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An addendum to the truth blog post:

The other reason why the US government keeps the truth from the people, the truth that there are cosmic civilisations out there in the universe beyond the Earth (and even on the Earth itself), is that the US government has a specific deal with one of them - the greys.

In exchange for DNA material (human cells, ovum, spermatozoan, and other things taken from humans), greys provide the said government with an anti-gravitational technology.
Greys desperately try to make their own race reproductive again. What's a bit weird, they are also said to despise higher vibrations (of love, tolerance, etc.).

Not quite know about the exact extent of the above co-operation. It appears they have a very close one, because quite a few of UFO sightnings are being reported very close to human (mostly American) military bases.

Whether you believe or disbelieve in all this, you'll probably agree on one thing: the Earth is a part of the cosmos, of the universe, and therefore we all are cosmic beings. ;-) One way or another.

So what are their main messages?
Pleiadian: to help the poor, support those are truthful (remember those great inventors and thinkers that were opposed and persecuted by the Church sowing propagandae and lies?), spread the message of Love
Andromedan: to take responsibility for one's actions [whatever these actions are]

So now what was promised earlier.

How to get your own proofs

1. Hypnosis of friends. To learn how to do that, you simply need to browse various reliable source files available throughout the Internet.

First, some safety rules:
1) shut off all mental influences of others ("others" in a very broad sense if you catch my meaning) during the session, i.e. you need to rise a mental barrier around your friend
2) ask him to answer only your questions that are critical to the experiment (nothing personal)

Second, the main experiment.

3-20 of your friends consenting to the experiment.
Those friends must have avoided researching/studying astronomy, constellations, star systems, reading science-fiction, etc. (you can ask them during the hypnosis session whether they have consciously researched any of these just to be sure).
Also these friends should have never claimed any abductions, etc.

All set? Okay...

Then ask them to draw or describe (depending on whether they are good at sketches & drawing) Pleiades, constellation/galaxy of Andromeda, Sirius A and B. (And also others, such as a planet Zeta Reticuli.)

That's just a beginning. Now ask them to characterise or draw THOSE who dwell in/on these constellations/systems/planets.

Finally, compare the data gathered from your different friends.


All in our DNA holding the above information, in our subconsciousness... we all know them subconsciously. ALL of us. [Luke 17:20-21, "the kingdom of God is within you" has also a different meaning than that spiritual one.]

2. Direct contact.

You can contact some of those via deep states of meditation, prayer, dreams, etc.

You may avoid contacting Elohim who has chosen Jews to be their selected/favourite people, as communicating with these cosmic beings can be simply bothering or whining to them.

Pleiadians have a different set of symbols, but the common one is a triangle with a circle (or circles) inside it. You can visualise it to reach a mental contact.

And yes, contacting may be bothersome to them (and others out there).

So it's solely you who takes rensposibility for your communication - and also for the change of your world view after the contact.

3. Just wait up to December 2012. According to Yeshua, he'll bring Pleiadians (and possibly others, 10,000 of them all) with him to the Earth:
I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.
John 10:16

Those will be possibly besmirched as devils by presidents e.g. Obama, the pope (or the regent), bankers, etc. all those who are drunk with political or religious power and are blind to these love-filled female-energised (non-violent/aggressive) beings.

The day they arrive, religions and governments as we know them - will start falling apart.

Regarding events that can or can't happen in 2011 and 2012:
everything's a belief system. If you truly believe that you'll meet your friends while going for a walk, then you'll meet him. Same goes for the actual reality.

So what's up with that apocalypse scenario where the US and other countries are flooded & filled with various terrible disasters (and even nuked)?

In fact, there at least 3 different 'major' futures in store for us:
1) The one world government rises to power, there are protests, people are murdered, RFID chipped, there's much pain everywhere... till they [Pleiadians] come and solve the problem (the bestial, rogue one world government) and guide painfully nations into obedience and "kill" (immobilise) those who turn against them with sonic weapons (sonic weapons, the so called "sword coming from the mouth" of Yeshua in the Bible).

2) Somebody nukes Jupiter to grant our wish of Hell - everything goes out of hand on account of Jupiter igniting into a star (all major disasters can be man-made or are a result of a human error/intention, 9/11, the recent Gulf Coast oil spill, and even regular disasters seem to be supposedly possible with HAARP). "Somebody", i.e. a human government, one of those cosmic races, etc. All triggered by multiplied human wish fueled by their hate and ignorance (they believe, fuel it with their hate, somebody else grants their wish, simple). This supposed wish would be a deed, not a word. Humankind doesn't fucking need to think about it at all. All they need is focus.
Pleiadians/Elohim/others would come only to rescue those chosen by them. The rest of mankind would be left to face a new star - Jupiter. The physical "Hell" Yeshua was probably talking about.

