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darklordzx5 Oct 19 2014, 4:32pm says:

you made it superd the sking fit perfectly with the vessel! :D

However, which faction it will be avariable? look very Sith to me.

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darklordzx5 Oct 18 2014, 12:45pm says:

I know the Jedi are part of the Republic but... I can't help but notice a Dark Side Vide in that Shot.

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darklordzx5 Oct 12 2014, 12:32pm says:

....I love you...

(No ****)

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darklordzx5 Oct 8 2014, 10:28am says:

This is great news for cardassia!

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darklordzx5 Oct 8 2014, 10:20am says:

its that the TEC Rebels Titan?

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darklordzx5 Sep 14 2014, 12:00pm says:

Don't mind me I just drooling due to the sheer of awesomeness...

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darklordzx5 Aug 21 2014, 4:17pm says:

This is ship is good I love in it Old Republic at War mod.

But I always wondered why sacrificing the hangars of the nose section?

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darklordzx5 Aug 21 2014, 12:45pm says:

I love it, It got the basic design of the starforge... sorta :P

The reason why everyone is onto the Harrowing is because the love of the ships rather than starbases.

Don't get me wrong, I love your starbases and factories models but people favor to moving and buildable killing machines, than stationary killing and building machines.

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darklordzx5 Aug 14 2014, 1:25pm replied:

Oh disculpa pensaba que era algo nuevo, enserio 2 años incluidos, como no lo note antes? :P

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darklordzx5 Aug 11 2014, 11:19am says:

Vaya Nomada, estas planeando en poner la campaña original al FoC? :?

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darklordzx5 Aug 9 2014, 1:06am replied:

Oh, so the Jedi think that the sith must all be destroyed. Sad that they're still close minded, at least few jedi opened their eyes in what their order had become. That's where my second question come from, there are Light Side Users in the Sith? I mean, Jedi that deserted the order but are still wary in the dark side of the force, there must be at least one council member who deserted to the knights.

You know, bombarment of Nall Hutta seems wasteful, I mean, there was another species that was actually the real natives of Hutta, the planet was conquered by the hutts and use them an slave, the bombarment no only killed the hutts but also the real natives.

Kinda hoping to see the Hammerhead Frigates, the Valor Class and Forey Corvette. Acclamators and Venators should be for both side but that's your mod, you know what to do, Additional Data: the Venator come from ancient mandalorian design, would be nice if the Mandos use the venator or reuse the ship designs of old

I love the Nightsister unit of the consortium, I glad that they are with the Sith.

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darklordzx5 Aug 7 2014, 1:01pm says:

I have some more question:
What is the general Jedi Opinion of these Sith?
What happened to the Mandalorians?
Old Republic's Designs (4000-3700 BBY) now belongs to the Sith?
If the Hutts and most of criminal organization are no more, what happened to their worlds, such Nar Shaddaa, Tatoonie, etc.
What happened to the Dathormir Witches?

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darklordzx5 Aug 1 2014, 2:49pm replied:

Don't worry it happend sometimes. you might upload the mod in another site just in case.

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darklordzx5 Aug 1 2014, 1:54pm says:

faulty upload :/ sorry but it's the truth.

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darklordzx5 Aug 1 2014, 11:44am replied:

isn't that pretty risky? having a very important factory for the construction of ANY warship in short amount of time stationed in one place

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darklordzx5 Jul 30 2014, 1:51pm says:

The Republic will pay deadly for this!

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darklordzx5 Jul 29 2014, 6:04pm replied:

So in the end, the jedi will be self-destructing while the Knights do NOTHING but to help in the war and based in the public eyes and witnesses in them being considere heroes instead of villians.

It's doesn't explain the republic part. however, it's seems that you're not only creating a "Good Sith" AU mod almost as the Sith Knight evolve into something more, Almost reviving the original Je'daii Order under similar philosophies, Where there is no Light or Dark, only the Force.

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darklordzx5 Jul 29 2014, 5:27pm says:

So let me get this straight.

No matter if the sith are now honorable faction with a morality code and no your typical sith (Harr harr Galactic Domination, Eww Lightside, dark side empire!)

They still hate the republic and the jedi, even if they are not hellbent in galactic domination?

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darklordzx5 Jul 28 2014, 2:44pm says:

Man, you're sure an artist. this mod is getting better and better each update. ;)

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darklordzx5 Jul 27 2014, 10:57am says:

Still, Venator is the best ship.

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darklordzx5 Jul 26 2014, 2:14pm says:

Quiere decir que ya es posible continuar con la campaña del Consorcio?

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darklordzx5 Jul 20 2014, 8:33pm replied:

what about the Vong? I know that is the theme now in two or three mods and it's might be too early for them to appear but it's the only faction I have in my mind that can par with both Republic and Unity (Sounds better Union if you ask me) in conquering/safeguard the galaxy.

An question that is plaguing me for some time.
How this idea of the "Good" Sith come from? the Idea is good, I got to confess is Like redeeming the Sith's Culture as whole so it can work better (Example: use the force without restricting your emotions or passions. No only Fear, Hate and Anger)

Anyway, your previous mod is amazing (KoTOE:1) Good Luck in this one :)

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darklordzx5 Jul 19 2014, 6:22pm says:

there will be a third faction or just "Republic vs Sith" Like the original EaW that was Rebs vs Imps?

What happend to the CIS' Asserts, Ships, Worlds, Organizations within it after the war ended?

Since there won't a Consortium as Tyber is a Republic Officer, the only faction that might be viable would be the Black Sun/Underworld.

What can you tell me/us about the Ground battle in Sith Controlled worlds and the ground units of the Unity? there will be acolytes, appretices, Sith Lords or Perhaps even Grey Jedi?

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darklordzx5 Jul 15 2014, 7:12pm replied:

in the end, what happened to Korriban's Tombs and Academies from the past (KoTOR/SWTOR) and the Sith Lords' Spirits?

Pretty sure this isn't no what they wanted in the whole Sith Order.
Bane Would be furious :P
"My Rule of Two! You all destroyed what the Sith are!" - Darth Bane.

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darklordzx5 Jul 15 2014, 8:17am says:

So instead of Light vs Dark War, is a Grey vs Grey War?

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darklordzx5 Jul 15 2014, 12:27am says:

I got a Question:

What happened to Dromund Kaas? is still abandoned in your story?

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darklordzx5 Jul 14 2014, 7:08pm says:

... *Play KoTOR Sith Theme* ...

Long Live Revan...

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darklordzx5 Jul 12 2014, 3:26pm says:

Delicious Screenshots... Delicious indeed... need more plasma by the way.

*See the beating*.... all of this for a pun? *get some popcorns with plasma*

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darklordzx5 Jul 12 2014, 2:15pm says:

Eggman? now talking about unexpected :O

what can you talk about the faction, there will be the mobians and the freedom fighters? I can't wait to blow them up. :3

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darklordzx5 Jul 11 2014, 10:40am replied:

I think that the problem to make an Starcraft Mod in other games is of fear of blizzard, other than that, there isn't much units in game, the modder might need to create some fanon units

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