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eXeC64 Oct 5 2009, 1:15pm says:

Like it but it looks a bit slim in the middle to be a TP.

+1 vote   media: Teleporter 1
eXeC64 Oct 4 2009, 6:37am says:

Loving the movement improvements.

+1 vote   news: Running & Jumping Mechanics
eXeC64 Oct 3 2009, 4:57pm replied:

It looks like a weapon spawn pad from quake live.

I'm guessing you're going to have a jump-pad model in future instead of a 2d overlay?

Also giving mappers some particle effects for jump pads would be awesome.

+1 vote   media: Flow
eXeC64 Oct 3 2009, 2:16pm says:

Oooh very nice. What gun spawns there?

+1 vote   media: Flow
eXeC64 Oct 3 2009, 5:35am says:

Great to see custom textures being used in this mod too =]

+1 vote   media: Texture Showcase
eXeC64 Oct 3 2009, 5:33am says:

Oooh, good to see another quality mapper on the team :)

+1 vote   news: Progress Report
eXeC64 Oct 1 2009, 1:37pm says:

Trust me, stick with scratch sdk. Swapping to HL2DM code will kill you.

Weapons can be coded to behave exactly as realistically as you like without changing the codebase. Drop me a PM, I should be able to help you a bit if you need it (although I wont be able to devote too much time)

+1 vote   news: Not good. Not good at all.
eXeC64 Sep 30 2009, 2:16pm replied:

There probably wont be a NH3.

NH2 ties up the plot and to be honest, it's been like 2 years of hard work for Hen to make NH2. NH3 would kill the poor guy.

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
eXeC64 Sep 29 2009, 1:00pm says:

Yeah, crowbar is a bit too HL2-ish.

Needs something more gruesome.

+1 vote   media: Kill icons so far
eXeC64 Sep 28 2009, 4:23pm says:

Damn I'm looking forward to this mod.

Have you got a programmer? I would help but I REALLY don't have time. I wish I did but coursework + other stuff takes up all my time =[

+1 vote   media: Oilrig Wip2
eXeC64 Sep 26 2009, 12:14pm replied:

Sounds fun to me.

Ignore the prejudist cynics Pidgeon. Have a go at making the mod, I look forward to playing it.


+2 votes   mod: Unforeseen Consequences
eXeC64 Sep 26 2009, 12:04pm replied:

G-Man is supposed to be used few and far between. I just saw more of G-Man in that one video than in the whole of HL2.

He's supposed to be very subtle.

+1 vote   mod: Project Down
eXeC64 Sep 24 2009, 2:58pm says:

For vampires can we have the guy from Twilight? I seriously want to stab that **** to death. Hate him.

+1 vote   news: Dead of Night's Submit-A-Slayer
eXeC64 Sep 23 2009, 3:54pm says:


Great work guys.

+1 vote   news: Zero Gear Map Gallery
eXeC64 Sep 23 2009, 1:23pm replied:

I played MarioKart 64 earlier and remembered just how fun it was (except for those damn bananas....f***ing things.

I'm guessing you solved mutliplayer laggy vehicles by dumping the realistic 4 wheels physics approach and having simplistic physics on the vehicles with only one main simulated contact with the ground.

Actually did you dump vehicles totally and just re-code gamemovement.cpp?

It'd be interesting to see how another programmer solves the problem.

+1 vote   mod: Mario Kart Source
eXeC64 Sep 22 2009, 3:43pm says:

Updated 2 hours ago according to moddb.... what actually was updated? All the same, no new news.

+1 vote   mod: Mario Kart Source
eXeC64 Sep 19 2009, 6:25pm says:

Good luck, just make sure you don't mention Mirror's Edge or EA will come after you with their evil laywers.


+1 vote   mod: City Freerun
eXeC64 Sep 16 2009, 1:54pm says:

You'd be surprised at how much difference fog makes to the overall look =]

Good luck with the mod

+1 vote   media: Torn - screenshots
eXeC64 Sep 16 2009, 1:39pm replied:

It might be good if he thought it out properly and had the talent to make something himself, rather than rip loads of skins of FPSB and call it a mod.

+1 vote   mod: Adventure Source
eXeC64 Sep 16 2009, 1:29pm says:

Here's a reccomendation:

Don't go overboard with mappers. More is not necessarily better.

While the inventory is nice the map looks very bland, the puzzle is prehaps too simple and there seem to be no clues around the place about the solution.

Go for quality of maps over quantity, take your time. Rushing this will kill it.

0 votes   news: Room Escape September Update
eXeC64 Aug 30 2009, 7:49pm says:

FeareD > Shirky.

Nice work on this mod. I look forward to playing it. (I'm FoXoF)

+1 vote   news: Dead of Night Site Opens + Programming Updates
eXeC64 Aug 16 2009, 9:46am says:

Wow, looks awesome! Can't wait, I'd love to test it :)

+1 vote   media: Overlordess Alpha 13th Build
eXeC64 Aug 16 2009, 9:13am says:

Good read, nice ways of solving gameplay problems :)

+1 vote   news: Dev Update #1
eXeC64 Aug 11 2009, 3:55am says:

I'd have to agree. TigerboyPT did an amazing job with this trailer.

+1 vote   news: A new Nightmare House 2 trailer!
eXeC64 Aug 8 2009, 6:37am replied:

Hen released them for the source engine a while back:

Valve bought it off him to include in the standalone version of portal for the xbox. Pretty awesome in my opinion.

+1 vote   news: Nightmare House 2 development update
eXeC64 Aug 8 2009, 6:27am replied:

Well the plot seems creepy enough to me :)

There will be a new media release when the new website opens (very soon)

When NH2 is released there will also be a remake of the remake to make it look better and utilize the new technology.

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
eXeC64 Aug 6 2009, 6:36pm says:

I'm wondering the same thing.

+2 votes   member: TPCG
eXeC64 Aug 3 2009, 2:47pm says:

I would help with programming but AI isn't my thing and I'm busy with 2 other mods at the moment. There's never enough coders to go around >_>

+1 vote   mod: Lost World: Source
eXeC64 Jun 27 2009, 5:59am replied:

For NH2 I just bumped up the maximum env_projectedtexture's to aprox 30 and fixed parenting etc. No need to code a new one when you can just improve the original! This gave us great dynamic lighting which created good shadows for creepy effects:

+1 vote   media: Dynamic Light test
eXeC64 Feb 8 2009, 4:47pm replied:


+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
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