3) The human governments are either re-formed or changed, the corruption is uprooted by humans themselves, there's much more human activism and human rights are much more upheld (Pleiadians come only with a good word and to help humans grow).

So why and what for that bet with open_sketchbook? Simply to prepare for the worst. Hoping and fighting for the best, but preparing for the worst. (The bet itself to learn something from it.)

The final truth is that we all (as consciousnesses) are equal. Every single one of us. But we don't fucking see any equality here on the Earth. No fucking equality. And it's about something different from "having more" or "having less", something else than taking material things from each other like a bunch of mad dogs.

It's about RIGHTS themselves. An equal right to breathe, an equal right to water, an equal free right to be provided with everything you need to do your work, to develop yourself, to grow... up. To education suitable for your needs without fucking being enslaved to debts reaching up to e.g. 100,000 dollars.

Can churches of stone, dead temples, serve to worship anything? Can dead astrologically commanded rituals, routine deeds just for purposes of posing, bring you any fruit?

Your body is the temple of God. Your body is the church of God. Not the God Creator, but the God Creator, Preserver, Destroyer <- all of them.

Something comes to life, lasts for a certain period of time, then turns into smaller pieces (entropy). That's the way of material things, our temporary reality.

(re)Creation, Preservation, Destruction. The truth very ancient Terrans knew perfectly, the truth that was corrupted and denigrated into the concept of Osiris, Isis, and Horus - the Father (Creator), the Mother (Preserver), the Child (Destroyer).

You don't need to believe anything here at all. You can disbelieve, disagree with anything you wish. [And one needs to choose sides carefully. If you choose to be neutral, the victorious side will simply ignore you and you won't profit from anything the side won.]

And yes, you can do everything, but only a few actions are truly profitable. Others lead to a fuckin' deep, deeeeeeep ditch. And those involved in pushing for one world government, e.g. Bushes (George Bush senior about the matter), Rockefellers (especially David Rockefeller), Rothschilds, and many others - they plan to introduce a slave equality.

A slave equality based on Marxist ideals, but in practice - a twisted version of Marxism. RFID chipped humans as the slaves, the base of pyramid, and them - the "omnipotent" elite - at the top, the all-seeing eye.

A decision to make - open-source, free energy, freeware, clean pleasures, people, etc., or them - slavery, temporary ignorant pleasures, etc. or even being neutral and having nothing from any of them.

The lie

feillyne Blog 25 comments

What's the truth?

The truth is that we are not alone. The truth that the governments, particularly the US government, want to hide, want to blind us from, is "extreterrestrial", or rather, COSMIC civilisations consisting of highly intelligent beings (technologically, spiritually, socially advanced) do exist.


Because actually TELLING the people that not only extraterrestrial civilisations exist, but there are 12 of them here going in or from the Earth (according to Robert Dean, a retired Command Sergeant Major), would open the Pandora's box.

Just imagine... riots, a breakup of social structures, and MORE IMPORTANTLY: breakup of the ownership and money, of the POWER of the rich. Simply chaos that is neither handy or useful or controllable to the superrich. The superrich do want chaos, but a CONTROLLABLE one. Not one that gets out of hands.

This truth could abolish any monetary or social/pseudosocial systems, capitalism, communism... could abolish any religions that blindly follow anything that they can't comprehend and claim them to be gods.

But let's cut the bullshit and get straight to the facts. It'd be nice to know that those fucking Hollywood-created green aliens from Mars are pure BS. Lies are lies. Truth is truth.

The life in the universe originated in the Lyra constellation - currently uninhabitated.

Both evolutionists and creationists are wrong, since the evolution is generally true, but the terran human race didn't simply evolve - it was genetically engineered.

Alpha Draconian
Not much about them. A reptilian-like race, they have all the technology we have, etc. they don't like us at all, there's nothing we could offer them except us ourselves - as food, because they pretty much like our meat.

Said to be dumped to this universe by somebody else, they simply waged war with first true humans in Lyra constellation (humans that dispersed and populated other planets) that lasted for approx. 600,000 years (a relative number / time). Nobody can truly eradicate them. The war hasn't officially ended, both sides simply got bored of it.

