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0 comments by EvilTurtle on Aug 19th, 2012

Arrr ye mateys!

Lots of projects going on:
- Draconian Empire (HW2 mod)
- "NoName" a currently untitled horror-survival game with a focus on object-interacted-survival and lights
  we are currently working on implementing some basic idea's in CryEngine 3.

- and last but not least:

the Draggie Engine 1

This is my first full C++ project in wich i'm attempting to write my own WYSIWYG 3D engine from scratch in a simple as possible code wich i have written myself entirely (no copy-pasting! i want to learn stuff!) except for maybe some libraries and using barely any extensions (so far im only using GLUT). 

The beta will (hopefully) feature:
- modular structure so that users can mod certain aspects (so far no open-source planned!)
- basic OpenGL graphics with basic shaders/lightning
- basic collision detection
- basic camera movement
- WYSIWYG ingame editor:
    - Save/Load system for maps made in the editor using a custom file extension (.MRA)
    - the ability to spawn primitives (cube, piramid, sphere) and edit these
    - Import function for either 3DS of OBJ files (or both)

Well thats the update for now!


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0 comments by EvilTurtle on Mar 21st, 2012

Adding a line/function to a ship file:

... messes the animations up so that they won't work, wich is annoying because i wanted to use that function for more realistic ship-death simulations etc.

Guess i'll have to do with the Debris function.



On other news: production on Draconian Empire goes well, just MIGHT make the Beta deadline of 1th of april! :D

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0 comments by EvilTurtle on Mar 13th, 2012

.... Because that is what i do.

Anyways, have solved a lot of troubles, a.o.: cinematic & build menu problems.

Having troubles getting animations to work properly now tho, maybe CFHodEd is corrupted o.-.o

Anyrawrs, don't forget to keep an eye on the Draconian Empire mod, i know it has been kinda silent this week, but we are still working hard on it!


mr. Jack Swallow signing out

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0 comments by EvilTurtle on Feb 29th, 2012

this is just one of those days that i am listening to mostly LotR and PotC music and other epic symphonic music.

The new Hobbit movie is gonna be fantastic! The trailer was... wel... effing epic hahahah.

I am thinking of making a trailer later this year for one of the mods im working on, perhaps Draconian Empire, in the style of that trailer (ofcourse adapted to fit the sci-fi space opera thingie). First there needs lots to be done for the first Beta of DE though. :/

Still having problems with the cinematics & build menu's. See the mod's page if you wanna help!

Other then that i'm still feeling kinda sick >:

teh Evil Turtle signing out...

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0 comments by EvilTurtle on Feb 26th, 2012

So yeah, voice-acting is pretty hard, and though at Evil Turtle Studios we are now 2 voice-actors strong we could still use some extra voices.

In case anyone feels compelled providing some speech to the Homeworld 2 mod: Draconian Empire, give me a note! We have several ingame-personas already, and having just two people to provide a voice to all these personas is pretty hard.

Other then that... i hate being sick >.< *coughs* and money-less XD

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