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17 comments by feillyne on Nov 17th, 2010

Originally intended as a comment to open_sketchbook. Planned to include also the following questions: "You really desire everybody to get much higher education? To educate themselves more?"

You, you all, you all that read this blog post, do you really think that highly-paid Obama and all these false double-faced politicians will ever save you?
Will this profit-driven paradigm-bound and paradigm-limited science save you?
Will these closed universities and schools demanding bloodleeching payments that make studends very very poor help you?

You're happy with the Internet that was supposed to be an open source of all valuable information, now ripped apart by pornography and scams and all kinds of crap?

What's so fucking wrong with free energy, magnet motors?
What's so fucking wrong with open-source software, SourceForge?
What's wrong with growing your own food? (Bill S. 510!)
What's wrong with free indie bands and songs, indie video games?
What's wrong with free films?
What's wrong with WORKING for FREE and RECEIVING for FREE?
What's wrong with sharing?

What's wrong with getting whores out of the streets and pornography studios, women selling themselves for a couple of bucks?
What's wrong with breaking up drug cartels evolving around shadily made profit?
What's wrong with having honest politicians?
What's wrong with homeschooling?

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in God. I KNOW that God exists. And that so-called "conspiracy" really affects everybody and MANY help it unconsciously. Moreover, this manipulation stinks from a mile wide, and any of you simply may be unaware of it just because you grew accustomed to its awful smell...

And do you really think that a higher (the HIGHEST being, as it is the VERY definition of the Creator) such as God could show such horrible partiality?
Is a Buddhist doing right things better than an Atheist doing right things?
Is a Christian doing right things better than an Atheist doing right things?
Is a Muslim doing right things better than an Atheist doing right things?
But tell me... how many of Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims... and others... do RIGHT things? How many?

And all these economic crises, predicted disasters, other fuckeries could/can be avoided.
If only people started to make some fucking decent effort to eradicate monetary systems from the face of the Earth...

... and no, I won't convince any of you to anything. You choose what you choose. If it proves unhealthy, poisonous or deadly for you, it was your choice and you'll have only yourselves to blame. Only yourselves!

And when I say that people need to make some FUCKING EFFORT to succeed, I really MEAN it. Because realism proves that it's MUCH much more easier to say than do!

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24 comments by feillyne on Oct 4th, 2010

Yeah, can send some games completely for free. Below pics.

Games to give out Games to give out
Games to give out Games to give out

The list:
Actua Soccer 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Plane Crazy
Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr
Pro-Pinball Big Race USA
Quake II
Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Jagged Alliance 2.5 Unfinished Business
International Rally Championship
Starfleet Command (Gold Edition)
Startrek Armada
Battle Isle: The Andosia War

Kingpin: Life of Crime
SWAT 2 Police Quest
Mig Alley The Birth of Jet Warfare
Total Annihilation (2 CDs)
Heretic II
Dark Reign 2
Dungeon Keeper (Gold Edition)

Almost all of them come from the Polish PC magazine CD-Action (except SWAT 2 and Dungeon Keeper). Must check if all of them are in English, since Blair Witch appears to not be. And please, at least 3 5 ones (even if you ask for one). :-) No point in packing and sending one game. ;-P

PS The product key of C&C Generals (regular w/o the expansion) still to hand out for free. :-)

Report abuse Generals & Generals Zero Hour keys

1 comment by feillyne on Oct 1st, 2010

Generals & Generals Zero Hour product keys (+ EA account) to hand out for free. :-)

These will allow you play the games over the Internet with random people without a problem (with Hamachi). ;-P

In-game shot In-game shot
In-game shot In-game shot

Also, could send some games, have loads of legitimate copies from PC magazines. :-P

Report abuse C&C3 and RA3 cd keys to hand out

2 comments by feillyne on Sep 26th, 2010

Regular C&C3 and RA3 cd keys, along with the EA account, to hand out, if somebody's interested (completely for free). ;-) The original product keys give you a possibility to play the multiplayer with other people out there.

