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Flakx Feb 9 2013 replied:

excellent thanks :)

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Flakx Feb 8 2013 replied:

I managed to find this:

seen as you posted it i'm assuming(or at least hoping) that its included/compadable with this mod. as not being able to roll is very inconvenient.

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Flakx Feb 8 2013 replied:

just loaded up the game there for nostalgia, forgot about its funny controls, Is there any way to map roll left/right to a key? cause i feel that would help me a lot.

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Flakx Feb 8 2013 says:

hey guys this look amazing, I'v been looking for an excuse to come back to this game.
I'v got a few questions though, would you reccomend that I just pick it up now or wait until the release of v2.0?

also there were a few things in the vinnala game that have put me off replaying it and I'm curious to see if you've addressed them.

1. was the varience of side quests & random encounters. (non main storyline missions) have you Increased the options here? I saw that you noted that you'd improved the AI so this should help a lot, but I'm curious as to what other changes you made.

2. throughout the entire vinnala game I always wished that my ship moved just a little bit faster (not nessacarily for the exploration part of the game, I quite liked that it took some effort/committment to go explore the reaches of space). But I always felt that the combat would be signifactly improved with just a slight speed increase for both you and your opponents.
have you changed this? (or is there a way/smalll mod that would do this for me)

Thanks again for doing all this work for people to enjoy, theres never been another game quite like freelancer and i'm excited for the opertunitty to get back into it.

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