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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000

Ok here is a link to a file to see if this fixes the crash.

it is Civ4traitinfos.xml

and it goes here:

let it overwrite.

Anyone that is willing let me know if this solves the CTD

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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000

Right... Well...

I can't get my copy of civ to work on my 2nd computer...

Don't know if it is windows 10, or my disk, or the patch 3.19 that is the problem, but the game just crashes on loading python....

This has been a thoroughly unenjoyable couple of hours!

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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000

At the moment sort of 2, me plus 1/2 of two other people. :D

I have 1 guy taking a look at the source code to help fix this current bug in the little bit of spare time he has and another guy Clanky (he lurks around here) who does art for units and has also in the past done some 'mass' xml entries for me, which I then go through and finesse the details. He also added the two new leaders/Civs)

At the beginning of the year another guy I mamaged to recruit built the A5 code from scratch. (Putting in everything from previous builds plus adding/modifying/smoothing everything else.

He tends to come and go though. He was around for about 4 months (Built it all in about 2) then has been gone again since the end of spring.
(Now the bugs of his build are appearing as I use more of it :D, sadly he is not hear to help fix them at the moment though)

So really at the moment it is just me.
Due to health issues even small tasks become big headache inducing tasks.

When I had an awesome team (about 10 of us at onr point) we made great strides and I mostly just focussed on design and managing the team. I had ideas and they magically happened. (That was always fun!)

Now it is just me chipping away.

As an example I added a sentence of text(some were even copies) to the 'strategy' text of each unit this week. It took me two days, six hours of work and left me feeling ill.

Clanky did the entire Unit Roster in about the same time! :D

So even simple tasks are very draining for me, the sort of things most people with word processing skills could probably knock out as nothing!

Even having people to discuss the mod with is a big motivator and helps me kkeep my plans straight. Things have been pretty quiet lately though..

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Questions are welcome. Don't Apologise

I am currently working towards (But now seeing about this stability issue) an Alpha5.5 build that will focus a lot on explanation and making as much info available to the player as easily as possible, including new game rules, etc. In the pedia.

I don't get a lot of feedback or player data, so I don't know all of the methods and exploits people use to succeed, or how they 'unimmerse' themselves, to find and shut them down and continue to make the Wasteland an evil and devastating place! :D

So Answers:(PM me In future, it is easier to respond and helps me keep a nice record of 'things to explain and work on')

1. Yes. There is still much to be done to make this more interesting(Like a tonne of events to make decisions about).
The premise is this is the Pre-Fallout 1 Era.
You start the game as a small group of Survivors(Quite literally the six or so people you see) and you are about to establish your first ever 'home'. So alone, scared and surrounded by a terrible world you begin the path to Post Apocalypse Civilization, from the 6 of you to 1000s. (I explain it as more is less. so in Civ 2pop would be a few hundred/thousand people. In FTTW it would be less than 20. 1 pop. is a 'Productive Individual + Family -ish'

2. In part due to answer 1. (More is less, 1000 gold is like $1000, so they are actually quite cheap! :D)
The other part is that things are just meant to take longer and go slower. Taming the Wasteland and building a Civilization is an immense struggle in a Wasteland World. (They are also a more devastating loss if someone smashes them).
How effective this is is a question to be answered by feedback in the future (I unfortunately lost my two amazing playtesters right before we got a stable build due to commitments) So I don't know how well anything is working, really.
Improvements and roads are also very powerful and Bonus Resources boost the effectiveness of building outputs, so also roads are very powerful.

3.The first Major use of Vaults is for 'Vault Factions'(V) (They are called Vault Dwellers on the Faction Selection screen, unfortunately there is a display glitch which I can't solve so it is mashed up next to 'Unique Units'.
(V) Civs can only found cities on Vault Squares, but they are generally more powerful. (More Info available on our forum, link at the top).
For Non-V Civs you can eventually build a powerful improvement to get I think 10,20,20 yield from a vault. That is in the late game though. This Improvement also gives access to some buildings that give Bonus Resources from the Vault. (I forget exactly what though...(If I even made that bit yet...I get a bit lost in the tiny incremental changes sometimes :D)

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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000

The good news is that I do have someone looking at the underlying error, so hopefully that will get solved eventually.

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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000


So now we have the very difficult to answer question...

Why does it work for me and not for everyone else?...

I will try to install it on my second computer after lunch and see if I can replicate the issue.

Then see if I can solve it!

Sorry guys

It worked fine for me!?!?!?

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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000

Ok thanks for that.

Can those with the issue try something for me?

In the main folder there is a folder called DevDLL

Inside that is a file called CVGameCore.dll

Can you move that into the assets folder and let it overwrite

(back up the existing one in assets first, if you don't want to Download again to get that file back. You can just pop it in a folder named anything you like.)

