My name, as one might guess is Kriss and at the moment I am 17 years old. Quite passionate for all things visual, and if digital - even more! Been using Blender for 2 years now, learning something new every two days. I'm also into poster design (via Inkscape and Photoshop) and a bit of street-art (via posters) as well.. :P Don't be a stranger..

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Flash112 Nov 16 2012 replied:

Im unsure about twitter but there are plenty of other places where people are still worried about this fictional world end thing.. :D

+8 votes   media: Physics
Flash112 Nov 15 2012 replied:

I heard that the devs will be releasing a major update on the 21st december..

+15 votes   media: Physics
Flash112 Nov 15 2012 says:

And that's why pretty much Moddb is one of the few places where I hang out on the webzzz...

+9 votes   media: Welcome to teh internetz
Flash112 Nov 13 2012 says:

This was my actual facial expression,though more subtle, when I introduced "Adventure time" to my friends and they liked it..

+6 votes   media: That's so me! Jokes
Flash112 Nov 13 2012 replied:

It's not a fail if its intentional and even remotely funny.. :)

+6 votes   media: Perfect gift for mothers day
Flash112 Nov 13 2012 replied:

Wouldn't it be "an" instead of "a" ?

+5 votes   media: Epic
Flash112 Nov 11 2012 says:

The best thing is that these 2 settings are 1cm apart..

+9 votes   media: shower
Flash112 Nov 11 2012 says:

Watch this right before your sleep...

+4 votes   media: car crash
Flash112 Nov 8 2012 says:

Legal, as in I can buy this like any other gun in a gunshop? @_@

+6 votes   media: Illegal...
Flash112 Nov 7 2012 replied:

with spinners and hydraulics! Plus an optional Jackhammer subwoofer in the back of this marvelous ride!

+12 votes   media: So fly
Flash112 Nov 7 2012 says:

Somewhat reminds me of Eufloria and Osmos..keep up the good work! :)

+4 votes   game: Borealis
Flash112 Nov 7 2012 says:

Simple "Jesus camp" is already quite fudged up, but this... @_@

+1 vote   media: Raptor Jesus Camp
Flash112 Nov 6 2012 says:

Weekly progress perhaps? People like to see that things are actually moving on and such.. :) Or make "Screenshot Sundays" - of course if you would have nice looking material every week since I guess there can be weeks when all that is done is some crazy coding.. :)
Good luck with your mod!

+1 vote   blog: First blog
Flash112 Nov 5 2012 says:

Maybe these books are of that kind where everything seems complete nonsense and c**p until you can see the hidden meaning and allegory and then everything seems so clear.. @_@

+3 votes   media: funny movie posters
Flash112 Nov 5 2012 says:

I don't want to spoil, but it was the girl with the stupid face who ate all the pizza rolls..

+7 votes   media: funny movie posters
Flash112 Nov 5 2012 says:

It get's less or more funny when you think about that there was an actual person who tied a balloon to a dead raccoon.. xD

+6 votes   media: A raccoon
Flash112 Nov 4 2012 says:

Also, any tips to make it more interesting are welcome, since the basic idea is - Nice camerawork at the start and then, well, those objects are destroyed (shattered to about 1k-2k of pieces)..

+2 votes   media: DeConstruction WIP
Flash112 Nov 4 2012 replied:

Very nice! Tracking..
Models of those weapons look really nice, though textures look a bit odd.. :) (I mean the gattling gun and the pistol, other assets look quite awesome..)

+1 vote   member: Flash112
Flash112 Nov 3 2012 says:

Yearbook photos : Left - Expectation, Right - Reality

+12 votes   media: drawing
Flash112 Nov 3 2012 replied:

Quite nice indeed! But what is the framerate on an average machine when seeing 300k voxels?

+4 votes   media: Particle Effects
Flash112 Nov 3 2012 says:

Did you hear about the goblin who got his left leg and left are cut off?
It's okay, he's allright now.. *Adventure Time pun :P

+5 votes   media: You did nazi that comming!
Flash112 Nov 3 2012 replied:

Thanks! I always go overboard with colorgrading, fixed! :3

+1 vote   media: Sequence Project WIP
Flash112 Nov 1 2012 says:

I might have missed something, but what is the deadline?

+4 votes   news: New Stuff + Idea & Modeling Contest!
Flash112 Nov 1 2012 says:

Looks pretty nice, I have tried making FP hands, and failed miserably each time :D
The inner palm lacks a bit in detail, you could add some "elastic" padding for extra grip to it, also I suppose those are switches (dont know the right word bwah..) for opening and closing armor, then there should be a small gap between those pieces (You could do it when texturing though I guess..)

+2 votes   media: DSOS FP hands WIP
Flash112 Oct 31 2012 replied:

I know that one, though I made this without it, I was wondering what result I would get.. :) However I will most likely check it out...

+2 votes   media: My first sculpt.. (Messed up concrete column)
Flash112 Oct 30 2012 replied:

Thanks! It would be nice to see what you have made! :)

+1 vote   media: Chainmail helmet
Flash112 Oct 30 2012 says:

She must be quite a lady to go on a date with the night itself!

+27 votes   media: This maybe raciest.
Flash112 Oct 30 2012 says:

Well, that is awesome! How much polys did you get on the low poly model?

+2 votes   media: Gimli's Helmet
Flash112 Oct 28 2012 says:

I'm trying to enjoy the show, but its so scientifically inaccurate! :-/

+23 votes   media: Zooming in
Flash112 Oct 28 2012 replied:

When I think about it, it kinda roots back to my childhood..
Since I was a kid I always wanted to create something in relation to games (I picked up Valve Hammer when I was 9 or so..) and made some maps, which even got into servers! Then I saw some pretty neat animations done with Cs characters and had a blast watching them, I wanted to do something similar..
Somewhere in between 4th and 9th grade my dream profession was an architect - so I stumbled upon Blender 2.4something, I abandoned it in 5 minutes - it was horrible, then same day I found Sketchup, I was doodling in there for some time, but nothing much - blocky houses etc.
Years went and the dream of making animations and such had faded away, but when I was in 9th grade, me and my friend we really wanted to make a game, I had a bit of experience in computer stuff, he had none.. I did some googling about what do you actually do when making a game and yeah - 3D assets! I was researching what would be the best option to make them - a legit one too, and I got Blender, first 2.5 release I think (lucky I didnt get 2.49 or I most likely would of abandoned 3D at all :D :D ) The dream of making a game with him kinda died, lost motivation, no skill.. But I still enjoyed making things in Blender, so I sticked with it and it became my main hobby, I still really want to animate, just haven't gotten around it yet..
Thanks for asking by the way, the long way it took for me to get here kinda blew my mind.. (there are more events and things to talk about, but I wanted to keep it medium length slab of text.. )

+3 votes   media: Megaphone! :0
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