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Game Review on Nov 14th, 2012 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

-Atmosphere is lovely, and your sounds don't become over repetitive.
-The concept of seeing "through" the camera is clever...it adds suspense and I enjoyed the visual ;)
-The monster design was awesome and scared the crap out of me...even made me stutter xD = nice job!

-Your character moves ridiculously slow...I thought it was just my recorder program, so i turned it off, and it still moved the same speed. It took me 50 minutes to "beat" the demo, and I think that was a bit long.
-Some objects are really hard to find.
-As one other reviewer states, the environment doesn't seem much like an asylum, outside of the wheelchairs :P i don't think this is a huge problem because i still feel like the game runs smoothly, but you may want to change the title/backstory ;)

Bottom Line: I think this game is awesome, and I'd love to play more once the kinks get knocked out.
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8 Review

Game Review on Oct 29th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't
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I sat down yesterday and played some Almond-Hill...

Pros: I love how you incorporated sounds into the game, lots of them helped amp my tension without it getting boring/over repetitive
-Ex: The telephone ringing xD that was so creepy and epic, I enjoyed how that was added at the perfect time to make the character intrigued and say "wtf?" haha, then walkover to it and get your next objective.

Graphics: You did a good job making the game scary regardless of the low-quality graphics :P
-Ex: The "scarecrows" that pop up every once in a while were good at making me freak out a bit.

The "Ending": I'm pretty sure I died before completing this game, but the random text giving a countdown as to how long I have to live was a definite boost to the creepiness of the game...I struggled to find a way out, so i may go back and play it again to try to really beat it.

Rating: 7-8
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Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare
7 Review

Game Review on Oct 15th, 2012

7 with room to grow

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