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evgenidb Nov 25 2014, 12:53pm replied:

Хорошо еще, что не промпт. Там еще хуже/непонятнее/смешнее.

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evgenidb Oct 25 2014, 8:12pm says:

This happens when parents tell their kids to do their homework/chores.

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evgenidb Oct 20 2014, 4:16pm replied:

Stork bomber:
or if you prefer something more cartoonish:

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evgenidb Oct 17 2014, 3:08am replied:

And lets not forget about the stork bommbers which do baby runs on innocent families.

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evgenidb Oct 12 2014, 3:33pm says:

Guys and gals. I hoped you figured it already that the "anime" Terra Formars is actually an audio book with occasional animated gifs.

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evgenidb Oct 9 2014, 2:35pm replied:

Protection from the sun? Who knows, maybe even they are used as solar panels.

But I'm almost sure that initially they were put just for aesthetics.

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evgenidb Sep 8 2014, 2:42pm says:

"Peter Pan? Is that you?!?"

No, he's his evil father. (*Spoiler Alert!*)

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evgenidb Aug 30 2014, 4:33pm says:


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evgenidb Aug 28 2014, 4:14pm says:

The top cylinder looks like the bridge of CR90 corvette. The middle part is from the same (or different?) corvette. That turrent on the front or that... "thing", which I can only suspect is part of the engines, I don't recognize.

So this can definitely be classified as an "ugly".

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evgenidb Aug 23 2014, 2:45pm replied:

I don't think that she's from "Hidan no Aria". The girl is differnt, the uniform is different.

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evgenidb Jul 24 2014, 4:57pm replied:

Nah, you need to be a real pro to make Paint stuff look this good. It's probably just some corrupted data on the file.

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evgenidb Jul 6 2014, 11:46am says:

I forgot about the Correlians, too. Maybe thy are the ones?

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evgenidb Jul 4 2014, 10:05am says:

I'll add:
Some Imperial Warlords, Corporate Sector Authority, Black Sun, Zann Consortium, Pirates and other outlaws, some aliens, like Ssi-ruuk or Yevetha.

I doubt its Chiss, Hutts or Mandalorians because of:
"That's all for now. Free internet points to anyone who can guess what the second Non-Playable Faction is. Here's a hint: you're probably wrong."
And those three are fairly obvious choice because of their popularity.

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evgenidb Jun 21 2014, 5:43pm says:

It's better to be available as Single player, because you cannot be always sure that other players or friends would often be available.

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evgenidb Jun 7 2014, 3:27pm says:

I wonder if it won't be better if the squads are more randomized. And be differentiated by what they are wearing.

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evgenidb May 18 2014, 10:21pm says:

So, how many missions are we talking about? 10? 20? 30? More? And what's the distribution between Movie missions and EU ones? How many missions one Movie would consist? For example, the big Battle of Endor could be made into a number of smaller missions. And Episode V could have a few different missions (Battle of Hoth, the Escape, the chase in the asteroid belt, then escape from Bespin... not to mention maybe some events we didn't see, but could have happened at roughly the same time).

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evgenidb May 15 2014, 11:13am replied:

Не думаю. У тебя должна быть сама игра, еще там какие-то тулы для Модификаций (Freelancer Mod Manager как минимум, но не знаю нужно ли что-то еще) и потом ты должен скачать саму модификацию и инсталировать ее.

Ето не stand-alone модификация вроде Communication Force или Lady Jedi для Jedi Knight 2 или 3, где можно играть модификацию и без саму игру.


3snake's question:
Is there a link with the Freelancer game + this MOD?

My answer (please correct me if I'm wrong):
I don't think so. You must have the Freelancer game itself, some tools (Freelancer Mod Manager for example, but I don't remember if you need something else), and in the end you need to download and install the Mod itself.

This is not a stand-alone Mod, like Communication Force or Lady Jedi Mods of the game Jedi Knight 2 and 3, where you only need to install the mod to play it (even if you don't have the original game installed).

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evgenidb May 14 2014, 1:20pm replied:

Ничего не понял. Напиши, пожайлуста, по русски и я переведу на английский.

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evgenidb May 2 2014, 3:33am says:

The picture is new.

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evgenidb Apr 26 2014, 11:34am says:

What programming languages you'll be using? As far as I know, Unity supports at least 3: C#, JavaScript, and Boo (I believe it was some kind of a Python dialect).

