Well hello! Thanks for taking the time to view this, either you are interested in what I do or you are really bored. I have messed around in editors in many engines. I hope you will try some of my future, upcoming and released maps and give some feedback as to what I can change as every persons input is important to me. Feedback is appreciated both good and bad, feel free to message me.

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Hey guys,
Just letting you know I am starting work on a new map. Based on the limited war in the Falkland Islands during 1982 between Britain (including some of her colonies) and Argentina (using the Russians instead).I will spend about a week researching the battle of Goose Green where the British 2nd Para assaulted Darwin and Goose Green both small settlements.

I shall spend some time looking at the field of play and how I can make it fair as well as the height maps and such.I will release a version with Nato for vanilla users and other mod users and one with the Americans for those (like myself) who enjoy the modern warfare mod.It may not be very accurate due to my inexperience with the editor but I will do the best I can!

So far I have got maps and topography of the playfield from Google maps and Google earth and other misc sites, I am now just planning the deployment areas, story, balancing issues. I have yet to actually start on the map in the editor as I need to figure out how to do loading screens :).

If anyone can pm me or help me making loading screens + audio actually go into the game I would be very grateful and give you my future releases super early, as well as mentioning you in the credits and loading screens!

I also have to figure out who the heck to paint the terrain, apparently I have to use Photoshop or something :/

All will be done in good time as I also have to study for my 'A' levels

Hope my maps reach your WIC soon,

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