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Music corner:

Rock genre. TBM, The Birthday Massacre. Deep songs/lyrics. ;-) Do I need to say more? :->

Some new colour enhanced or white balanced AC1 screenshots, plus one AC2 screenie from the launch trailer:
Walking Throwing knife 2 Pwned 9
Pwned 2 Punching Oops a tree
Pwned 11 Hidden blade 3 Running

Some music:

Rock genre, it's an American band Hollywood Undead, but I usually listen to more hardrock/hardcore music groups or "mixed" genre bands like Prodigy or Italian Subsonica. The music of the band itself is a mix of various styles, you can check them out on YouTube (there are some HQ live performances):

A bunch... BUNCH... of new screenshots from AC1. ;-) Not all are worth seeing, though.

Below these most valuable/interesting (IMHO)
Woooooh... The feather stained with blood Pierced 2

Oops an archer behind Not good time, not good place Geronimo!

Checking the equipment Bloodshed And the last killing blow...

An archer prepared to shoot Adha

* * *

Also, posted some All Points Bulletin concept art, colour enhanced:

APB Poster [enhanced]
APB Concept art 2 [enhanced] APB Concept art 1 [enhanced]

Visit APB official website to sign for the beta!

Again. No updates planned for this week, unfortunately. = ( RL, other things, and so on. (ASM - link.)

Tiberian Paradise has some already made assets, they'll be shown in the following days (left-offs from a few weeks back).

Also posted some screenies from AC1:
Stargate Running from memories

Jumping! Through the head

Also on AC1 game webpage, screenies which were colour-enhanced to spice them up a bit and make them more interesting:
Stargate Unreachable 2

Maybe I'll make wallpapers from the most interesting ones. ;-)

Lately posted some images showing new skins for S2, which I did a long time ago. ;-) They aren't that needed or good, they're just useful. One colour skins/textures help see who is who (which character class somebody's chosen).


One colour skin ;-) One colour skin (beasts)
[Beasts] One colour portraits [Humans] One colour portraits

Hmmm, also, one review written, so almost all of my own personal profile tabs are white. ;-D One greyed out left... guess which?

Below a link to Savage 2 review (hopefully there'll be more, thinking of reviewing C&C3 or RA3 - any suggestions? x-D):

Probably as many of you, I await Renegade X run on UDK!

1. Many times, really. But what engine should it be? What programming language should I learn?

So far found a site called GameDev: Gamedev.net

Some 2D engines, such as:

Wiki.fifengine.de Probably a very nice engine, when you look at a game Unknown Horizons.
Wesnoth.org - a RTS engine / game source... hmmm...
Soft.firstproductions.com <- one must pay for it! = (

The best option would be to make one's own engine... considering it a little further, one will find it'd a time killer. A time and life killer. But if one needs to learn some programming languages (yup, intending on doing so)...

Maybe you know some engines? Maybe a 3D engine, supporting GMAX models and adjustable or adjusted to RTS games?

2. Returned to writing poems, LOL. = ] The first patched up below:

The darkness of the DNA ocean

Closed in a body coffin,
thrown into the depth of mental sea,
gone through median memoriscapes.

Sealed off for thousands of years,
unsealed off for a few years,
again closed, closed, closed...

... an incomprehensible way of speaking,
an unfollowable manner of doing,
not distinguished, not meant to mean something;
the daylight will come.
But the light will be put out again.

Memories, DNA, or new lives,
doing, judging, or speaking,
fun or the truth.

Well, it was written when thinking of AC2. :-)

3. These are the latest fruit of playing around with GIMP colour enhancing:
AC2 concept art - colour enhancement AC2 screenshots - colour enhancement 2! AC2 screenshots - colour enhancement :-) AoEIII Colour enhancement

Well, even if there are some tries of GMAX, I'm pretty stuck on modding old C&C games. :-)

ASM gets postponed a bit (again!), but something else emerges. BTW, there are so many assets not processed for Dark Howl! = / B/c of a lack of time, time, and time... or maybe just a lack of will.

The secret project, which I didn't want to reveal until I had some kind of beta version, it's already added to Moddb database and awaits authorisation.

Its name is Tiberian Paradise, a mod for Yuri's Revenge, and hopefully, it will implement some of my craziest or most interesting ideas.
Stay tuned... ;-)

BTW, a question for you! What mod would you like? For what game?
Savage 2 (Tiberian universe)
Red Alert 3 (done a bit coding, a bit implementing of models)
Hmmmmmm... maybe a game? I.e. free RTS game? Lately browsed some of interesting 2D/3D engines.

PS Authorised:
PPS To be sincere, only Tiberium Tale is dead, and I don't plan to develop it further. = /

So it does its job on me.

Apathy is one of the most terrible diseases for artists, coders, modellers and similar kinds of people. It comes to one chief question. What is worse than emotions and being controlled by them?

It's a lack of emotions and a lack of having them. Inspiration is an emotion. A creation-drive is an emotion.

And we often can't even think of a proper med. The apathy is the end, the end of being productive, but, fortunately, it's a temporal end. Still, it is very annoying. Trying to be inspired, artistry-driven... is sometimes very hard and sometimes even harder. But it's worth the price. Overcoming the apathy by switching on music or reading something can better the one's state. It's a shame that sometimes even such things we're too lazy to do.

Apathy. The ultimate enemy of an artist of any kind.