In-game shot In-game shot

Red Alert 3 In-Game Screenshots Red Alert 3 In-Game Screenshots

Also thinking about giving the code of Kane's Wrath.

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8 comments by feillyne on Sep 3rd, 2010

Christopher Paolini:

Terry Pratchett:
The Colour of Magic
Moving Pictures
Feet of Clay
The Light Fantastic
Guards! Guards!
Soul Music
Carpe Jugulum
Men at Arms
Also, Terry Pratchett's:

Anne Rice, Violin

Frank Herbert:
Dune Messiah
God Emperor of Dune

C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian

All All
Bottom, Pratchett Pratchett top
Brisingr Eldest Eragon Dune, Anne Rice Violin, Terry Pratchett
Dune, Anne Rice, Prince Caspian Terry Pratchett
Top-down view, all books

Requests here (so we can talk them over if there are other people that need one and the same book), addresses via PM.

Giveaway is for free, you don't need to send back anything.

If you'd like to exchange, only English (alternatively French) books, and sci-fi/fantasy genre, of a modern writer, and not a translation (the original author's language).

Report abuse La rage, continuellement !

0 comments by feillyne on Aug 14th, 2010


La Rage du Peuple

Report abuse A luta contínua!

0 comments by feillyne on Aug 1st, 2010

Rockin' Squat


Rockin' Squat

Report abuse The Rage of the People / A luta contínua!

1 comment by feillyne on Jul 25th, 2010

La Rage du Peuple

Report abuse Contribution to ModDB - postmortem

20 comments by feillyne on Jun 23rd, 2010

So what I did, what contributed, to ModDB so far?

1) posted ridiculous & late reviews for commercial games that aren't read by anybody, or at least won't be read by original developpers of the game, and gave them 10/10 seemingly for nothing

2) copied game features and features' articles from the official game sites, and added them to ModDB

3) put up for download wallpapers that can be downloaded from these official websites

4) wasted the precious ModDB server space for useless downloads, such as demos, full versions and source code packs, that can be downloaded from other sites

5) spammed some useless pics of Assassin's Creed I, probably that's why the activity level is so high = completely unjust

6) upped everybody's comments on almost every game/mod/group page w/o any valid reasons and w/o any explanation (except the comments of people supporting torrents or throwing vulgar words)

7) bothered poor game authors to upload some screenshots to the unauthorised games

8) added somebody else's mods, not being my work at all

9) added some poor mods that mainly consist of somebody else's models, somebody's coding solutions, and all I ever added to them are the poorest and worst examples of copy & paste work

10) wasted others' time for reading useless blogposts, forum posts, and features of "own" made mods

11) overloaded games' galleries with senseless additional screenshots

12) added games that aren't moddable at all (completely pointless)

13) was a dick to friends creating mods, and didn't help them as much as they would like to

14) promised some big projects (such as a tiberian universe mod for Savage 2) and never even thought of actual realisation of them, or at least not truly started them

15) wasted ModDB serverspace for videos, such as game trailers, that can be watched on YouTube w/o any problems

16) wrote disgustingly poor newsposts, and didn't care to check the private only option to avoid bothering ModDB admins with worthless articles being shown in the admin/updates panel

17) put up some shabbily made addons separately that take very small amount of space (less than 1MB) when they could be put all together

18) created CPU-/browser- consuming blogposts overflowing in valueless YT music videos

19) messaged ModDB admins (chiefly INtense!) to add some meaningless whimsical, petty and silly updated/improvements to ModDB

20) registered an account that contributed only cluelessly negative and invalid values and things of no use at all, and that could be easily done without.

Report abuse Misconceptions about Islam, Rise Against, Bohemian Grove

3 comments by feillyne on May 15th, 2010

* * *

* * *

American sponsored terrorism

Misconceptions about Islam

There's a war going
on for Your mind

Tax Free

The full song: Youtube.com



* * *

Rise Against

Other MVs:

The official website:

Purple Bubble, an indie band

* * *

Bohemian Grove

A couple of articles:
Jesus-is-savior.com (take MUCH distance to this article, and analyse symbols one by one - 'a screech owl' is a symbol, an archetype)