Tracking, by the way.

+2 votes   article: A few answers to your questions
evgenidb Apr 19 2014, 12:21pm says:

Just to mention that Da Soocha is in the Hutt Space in the Cyax system (near Varl).

Also, what is this "Arkanis-Bandomeer"?

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evgenidb Apr 12 2014, 11:49pm says:

Sooo, we're doing Death Star, huh?

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evgenidb Apr 9 2014, 12:51pm replied:

I have the feeling I'm not on the same page as you guys. What do you mean by multilevel?

In my case, I meant something like normal maps and Dungeon/hell/whatever-that-was in Heroes III. So, in this case it would've been the map with the city and sewers as another map and you can switch between them. Somehow I doubt that is possible with the current engine.

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evgenidb Apr 9 2014, 12:49pm replied:

It's probably the Reaper, but Guardian might also be possible (although very unlikely).

Knight Hammer was already destroyed above Yavin IV:

So, it can't be it.

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evgenidb Apr 8 2014, 5:16pm says:

Strange this message is. Shen instead of pairing Senth and Herf written should have been. Someone illiterate writing this was. Or used Google Translate he was. Hmmm.

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evgenidb Apr 8 2014, 1:39pm replied:

I don't think sewers (aka multilevel map is possible with this engine).

At best a zone with trigger could be set: if an infantry steps into a predefined zone, it disappears and pops out in another predefined place. Preferably after a while (a minute or two), giving the impression that it took some time for the infantry to move from point A to point B. But again - I don't know if it is even possible with the engine.

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evgenidb Mar 2 2014, 6:15pm replied:

When Tython appeared as the cradle of the Jedi Order, Coruscant, Yavin IV, Dantooine, Ossus, and all other Jedi-affiliated planets survived. And still live. When Mortis was shown, canon and the Force didn't magically disappeared.

Besides, we still don't know how the story goes for Moriband (or Moraband?). It is not necessary that it'll cotradict everything before it or that it can't be retconed.

Only time will show.

+1 vote   media: RIP KOTOR, KOTOR II, TOR, And Many More
evgenidb Feb 28 2014, 4:59pm replied:

There were other Sith capitals at different times, not just Dromund Kaas. Ziost for instance, Yavin IV, maybe Korriban before the Sith expanded to space, probably Byss (at least during the Reborn Emperor), maybe some others.

I think Dromund Kaas was capital only during the TOR events (from fleeing form Korriban to at least the end of TOR).

+1 vote   media: Korriban renamed Moraband
evgenidb Feb 28 2014, 4:52pm replied:

They won't. They might add Moriband as a location, but, as far as I know, Moriband should be somewhere in the Deep Core, just like Tython. That's way too far from the Sith space.

+2 votes   media: RIP KOTOR, KOTOR II, TOR, And Many More
evgenidb Feb 28 2014, 4:11pm says:

Oh, this reminds me of the planet Tython or the flying Rancors, all of which have nothing to do with The Clone Wars show. For all of them I was: "WTF?!!!" (WTF with much bigger letters!) But they got nicely included into the Lore.

Besides, the problems with TCW was probably because of George and not so much with Filoni & co. He doesn't know EU that well (read it as "not at all"). He just sees a picture or a name, story, whatever and builds a story around it. Don't forget it took Filoni 2 or 3 seasons to make Lucas be chronological and not do all those prequel/sequel things. Also, TCW has not only clashes with EU (which could be potentially retconed), but also with common sense and logic. I agree that I might be wrong (or simply don't have all the info) about some of the things and they could have a good explanation (happened sometimes), but it can't be all of it!

For Rebels, TCW 6, and the new movies - we know close to nothing. I suggest we first see them and then decide. As for the Rebels, some of the walking Wookipedias are working on it, so we have no base to claim that EU will die because of it. Don't forget that canon withstood the Prequels (lots and lots of changes), the first Clone Wars animation (clashes with "Labyrinth of Evil" for instance and way over the top), still survives after 6 seasons of TCW and kinda manages under the Disney ownership ("kinda" because of the many unknowns here). So I won't write of EU just yet. So calm down all of you!

And besides EU has a lot of junk as well: Waru, dragons in space, the reborn Emperor and Luke on the Dark side, that Marvel planet destroying weapon that was used like a pool, dozens of Imperial Super Weapons, etc.

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