They have a caste system. There are only 3 social layers there: royalty, military, workers. Slaves too, but they are not part of their society at all. Things don't have any rights, do they?

Supposedly grey-like beings with big heads and some psychic powers. They destroyed their own planet by heavy exploitation, and also they own race since they can't reproduce. They sell technology to the US government in exchange of allowing them to examine and take DNA samples from humans, intending to make themselves reproductive again. (In other words, kidnapping and installing of "nice" or "hospital-like" memories.) Andomedans (below) say they won't succeed - their race is already extinct.

That's their own agenda, because they serve Alpha-Draconian's agenda - to break up social, moral and generally all human structures so Draconians can... take "care" of this little planet.

The Orion Group
No reliable data on them. They side with Alpha Draconian and greys, therefore they should be considered hostile and manipulative.

Probably cousins of Alpha Draconians, they are an advanced race living here on the Earth, plus colonised some planets in our solar system - particularly Mars. They live underground, 2 to 8 kilometers underneath. They love sun and sunshine, even developped a system underground that imitates the solar light.

The race of Illojim, probably Elohim in the Bible, our "creators", they in fact "invented", genetically engineered the human race in a lab, mingling their own DNA (3%) with an ape indigenous one (97%). They despise our sunlight. They left humankind to pretty their own fucking fate leaving our solar system.

They always described reptilians to their "creations", at least these reptilians living underneath as "evil" and servants of darkness - you can see it throughout the Bible too, the programming of humans to think of reptoid races and any snakes/snake-like creatures and animals, reptiles, etc. as those unanimously evil or those who should be feared. Without an exception.

Christ was a son of Mary and "angel" Gabriel. (Now you know why Mary had to be visited by an "angel" with a "message".) Gabriel was a Pleiadian, so was Christ. He incarnated as a human to guide people and teach them Pleiadian rules. Pleiadians are a race that put special focus on children, mothers and the true Love (God), and have no "money"-based economy whatsoever, people are given what they need depending on their contribution to the community. They are absolutely horrified by "fatherlike" beliefs (or any beliefs at all) of the human race and of human religions they consider to be tools purely for control and abuse of human beings.

They live in Pleiades, on Erra planet that is only 10% smaller than the Earth, and keep their population under 400,000.

Blue-skinned advanced "humans" that take great distance to what's happenning on the Earth, and though they are generally friendly towards human beings and desire them to be responsible for what (us) terrans do and free from religious/scientific/other lies, they also say that if the human race doesn't evolve, they simply wipe us out (no use of retards).
They are from the constellation of Andromeda.

These are only some of THOUSANDS races out there. These particular ones had either great interest or great influence on earthly matters.

Your homework (if you agree to it):
Alex Collier interview (transcript)
Alex Collier interview part 1/12 - 120 minutes of interview, the first part - you can switch off/lower sound volume because of the noise at the beginning
The Lacerta Files - Lacerta was/is a reptilian woman that studied human behaviours
Robert Dean about the facts of "alien" presence
The truth told by Robert Dean

Watch carefully Alex Collier's interview made in 1994. He lies uncosciously once, AFAIK, in the 3rd video. Hint: he scratches his ear. You should be able to spot it and know what he unconsciously lies about (contradicting some things he said earlier).

Also, Alex Collier made some unfulfilled predictions, for example New York destroyed and divided up into islands in the year (about) 2001.

How to spot lies/liars:
How to lie:

Alex Collier appears to speak truthfully almost about everything in the interview - even about the NWO and the UN agenda to dismantle the United States. He tells people in the face to prove him wrong about UN articles 55 and 56 that supposedly deal with the US, and that the American Congress doesn't need to abide by the US Constitution.

What's the catch here? There are absolutely NO, NO mention of it, at least in OFFICIAL UN treaty, articles 55 and 56. NO mention at all. And Alex Collier almost screams "prove me wrong!" - that's most astonishing part!

Still, secret protocols, secret clauses are nothing new. For example, in the original Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, there were secret protocols that dealt with the division and share of the Eastern/Middle Europe. Officially, it was just a non-aggression treaty between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

How many are aware of the true POLICY, agenda of the NWO?

The agenda of NWO, or rather Skull and Bones, the Illuminati - is purely to destroy morality, destroy societies, to break up governments to have people an easy prey to their dark masters - an extraterrestrial civilisation - who they call Lucifer and his "angels" ignorantly of true luciferian real agenda behind "helping" the rich get their toys and expensive mansions and a moment of useless fame.

What about mainstream religions? The truth is also simple.

