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eXeC64 Oct 22 2010, 1:40pm says:

I want a jungle climate :)

+5 votes   article: Minecraft Halloween Update preview: meet the Ghasts
eXeC64 Oct 8 2010, 3:20am says:

The rock on the right, below the windmil looks like it has an empty face exposed where it meets the ground.

+2 votes   media: Two Classic Battlefields Revealed
eXeC64 Aug 25 2010, 3:38pm says:

Looking good

+1 vote   media: AO Bake with Bayonet
eXeC64 May 20 2010, 2:26am says:

I do hope the piano keys aren't individually modelled and are made seperate with either a bump or displacement map.

Or it's a lot of tris.

+3 votes   article: Elementary School Warfare Update
eXeC64 May 2 2010, 6:21pm says:

Bottom one of third row is nice.

+1 vote   article: Elementary School Warfare Update
eXeC64 Apr 4 2010, 8:12am says:

Nice! Looking forward to this one.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot of new island map.
eXeC64 Mar 12 2010, 12:12pm replied:

8 Years? Source didn't even exist in 2002!?!

+2 votes   article: A little bit of news
eXeC64 Jan 16 2010, 2:31pm replied:

that could be pretty cool

Mouse left/right to steer, left click is brake, right click is accelerator

Clicking mouse wheel = clutch and up/down on the wheel is gearstick.

Realistic manual driving with 1 hand ftw.

+1 vote   article: New Multiplayer Video
eXeC64 Nov 9 2009, 1:11pm says:

Great job! Let me know when it's pre-orderable on steam.

+1 vote   media: Zero Gear Trailer
eXeC64 Oct 20 2009, 2:57pm says:

The problem with this is SVN updates occur almost every week. You'd need to re-release it every month to remain even slightly up to date.

+2 votes   mod: Gmod Ultimate
eXeC64 Oct 20 2009, 1:14pm says:

Just remember to include some 1337 jump tricks for people to use if they get good enough.

+2 votes   media: Return - WIP
eXeC64 Oct 18 2009, 11:21am says:

Untracked. I tracked to keep updated with the mod. Not to be notified of some randoms screenshot every 10 minutes -.-'

-2 votes   media: Welcome to Hell
eXeC64 Oct 12 2009, 3:09pm says:

Veeery nice. Dont forget to include a 4:3 screen ratio version too. :)

+1 vote   media: Menu Background
eXeC64 Oct 5 2009, 1:15pm says:

Like it but it looks a bit slim in the middle to be a TP.

+1 vote   media: Teleporter 1
eXeC64 Sep 29 2009, 1:00pm says:

Yeah, crowbar is a bit too HL2-ish.

Needs something more gruesome.

+1 vote   media: Kill icons so far
eXeC64 Sep 28 2009, 4:23pm says:

Damn I'm looking forward to this mod.

Have you got a programmer? I would help but I REALLY don't have time. I wish I did but coursework + other stuff takes up all my time =[

+1 vote   media: Oilrig Wip2
eXeC64 Sep 16 2009, 1:54pm says:

You'd be surprised at how much difference fog makes to the overall look =]

Good luck with the mod

+1 vote   media: Torn - screenshots
eXeC64 Aug 30 2009, 7:49pm says:

FeareD > Shirky.

Nice work on this mod. I look forward to playing it. (I'm FoXoF)

+1 vote   article: Dead of Night Site Opens + Programming Updates
eXeC64 Nov 2 2009, 7:52pm says:

Last version was better. This will get seriously annoying after the 8th time.

+1 vote   media: Room switching - V2
eXeC64 Oct 31 2009, 6:25pm says:

It just need a texture to give it a better look and feel. The standard lambertian shader it's using makes it look like rubber.

+2 votes   media: Update
eXeC64 Oct 31 2009, 6:23pm replied:

Hence having 30 NPC's with full ai and rendering on a PSP while networking with 3 other players and keeping a good framerate.


+2 votes   game: Left 4 Quake
eXeC64 Oct 31 2009, 5:46am says:

Wooo finally some more progress =]

+1 vote   article: Piranh'news #4!
eXeC64 Oct 30 2009, 10:44am says:

Probably a flag in the vmt file, like portal's noportal flag.

+1 vote   media: Example of NoHook Texture
eXeC64 Oct 29 2009, 6:56am says:

Like anyone reads THOOOSE things.

+31 votes   poll: How many of you read EULA's (End user license agreement)?
eXeC64 Oct 28 2009, 1:10pm replied:

Oh and my bad, swastika is the right way round after all.

+2 votes   mod: Nazi Zombies Source
eXeC64 Oct 28 2009, 10:25am says:

You need to stop pretending to be some big games company and act like a focused indie developer. Get the gameplay working first, then concentrate on graphics, fix bugs, polish the game and then start making trailers. Right now all I'm seeing is HL2 Weapons, HL2 zombies and a team list that is far too big for what you need.

