A bio you reckon? Well I'm an easy going guy, willing to go out of my way to help people out if I have the knowledge. Other than that I enjoy 40K both the tabletop game and Dawn of War series. I like to think of myself as quite the tactician, I like the tactical games such Company Of Heroes, Command and Conquer as well as the Men Of War series. But I also enjoy the ARMA series, Battle Field series (Including Project Reality) and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series. I hope this has given a small insight into the type of person slash gamer I am.

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Fallout: Tame The Wastes

Mod review - 3 agree

What can I say other than that this mod is the reason why I went out and got Civ 4.

Decided to play as the NCR and at about turn 200 I had ****** off the local tribes and Super Mutants and as always the Enclave but gained the love of The Brother Hood and the Ghouls. So eventually I went to war with the muties, tribes and the Enclave and wiped them all out along with the slavers. And being in the spirit of the NCR I turned around and wasted the brother hood and culled the Ghouls because hey you've got to play the lore of your faction or it wouldn't be much of a fallout game, sorry mod.

But no joke the work that has gone into this mod is absolutely epic. Everything from resources to technology research to units and the way you level your towns has been changed to have a fallout theme. I can not wait to see more of this especially since its only in "alpha". It dead set feels like its a finished product. And if you're a fallout fan and enjoy Civ 4 then this mod is diffidently worth the download.


Modern Combat

Mod review


Mod review - 5 disagree

I have to say this has to be one of the best mods I have played so far for Call Of Pripyat. MISERY has just about changed the way we as S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs play the game. Instead of the Run and Gun game that was produced by GSC studios we now have the survival horror we really wanted. Where every single bullet counts, where every attack has to be planned out before the initiation of combat for the best chances of survival, where every mutant encounter could be our last.

The tweaks of 'levels' of S.T.A.L.K.E.R's I found great where rookie Loners actually have almost nothing to their name and Experienced Merc's have some the best equipment in the zone. These 'levels' if you will determine the fate of the NPC. I remember walking into Skadovsk taking notice of a group of Loners. Asked them to take me to an anomaly sight. Noticed only one of them had decent gear, returned to Skadovsk to find that one S.T.A.L.K.E.R just standing there all by his lonesome his friends no longer with him. I figured that his buddies must have coped it in the zone. Now I'm a big sucker for feeling bad for the right people so I decided to have him as a companion for as long as I could. Which by the way the companion system is a great addition to the mod because tackling the zone alone in MISERY is well misery (Haha see what I did there..No?..Well **** it).

Now with progression into the game I started to accumulated some cash and decided to add another great piece of history to my arsenal. Now by this point I would L85 and L500 stuffed through out my backpack not this time round. Instead I had only my AK-105 and a ppsh I had found in stash a while back. And I thought about time to treat myself to that sexy RPK hawaiian was selling. Though it did cost me my dear beloved weapons at the time but was well worth it in the end. The reason for this because the money for quests and other things have been halved. Great idead I think.

Over all MISERY is one of the best mod's I have seen so far.


Europe at War

Mod review

Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod

Mod review - 8 agree - 2 disagree

Theres nothing better then waking up and getting out of your cold steel vault to a brand new fall out, this mod can barley be called a mod in my opinion this is more like a brand new game. The only thing from what I saw that was untouched was the scenery and back ground every thing else was ether replaced or done up to the point where you could not tell what it was before hand. This mod brings a whole brand new harsh and fun environment to Fallout 3. The one thing I really loved about this mod was the realistic weapons such as the P90 and the Arctic Warfare. I can say nothing more than well done and I hope to see more of this mod. 9/10


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