The TRUE God doesn't need your worship or belief. AT ALL. Priests and those people who call you to "worship" God in THEIR materialist churches and buildings according to THEIR beliefs are liars and manipulators.

God is God of Love, Freedom and Awareness... the only limit of your freedom is where other's freedom begins. Your freedom ends where other's begins. Simple, isn't it?

If you violate somebody's other will, you bring on yourself a judgement and a punishment. Your will is as precious as any other's. Everybody's equal in God's "eyes".

Materialist churches, whether religious dogmas or scientific paradigms - they all are meaningless and false. They were created solely to control people. Science becomes a religion when it strives to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations, to put forward a simple "evolution" theory that ignores thousands of UFO encounters & reports, the universe consisting of billions of stars and millions of billions of planets...

... do you comprehend? Even REASON itself tells you that ants are not the only ones on the Earth, they are one of very many! So how come we can be alone in the whole universe?! Do you understand what "billions" and "millions" mean IN PRACTICE?

And many mythology/religious beliefs evolve around these cosmic or earthly beings. Humans, retards as they are, wanted to worship anybody (or call them gods) that was unknown to them and use something they can't truly comprehend.

Look at the history. The Bible itself isn't written by one faction of these civilisations, but by many authors and many influences.

Let's take a look at particular passage of the Bible.

Genesis 6:1-2
When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

Genesis 6:4
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

The Bible describes here two strange sorts of beings. First, the Nephilim. Who were they? They were giants. Second, the "sons of God". Otherwise known as Annunaki, literally those who "fell from the heaven", who "came from the heaven" (either crashed or landed their spaceships here).

There are different sorts of evidence that those beings existed, and the FLOOD following these events, also occurred:
1) cultural: you need to study various ancient cultures, every single one of them speaks of a great flood
2) scientific: pyramids were under water at some point in the past (read analyses of pyramids)
3) archaeological: Youtube.com (giants)

Now dispose of archaeological evidence, dismiss cultural one as pure BS, and misinterpret or lead others into misinterpretations (either by approving it or suggesting it or ignoring it) of scientific evidence. YES, that's our situation.

You're laughing? I'm sure you are.

That's how the world works now. Conscious and unconscious lies are the norm, whether performed by scientists or by priests - no fucking difference. They both do great damage to the KNOWLEDGE and awareness of the human race.

Evolutionists and creationists are both wrong, i.e. the evolution theory is basically correct, but not regarding the human race. The human race was genetically engineered basing on primitive apes here and programmed to be stupid, retarded, and biased - perfect slaves.

You know know why there were so many hoaxes to produce the "missing link"? The missing link is out of this world. The 3% of ourselves. We were "produced" in a lab, then left on the Earth to ourselves, perhaps because that one cosmic race - Illojim - considered it a funny experiment...

Some ending words.

We are weak. Physically. Mentally. One can easily hypnotise any of us. We fail at every possible field and many of scientists believe in or are limited by faulty paradigms. The amount of retards, jerks and other so-called "people" is astounding. An extraterrestrial race could very easily conquer this rich planet and make use of its resources, enslaving us in the process (not all, some of us - others would have to be killed so nobody complains/rebels).

We're simply fucked up.

Don't believe anything here. Contact them, contact Pleiadians and Andromedans - those friendly, those who desire us to be free and responsible for our own actions and desire us to avoid worshipping anybody as God.

Contact them, whether by meditation, lucid dreaming or any other form - seek and you'll find. Don't believe - get your proof!

PS Now I understand what mistake I made saying that "God" is jealous. The true God isn't jealous at all. It's these "gods", Illojim (Elohim) and other manipulators, who are "jealous" and want all to worship them... and to be perfect slaves - slaves, perhaps for mines, for resources they could grab from the Earth, perhaps for something else. They also want to hijack the FREE spirituality, the spirituality of something more than materialism, they want us to forsake true Love and true Freedom.

PPS Or just wait till 2012. If Illojim come and enslave you, you yourselves will be the ones to blame. If Alpha Draconians or the Orian Group come and eat or enslave you, you also will be the ones to be blamed. Only yourselves. Nobody else.

The only thing you need to know: Love. The true Love, the true God, the true Light. Understanding. Nothing more. Even if you lack knowledge, the understanding and the hope that finds possibilites and means can save you.

Originally intended as a comment to open_sketchbook. Planned to include also the following questions: "You really desire everybody to get much higher education? To educate themselves more?"