Once done run the mod.

During load you should get an assert message, just click ignore always. Then tell me if the game runs after that or crashes.


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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000


I know there is a 'function' issue revealed in this patch, but that just highlights a function that is not working, it doesn't cause the game to crash after patch..

Has anyone successfully used the patch?

Like I said I have downloaded and run it successfully a few times..

There is a chance that I have something on my computer that is allowing it to run, but I did check the 'known' circumstances of that and it still seemed to be fine...

Try running it a few times, because sometimes startup with the mod is a bit flaky and I don't know why, 1 time it crashes and the next it is absolutely fine which I have no explanation for..

If the problem persists PM me and we can see if we can find a reason/solution

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FamousSpear @ Norway Finished!

The Denmark and Finland Class don't quite have the same ring to them!

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FamousSpear @ PatchBoy1000

can you give me more info?

Did something particular pop up with crash?

I have downloaded and installed it several times on my machine and it was fine.

Did you try loading it a few times I sometimes get a random game crash when loading on win 8.1.

Did the base mod work for you, is it just after you patched?

If you are still having problems can you PM me as it is easier to track and resolve the issues that way.

Same goes for anyone else with an issue, it is much easier to track and respond to PMs.

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

For anyone who looks this far, I have discovered a half work around for the Civic Traits error, while a friend looks into it to see if he can fix it properly.

I will work out some proper stats for the level 1 Civic Traits and maybe experiment with level 2 traits, then I will upload a patch fix to replace the current Pre-A6 Patch.

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FamousSpear @ STA3 A Call To Arms 1.2.2

I am so glad to be hearing the the Prometheus is becoming more of a badass!

Defiants and Prometheues (Prometheii?) would look some epic!

Now all I need is someone to play with!
(As well as downloading and reinstalling everything! Including rebellion...)

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FamousSpear @ Alpha 5 (Full Release)

Hi Ninja, if you could PM me with the details of what you did that would help.

Are you on a steam version and are you using windows 8.1?

I found that 8.1 causes a random startup crash (my experience was about 1 in 3 goes.) I have no idea why, it was fine before I upgraded to W8.1!

I make a shortcut(if you PM I can show you how, or it is written somewhere around here as well) then just run it a few times and it works without issue once it gets over that hiccup.
No explanation why?!!?

Their might be a couple of little mistakes you made that might be the issue, but without more details it is hard to say. So PM and I will try to help you solve it. OK?

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

I do have a caesar and mrhouse leaderhead though

(thanks to nitram15 and clanky)

So adding them is not a particularly difficult task, right now there just isn't much point until we get to faction specific work.

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Yes, at this point adding a new faction would be mostly superficial. You have some names and such but all factions are 'mostly' generic right now.

Without support I haven't really been working on the project much. The current state is that we are still making the 'rules of the wasteland' how the game a s a whole will function. once we have the rules we can start looking at how each faction will 'break' the rules to play as it's own unique experience.

If you would like to join the discussion on the design of caesar's legion, then you can out our civfanatics forum. (link at the top)

Right now no one is really involved or talking about the mod. (I have had a few conversations with a couple of volunteers but nothing of much substance yet.)

So for the last few months I have been putting my effort into other projects.

With some activity and 'buzz' I might find the motivation to come back to it, but right now I just don't have it.

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FamousSpear @ Worker Bot


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FamousSpear @ AssetEditor Concept

I await the authorisation process to have an exciting read!

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FamousSpear @ Bird of prey


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FamousSpear @ Latest Mod News

Yeah... Something like that! :D

At least as it contributes to the mod, I don't really want to hear your latest Mr House Robo dream...

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FamousSpear @ Latest Mod News

A kangaroo in a cheerleading outfit...

Is that encouraging or downright disturbing?!?


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FamousSpear @ Pre-Alpha6 Patch

There is currently a bug in the trait system.

It is recommended that if you use this patch, look in xml/civilizations and delete the 3 trait files before merging, this way you get the new specialists and tweaks but not the trait bug.

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Yeah it is not a perfect fix, basically there are other files that 'point' to what was removed and it is asking where they are, so to really get rid of it you have to remove all references, I just can't be botehred to do or explain that at the moment.

In that sense you could look at map size as something of a difficulty setting as well, the bigger the map the harder the game because the more barbarians that can spawn and the more wasteland there is to tame.
I am not entirely sure what you are saying about the start position?

The Goal with the start position is this:

Everyone starts in the west of the map, they start close together to allow raiding and pillaging (and the need for defense against it) of improvements as this provides a large amount of the early economy.

