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eudolus Mar 5 2009 replied:

Actually, I did play morrowind, and still look at it as superior to oblivion, minus the graphics.

I guess i have no reason to doubt the future of the mod now :)

I never doubted this mod to begin with, its just the look of the characters that i think i fear, as the one shown looks too similar to oblivions characters. I think its mainly that i will see too much oblivion in it and thats where my fear lies. I may be one of the few ppl that thinks oblivion as being bland and a very boring game. then again, i also consider cames like call of duty 4 and WAW as a noob oriented sprayfest as it didnt require any tactics and skill, just a hold the trigger and point game (as opposed to the games that made the series what it is today...cod/UO and cod2...they consolized great games)

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eudolus Mar 3 2009 replied:

I see, well i was particular going towards the graphical aspect of the game, I see what you mean about the player interaction, but on a graphical note, i just see the world of FFVII being depicted better with cryengine better.

Since you seem to be going for mainly an interactive experience with the player and characters i see how oblivions could be better. After thinking it over i could see many more complications with cryengine since i dont think it could player interaction as easily as oblivions.

I guess im afraid of feeling like id end up playing oblivion again, just in a FF world. And i never liked oblivions world since they didnt create it by hand, although im sure this will be much better.

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eudolus Mar 2 2009 says:

I really dont see this mod going anywhere.

Dont get me wrong, i would love to see this mod succeed, but not on oblivions engine, i dont think it will do the mod justice using oblivions engine, maybe cryengine2 perhaps, but i just dont see much flexibility when using oblivions.

I cant put my finger on it, but something seems just wrong using this engine. I may be the only one to critisize the look of the character model shown, but i just dont see FF in it at all.

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eudolus Nov 18 2008 says:

will the HH&K UMP .45 be in this mod, because im sick of how games, mainly css, portray it to be such a weak gun when it fires a big pistol round.

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eudolus Sep 10 2008 says:

i really want to use a UMP45 in this game, i never got to play the other firearms and im sick of how counter strike strike craps out the guns. the ump is a beast in real life and i hated how games use the gun.

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eudolus Aug 18 2008 says:

ok, after thinkin it over, im glad you guys are taking it to release it for crysis warhead, cause after i heard this news i started searching for my crysis dvd to install it, and low and behold, i couldnt find my cd-key, so buying warhead would make me feel better about losing the dam key lol

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eudolus Aug 13 2008 replied:

i love hearing that, BIG WOOTS ALL AROUND. i cant seem to get rid of this huge smile on my face

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eudolus Aug 13 2008 says:

would this be hard to implement in games such as counter strike source, like having a custom lighting for a player like you can with skins. would be nice if they put all the orange box game engine into previous game like css.

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eudolus Aug 13 2008 says:

omg finally someone is putting a UMP .45 smg.

plz o plz dont underpower this gun like in every other game, its a frecking .45 it has huge knockdown power.

also, if warhead doesnt have the supposed performance enhancements will you still release it for the 1st crysis, since basically you getting more people to spend $30 just to play the mod. personally i will pay it, but some might not think that way.

also, will we be able to put on or take off weapon atachments like in crysis?

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