded kitchens, the blood-stained hallways and even the detailed car dealership that you zoom past in two seconds during the best chase sequence in a half-life 2 mod.

With all this being said, TG2 is quite long at almost 60 levels and unfortunately, has quite a lot of bugs with questionable voice-acting and prolonged cutscenes that either explain little or nothing at all.

Regardless, CJB has spent years working on TG2 and should be complimented for his one-man-show in terms of design and mapping. It's buggy, hard and sometimes quite obnoxious (Seeing jabs at George Bush in 2014 is super awkward and VERY dated), but, The Gate 2 is one hell of a ride.

It's not for everyone and the size alone is quite a turn-off, but those who enjoy detailed levels, varied themes and aren't afraid to avoid bugs, then The Gate 2 is right up your alley :)

Sky Mesa
4 Review

Mod Review on Aug 15th, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

While it's not going to win awards for the most eye-catching mod available on HL, I have to admit, I have seen far worse ventures by more experienced modders and worse first attempts by amateurs.

The gameplay was straightforward for the most part but the enemy placement felt random, making most firefights chaotic.

I hope the modder has learned some valuable lessons while creating sky mesa, and as a HL mod, it's far from terrible, but unless you are desperate for a HL mod, you might be disappointed.

2 Review

Mod Review on Jul 8th, 2014

It's hard to judge this mod fairly, as all we got in the end of a turbulent development was a buggy alpha build, but I can say for certain that ExtinctCity was hard for me to finish.

The levels are poorly built in terms of level design and gameplay, which just wasn't fun.

Some corridors were too low to walk through and dozens of zombie simply spawned in front of me! Navigation was also hell, with the brushwork and props pulling at my sides like vines and halting my pace at every turn.

Extinct City never had much of a chance to see a beta release, who knows, we may have gotten a more enjoyable experience. But as it stands, this mod simply isn't fun to play :(

10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 7th, 2014

The first release of this long-awaited HL1 mod in 2007 blew me away. The level detail is still stunning even seven long years later!

The models are very articulate, the sound is engaging, the atmosphere is foreboding, the action is stellar, everything about this mod speaks volumes in terms of quality for such an old engine!

Play the game release, it's one hell of a ride! :)

8 Review

Mod Review on Jul 7th, 2014

While it ends rather abruptly with little payoff, Penetration is an excellent Half-life 2 mod from the early days, with splendid pacing, design and gameplay.

Give this a gander, you won't be sorry :)

Men of Valor: Vietnam
8 Review

Game Review on Jun 10th, 2014

Playing this back in 2004 on the original XBOX was certainly a painful experience. I never finished it on that console due to the difficulty, but me and my brother did enjoy the online play.

However, blasting my way through the game on the PC recently reminded me how much I missed.

The game was an interesting take on the Vietnam setting, focusing on tactical combat rather then going in guns blazing against a vicious enemy. The graphics also looked top-notch for the time, on par with HL2 IMO.

While it may not have aged well, it's tough-as-nails gameplay, articulate level design and voice-acting made it stand out from generic shooters at the time.

Today, you should nab a copy. Just be prepared to get your butt kicked :)

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