My name, as one might guess is Kriss and at the moment I am 17 years old. Quite passionate for all things visual, and if digital - even more! Been using Blender for 2 years now, learning something new every two days. I'm also into poster design (via Inkscape and Photoshop) and a bit of street-art (via posters) as well.. :P Don't be a stranger..

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I have been living with a thought that 3D isn't too popular in LV and those people who are interested in it are about the same skill level as me (therefor beginners..) So today I was a bit moody and was randomly searching them interwebzz and decided that I should type in "Blender 3D" and tick the place where it says "Results only in Latvian" and I found a forum for people who are into 3D stuff.. And DAMN the quality of works is simply jaw dropping (almost comparable to CG society @_@ ) Anyhow, i feel very motivated and at the same time a bit demotivated (in a very weird way) since I finally realize that I suck to say the least XD (but its more or less fine I guess, since c'mon 8 months of experience against min of 5 years of experience in 3D of the authors of those crazy images..
Even though I rarely sit at my desktop with my jaw literally open in awe, this was one of those cases (not that images were ultra amazing, its just that i wasn't expecting it )
In overall I am quite happy about my finding, one more place to get feedback and to learn and to get in touch with other slightly geeky people who actually have knowledge and are interested in 3D :D
Yeah, I just had to write this somewhere.. Really gives me a push to continue with my projects!
-As for those who havent seen anything nice in my gallery for some time its just that I have school exams, woot! :D And still learning Blender's physics by making various small animation clips (Minecraft themed since its easy to work with blocks, btw I am not a fan of it -_- ) And there will be an image by the end of 15th of may, since the deadline of a competition is getting closer to my throat.. :D
Also I have been integrating Blender with my schoolwork (a bit) I had to write a paper in physics where images were a necessity since it is kind of a international thing or whatever, so while other kids were having fun in MsPaint I had fun in Blender, and yeah I aced them.. (I was the only person who got 10 from 9th grades, getting a mark like that in physics from a teacher who is considered to be the best in LV and simply him being a old d-bag was quite a shock for me..) I am not uploading those pictures since they are a bit under my standards (low poly, no textures, just so the viewer would get the idea)
Well, thanks for reading my rant on stuff.. ;)

Since, i STILL cant get the strength's to get a decent graphics tablet, i have none (duh..) But i accidentally stumbled upon a video of a dude using his webcam to track his fingers and use it as a multi touch surface.. So i got a very cheap looking webcam (which turned out to be actually cheap!!) and played around with it, at first the results were awful, but after some tweaking i got a more or less working input device (approx the size a half page) so i tweaked it a bit more, and then i built it into my glass desk (which i used to hate, since it gets dirty very quickly) and now i can pretend i am an evil genius or a guy from CSI (which in real life is not like on tv -_-) but yeah, i can draw on the table with my fingers, makes photoshoping, digital painting so much easier..Next stop, Touchscreen table! (by coincidence i have all the materials needed) I wonder what else i can do with that webcam besides awkward video calls..

You can find me on
Youtube : (comment, like subscribe and other spammy stuff like that bwahahaha!)

And on DeviantArt : (pretty much the same images as on moddb atm, but still if you like my works make sure to stop by there as well)
Yeah, Love you! @_@ (no homo)

These are the texture sites i have found / copied from post in the forums which was quite old and i was looking for it a while, hope this is useful for fellow modelers and devs ;) (also im using this as note to myself so i wouldnt have to each time look for that post, and also i just hate putting a text document on my desktop xD)


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At the moment i am doodling around and making random stuff in Blender, an amazing program! Anyways check out my work, nothing much really, but still... :D The best thing about Blender is that its just as powerful as similar expensive programs and its FREE (just if somebody didnt kow :D)
gosh i sound like an annoying spammer... :D

Through playtesting and stuff like that i realised that playing a game with a tank is pretty boring, because it doesnt have enough flexibility like in physics puzzles going through some kinds of platforms etc. so i will be using a small cartoon styled character.

I am now playing/using Algodoo! great progra,you can play with physics!!!

Very slowly improwing my game and thinking about how the levels should look..also seeecreetly testing the puzzles and platforms in the game and ofcourse goofing around in blender...
Games i play right now: Machinarium (by far the best artwork and style through the game)
Frozen Synapsis (damn! that is one hard game! xD)

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