I'm trying not to be mean here but if you want this mod to be good you need to focus on the content and less on the media.

Also the swastika in the video is the wrong way round.

+3 votes   mod: Nazi Zombies Source
eXeC64 Oct 28 2009, 7:43am replied:

I want to play.

+1 vote   media: Return - WIP
eXeC64 Oct 26 2009, 8:07pm says:

The awesomeness makes me cry.

+1 vote   article: Map editor toolbar UI
eXeC64 Oct 24 2009, 6:54am says:

Nice, customiseable like NFS but with cartoony graphics like TF2?

Can't wait to play this.

0 votes   media: New Screenshots
eXeC64 Oct 20 2009, 1:14pm says:

Now that is NICE! Give your modeller a cigar.

+2 votes   media: Plasma Cannon
eXeC64 Oct 20 2009, 2:21am replied:

Same here.

+7 votes   media: NH2 wallpaper
eXeC64 Oct 18 2009, 6:44am says:

I had a suspicion it was you making this one Nineaxis. =]

+2 votes   media: Decay
eXeC64 Oct 12 2009, 3:06pm says:

It needs to have chunkier grips and more detail. =]

+2 votes   media: Rocket Launcher
eXeC64 Oct 12 2009, 12:56pm says:


Woooo nice!

This is getting better and better each day. When I first saw it I thought "meh, could be fun". Now I have a much larger expectation of this mod. Better look nice. No copy-pasta pipe hallways please.

+2 votes   article: Movin' Right Along
eXeC64 Oct 11 2009, 3:54pm replied:

*Drops down and grabs the quad damage*


+1 vote   media: Reactor - WIP
eXeC64 Oct 10 2009, 9:37am says:

Windows 7 + Ubuntu 9.04 = Win

+6 votes   poll: What operating system do you use on a regular basis?
eXeC64 Oct 10 2009, 8:12am replied:

...or close to what QuakeLive IS.

Except when you spawn can the player PLEASE have more than just a pea-shooter of a machine gun. DM sucks in quake due to maps having 16 players and 5 gun spawns resulting in spawn-killing.

+1 vote   media: Reactor - WIP
eXeC64 Oct 9 2009, 5:18pm replied:

Does Mort think we stupid? Damn 12 year olds.

+1 vote   mod: Portal Test Chamber Hell
eXeC64 Oct 9 2009, 5:15pm replied:

Fokkin' Prawns stole his map pack!

+1 vote   media: TCH Minimod
eXeC64 Oct 8 2009, 3:42pm says:

No offense to you but I think you should get a proper voice actor for this. Believe me, it makes all the difference in the world.

+1 vote   article: Update on the campaign, release event, and winners!
eXeC64 Oct 7 2009, 4:47pm says:

Prehaps on page 5 use cin.get(); instead of that long line. It has a very similar effect (waits for enter key to be pressed) before letting the program continue.

It's far less intimidating on newbies =]

0 votes   article: Be the Man: Beginning Games Programming #1 - First Steps
eXeC64 Oct 7 2009, 2:28pm says:

Looks nice, hope you don't get foxxed =]

+1 vote   article: Status info, gameplay changes, request for more coders
eXeC64 Oct 5 2009, 2:31pm replied:

So does everybody.

For now I'm just playing quakelive... a lot.

Somehow I managed to beat some guy in a duel who has been playing quake for 10 years. (He used to play it on a dreamcast)

I have only been playing quake for a few weeks but I've known it for ages. :)

+1 vote   media: Teleporter 1
eXeC64 Nov 23 2010, 11:56am says:

Still waiting for linux support before I pre-order :(

Other than that, awesome work.

+1 vote   article: Overgrowth Alpha Video-log
eXeC64 May 15 2010, 6:36am says:


+1 vote   media: Happy tree
eXeC64 Dec 5 2009, 2:22pm says:

* Network bandwidth usage optimized, uses up to 75% less data


Good job =]

+1 vote   article: Zero Gear beta Live on Steam
eXeC64 Oct 1 2009, 1:37pm says:

Trust me, stick with scratch sdk. Swapping to HL2DM code will kill you.

Weapons can be coded to behave exactly as realistically as you like without changing the codebase. Drop me a PM, I should be able to help you a bit if you need it (although I wont be able to devote too much time)

+1 vote   article: Not good. Not good at all.
eXeC64 Sep 16 2009, 1:29pm says:

Here's a reccomendation:

Don't go overboard with mappers. More is not necessarily better.

While the inventory is nice the map looks very bland, the puzzle is prehaps too simple and there seem to be no clues around the place about the solution.

Go for quality of maps over quantity, take your time. Rushing this will kill it.

0 votes   article: Room Escape September Update
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