You, you all, you all that read this blog post, do you really think that highly-paid Obama and all these false double-faced politicians will ever save you?
Will this profit-driven paradigm-bound and paradigm-limited science save you?
Will these closed universities and schools demanding bloodleeching payments that make studends very very poor help you?

You're happy with the Internet that was supposed to be an open source of all valuable information, now ripped apart by pornography and scams and all kinds of crap?

What's so fucking wrong with free energy, magnet motors?
What's so fucking wrong with open-source software, SourceForge?
What's wrong with growing your own food? (Bill S. 510!)
What's wrong with free indie bands and songs, indie video games?
What's wrong with free films?
What's wrong with WORKING for FREE and RECEIVING for FREE?
What's wrong with sharing?

What's wrong with getting whores out of the streets and pornography studios, women selling themselves for a couple of bucks?
What's wrong with breaking up drug cartels evolving around shadily made profit?
What's wrong with having honest politicians?
What's wrong with homeschooling?

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in God. I KNOW that God exists. And that so-called "conspiracy" really affects everybody and MANY help it unconsciously. Moreover, this manipulation stinks from a mile wide, and any of you simply may be unaware of it just because you grew accustomed to its awful smell...

And do you really think that a higher (the HIGHEST being, as it is the VERY definition of the Creator) such as God could show such horrible partiality?
Is a Buddhist doing right things better than an Atheist doing right things?
Is a Christian doing right things better than an Atheist doing right things?
Is a Muslim doing right things better than an Atheist doing right things?
But tell me... how many of Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims... and others... do RIGHT things? How many?

And all these economic crises, predicted disasters, other fuckeries could/can be avoided.
If only people started to make some fucking decent effort to eradicate monetary systems from the face of the Earth...

... and no, I won't convince any of you to anything. You choose what you choose. If it proves unhealthy, poisonous or deadly for you, it was your choice and you'll have only yourselves to blame. Only yourselves!

And when I say that people need to make some FUCKING EFFORT to succeed, I really MEAN it. Because realism proves that it's MUCH much more easier to say than do!

Yeah, can send some games completely for free. Below pics.

Games to give out Games to give out
Games to give out Games to give out

The list:
Actua Soccer 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Plane Crazy
Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr
Pro-Pinball Big Race USA
Quake II
Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Jagged Alliance 2.5 Unfinished Business
International Rally Championship
Starfleet Command (Gold Edition)
Startrek Armada
Battle Isle: The Andosia War

Kingpin: Life of Crime
SWAT 2 Police Quest
Mig Alley The Birth of Jet Warfare
Total Annihilation (2 CDs)
Heretic II
Dark Reign 2
Dungeon Keeper (Gold Edition)

Almost all of them come from the Polish PC magazine CD-Action (except SWAT 2 and Dungeon Keeper). Must check if all of them are in English, since Blair Witch appears to not be. And please, at least 3 5 ones (even if you ask for one). :-) No point in packing and sending one game. ;-P

PS The product key of C&C Generals (regular w/o the expansion) still to hand out for free. :-)

Generals & Generals Zero Hour product keys (+ EA account) to hand out for free. :-)

These will allow you play the games over the Internet with random people without a problem (with Hamachi). ;-P

In-game shot In-game shot
In-game shot In-game shot

Also, could send some games, have loads of legitimate copies from PC magazines. :-P

Regular C&C3 and RA3 cd keys, along with the EA account, to hand out, if somebody's interested (completely for free). ;-) The original product keys give you a possibility to play the multiplayer with other people out there.

In-game shot In-game shot

Red Alert 3 In-Game Screenshots Red Alert 3 In-Game Screenshots

Also thinking about giving the code of Kane's Wrath.

Christopher Paolini:

Terry Pratchett:
The Colour of Magic
Moving Pictures
Feet of Clay
The Light Fantastic
Guards! Guards!
Soul Music
Carpe Jugulum
Men at Arms
Also, Terry Pratchett's:

Anne Rice, Violin

Frank Herbert:
Dune Messiah
God Emperor of Dune

C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian

All All
Bottom, Pratchett Pratchett top
Brisingr Eldest Eragon Dune, Anne Rice Violin, Terry Pratchett
Dune, Anne Rice, Prince Caspian Terry Pratchett
Top-down view, all books

Requests here (so we can talk them over if there are other people that need one and the same book), addresses via PM.

Giveaway is for free, you don't need to send back anything.

If you'd like to exchange, only English (alternatively French) books, and sci-fi/fantasy genre, of a modern writer, and not a translation (the original author's language).


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