I'm am an indie game developer , working on games for windows,ios,android,windows phone,xbox,linux,flash

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The Void
The Void

The Void Indie

6 months ago TBD Multiplayer & Co-op Arcade

2045 All prisons are closed across the nation, Instead the government created a doorway to another dimension, The scum of the earth get sent to this place...

Bright Hearted
Bright Hearted

Bright Hearted Indie

7 months ago TBD Single Player Platformer

This story begins with Rudi who is about to realise he does not have much time left in his life. As the doctor tells him he should go home and spend his...

Disposable Heroes
Disposable Heroes

Disposable Heroes Indie

22 hours ago TBD Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op Hack 'n' Slash

4 Clumsy Heroes are chosen by the king to bring back the light in the kingdom by collecting artifacts in the evil labyrinth of nasty creatures

End my world
End my world

End my world Indie

6 months ago Released Oct 10, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Our precious earth! Soon to be destroyed by thousands of meteorites.

Pickle Frenzy
Pickle Frenzy

Pickle Frenzy Indie

6 months ago Released Sep 2, 2013 Single & Multiplayer Arcade

Pickle Frenzy is a fun game that is all about making a pickle aim and jump through many levels with exciting challenges. You will have an aim meter to...

Deadly Rooms
Deadly Rooms

Deadly Rooms Indie

7 months ago Released Jul 25, 2013 Single Player Arcade

You wake up in a room full of blood and maggots. Trapped inside some sort of mansion you search the rooms to find your exit

Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift Indie

10 months ago Released Jun 1, 2013 Single Player Point and Click

Paradigm Shift You awake from a terrifying nightmare to discover that your home city of River Lake has been devastated by an explosion at a neuroscience...

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