« L'homme c'est rien — l'oeuvre c'est tout. » Je suis né et je vis à Babylone, là où les enfants tuent, dealent et volent...

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For many 9/11 first responders and other people who got ill or died of respiratory problems, all due to officials saying that the air was safe to breathe. What else US gov't lied about?

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D.U.M.B's not for dumb people, it seems. So what or who for? A nuclear war? A cataclysm? For a chosen people? An elite? Or maybe common passers-by?

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9,021 PhDs (31k scientists in total!) against one of the fattest recent lies - human-made global warming (a.k.a. AlGore-made global warming).

You don't believe? You can, but first take a look at OFFICIAL Oregon Institute webpage:

It seems not only Obama is given a Noble Award for nothing.

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RPG taken 2 Shooting angry fugitives Reloading a pistol

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Some MVs:

Vegastar, a French alternative rock band. ;-)

One can browse their channel:

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Gen.Kenobi knows that I plan a small project. But we'll see if it comes to fruition or not. ;-) Sorry if I can't reveal anything more! Rest assured and content that Gen.Kenobi knows as much as you! :-D

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Some MVs:

Manafest, well, a genre where a lot of rap is mixed with a bit of rock. Additionally, a Christian band. ;-)

Below Marilyn Manson (yes, you know this guy a way too well, don't you? ;-P):

One of the most artistic MVs (others can be lame, but not this one).
Also you've seen this, erm, movement? VEVO? :-) You can check it out here: www.vevo.com

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A few words of truth about... languages and native speakers

Your country teaches you to obey mindlessly, to love it, to treat as the beginning and the end, the (the!) A, and the Z, the unique and irreplaceable one. But the truth is far from the reality. Immersed in an English world, reading many books in English, mainly Pratchett's ones, I switched my "native" language to something very different.

First, one must know that there isn't such thing as a "foreign" language. All languages are equally good and completely human (meaning, understandable). When we think of e.g. French, German or other language (if you're a native speaker of French or German, you can think so of English) as "foreign", we doom our own linguistic capabilities.
Treating them as "foreign", is really treating them as "alien", and in turn, unfamiliar to us. It's a prejudiced and biased attitude, worse still, we're doing it completely unaware, accepting our own language patterns, which tell us "foreign languages" are "foreign", that they "alien", and so on.

So if you do want to learn a lang and to speak it as good as yours, like "your own" (it's BS, but we should let it alone for now), almost or completely as a native speaker, the first move is to erase "foreign" from "foreign languages", i.e. erase this terrible word from your dictionary (forget about the "foreign"). Forever!
Then you know languages as "languages", just languages, making them more common to your mind.
You can always use neutral "other", and just say "other languages". But beware of monstrous "FOREIGN"! It's the same as "alien" as said above, and you certainly would like to avoid calling your favourite other languages so. (Believe me, one's mind thinks otherwise than one intents to.)

Second. Get ready for the mighty hit! It's coming.
There isn't such a thing as a born native speaker of a lang. You wasn't born a native speaker of any language. I wasn't born as a native speaker of any language. Any other person wasn't.
The point is... we learnt how to be and become one, as children. The point is, with enough effort and concentration and passion, everybody is able to become a "native speaker" of any language. It sometimes takes some more time or effort, sometimes many years of truly intensive learning.

And when you know two languages... enough to read books, to suck everything in, even if you aren't much capable of reproducing various phrases, "advanced" words yourself - you're a completely different person. You know the propaganda of your country, and that "being a native speaker" is nothing special at all.

Countries are temporary solutions. We don't realise how thin and weak countries are. They're young. Many great empires fell. The same will happen to countries and boundaries, despite how many languages and contradictory ideas we think up, there will be always too many to storm our own egoistic premises when the time comes. ;->

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A.V.A screenie A.V.A screenie A.V.A screenie

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Some MVs:

(hed) p.e., a unique band, a rock one with some rap influences. ;-)

One can subscribe to their channel:

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GRANS (grans-productions.com, a place for Generals / new C&C modding) is up, suprisingly. Being off for so many days can get one wondering if something happened to the database/posts ASO. ;-)

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Ninja 3 Ninja Sketch-like Assassin's Creed (2)

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Some MVs:

Lacuna Coil. :-) A rock/metal band with a leading female vocalist. ;-)

One can subscribe to their CenturyMedia channel:

To be sincere, I don't listen to most metal bands there, only hard rock ("rockish") ones, and crossover/progressive/mixed/alternative ones. ;-D

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Well, GRANS (grans-productions.com, a place for Generals / new C&C mods & modding) is still down. The hosting provider, erm, provides little helpful advice. The problem is with the domain name, AFAIK, it shares the same IP as other domains I registered there (i.e. these assigned to the server ;-)).

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Again, some MVs (hopefully, legal ones ;-P):

(A cover. ;->)

Within Temptation, genre (sort of) Gothic rock/metal with a female vocalist. ;-)

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Music corner:

Rock genre. TBM, The Birthday Massacre. Deep songs/lyrics. ;-) Do I need to say more? :->