The level of barbarian activity is still maybe not perfect.
(I haven't had enough feedback, I really need proper playtesters to help mewith all this.)
The idea though is that the wasteland is just as big of a threat as the rival civs, and unaligned roving barbarians can destroy a faction as effectively as an organised faction in war.

So defense and security plays a much bigger role in FTTW than it does in Civ, because you are never really 'at peace' a faction can send in Deniable Operatives any time it pleases, and the Wasteland itself is full of potential threats that can overwhelm defences unless you beef up security.

So in that sense map size can be viewed as a difficulty setting as well, the larger the map the more space there is for barbs and the more wasteland there is to tame.

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Yeah this is a bug I just discovered in the last few days, it came in with the new patch.

A tag in the traits files is not working the way that it should.

I can't fix it myself as it is something that came in with the dyntraits mod.

The only fix at the moment is to just delete the traits out of the file for now. (essentially removing the new system)

You need to go into:

And delete everything between:
<!-- Civic Evolution Traits -->
<!-- Icon Reference -->

That removes all of the new civic traits and should solve the problem until I can get the traits to gain negative points properly.

For that I need the Dyntraits maker to come back around.

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Ok, when you installed the game you should get a desktop shortcut (A little icon you double click to run the game.)

If not you need to locate where you installed the game, locate the Civ4BeyondSword.exe then right click it and select 'create shortcut'.

You then need to find the shortcut you just made and right click that and select 'properties'.

Then in that window that will open there is a tab at the top called 'Shortcut' (it should already be selected but just in case it is not) you click that and in this tab you will see several lines.
The top 3 are:
Target type:
Target location:

In 'Target' line you need to edit the line of text to be this:
"C:\Games\Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod=\Fallout-TTW

Before it would look like this:
"C:\Games\Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe"

So you are just telling the shortcut to run the mod version of the game instead of the bts version.

You can do this for any mod you want to run from a shortcut.

Also make sure you have not renamed the mod folder name to something other than what it comes with.

Also make sure the folder is not 'double packed' which can sometimes happen after unzipping.
By that I mean make sure it is:
Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fallout-TTW
Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fallout-TTW\Fallout-TTW

So that when you open it you see a whole bunch of folders like Assets, etc.

If you have any more probelms, can you PM me, as keeping track of these in comments is more work for me..

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Some people have reported difficulties with getting steam to work (the intricacies of where to put it etc.)
I don't have steam version, so I cannot directly test/solve these problems, but all with a bit of work seem to get it working.

Here is one such case:

"I put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Mods instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods"

It is often little 'mistakes' like this that cause issues.

I obviously can't help solve these sorts of things unless people describe EXACTLY what they have done.

Many people just say:
"I have done everything right and it does not work."

Which is almost certainly not true for one reason or another because it would then work! :D

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

One other thing you can try is making a shortcut for it.

Make a copy of the standard bts shortcut, right click it, then in 'properties' modify the line 'target' to look like this:

"C:\Games\Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod=\Fallout-TTW

Something else to try if you already haven't, is redownloading the mod, just incase some byte got corrupted in the download.. it is the solution to more things than you might think!

Other than that I am not sure what else you can try.. if you have it placed where it should be, you get no error messages, etc. then there is no reason why it shouldn't load..

Oh do you have a steam version of bts?

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

hmm, have you tried running it a few times, do you get the first loading bar or does nothing at all happen?

If you get the loading bar how far does it get before it crashes?

Are you sure you have put it in the right place in your bts install folder in the mod folder?

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FamousSpear @ Update 1

Awesome, I am so excited to see an update for this, I really liked the Enclave mod, but I always got a lot of crash glitches.

I need to go try this out again sometime!

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Find a map that you like, (they have lots of mapscripts at or you can take one from the standard bts map folder, then just drag and drop the map file (or copy paste to make sure you don't accidentally remove the file from th base game) into the private map folder in the Fallout:TTW mod folder.

I can't guarantee what will happen for every map script out there, but most should be ok.

Obviously maps with a lot of water/islands will be problematic as there are no boats.

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FamousSpear @ Fallout: Tame The Wastes

You can add in any kind of map you want by adding it to the private maps folder.

I found that because there are no boats, all of the existing maps wasted so much of the screen on water, even the original pangea map script.

So I changed it to maximise land mass to give the most playing space.

The map work continues to evolve, we will add more stuff to what goes into the maps, resources, features, 'lairs', etc.

The eventual goal is to get a map that starts everyone clumped in the west and draws you across to the east with all kinds of special content and locations, but that is a long way off still.

With the most important sites and resources being guarded by the strongest enemies, requiring a big push to get the best stuff.

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