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I... Uh... What?



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An absolutely prime example of what a platformer should be - challenging, frustrating even, but ultimately rewarding. That feeling of finally beating a level you've been stuck on for ages makes all the pain of getting there well worth it, until you then, of course, run into the next level and consider a trip to Dignitas (look it up if you don't know what it is).
The death-count on the lefthand side is also a nice little reminder of how much of a failure you are, which I found to be a nice touch.



Game review

This is essentially a slightly more polished version of 'Insert Title Here', and trust me - anybody that has played that game will know what I mean by that.
Usually I try and find all the best things in a game to comment on, but I really do have nothing positive to say about this other than the fact that at least it's marginally better that the afore-mentioned game.
I don't suggest you bother playing this game as it really isn't worth the time


The Stanley Parable

Mod review

An utter masterpiece in every aspect.
Well done and bravo, Cakebread.


Celestial Impact

Game review

I really love this game and haven't any found any bugs or glitches at all!
The Dirtgun is something unique that I have never experienced in a game before and I enjoy the concept.
Not that I'm suggesting you should begin charging for it, but the game would most definitely be worth buying if you did. I will be inviting my friends to play this game and hopefully get a real community thriving, as in it's current state I don't believe there's any servers whatsoever - which is a huge shame!
I might even go as far as featuring the game on YouTube, to a wide audience.


Insert Title Here

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I will admit, the game originally showed promise and was rather Stanley Parable-esque, but it went down hill fast.
It was mildly amusing - albeit slighlty painful - and continually expressed that it wasn't meant to actually be a game (so we can't exactly call it a bad game now, can we?) but instead an experiment. I doubt anybody will ever really know what said experiment was focussing on, but I do hope Anothink got the results he was looking for as the experience was bizarre, badly programmed and generally not very good.
I mean seriously, what were those rooms with the Half-Life 2 Stalkers etc. about? They made no sense and were just not necessary in any way.


Cornerstone : The song of Tyrim

Game review

The game is currently in Alpha, so glitches and bugs are readily expected and not frowned upon - for instance the occasional spasm that sometimes occurs upon picking up a weapon, many a laugh was had at the expense of that.
When these are looked past you can clearly see great potential for this wonderful game. Bright, cute, interesting, challenging and most importantly - fun. When compared to Wind Waker as in the game's own summary, it's not entirely far off!
I mean, it currently lacks a storyline or much in the way of an introduction, but the potential is jumping right out of the screen and I will most definitely be playing a lot of Cornerstone: The song of Tyrim.



Game review may contain spoilers

I found the game incredibly enjoyable and I'm looking very much forward to level two. I only experienced one bug, as all others have already been fixed thanks to the wonderful community, however it's still a bug. It was half way down the corridor leading out of the room with the four out-of-order elevators - I was walking along and fell out of the world.
Other than this one bug (that, might I add, does not completely ruin the game as you can simply just replay the level and avoid the area with the tear) the game was incredibly well made and never once dull or boring. I can say that once more levels have been added and all the remaining bugs have been ironed out, I would genuinely consider Monokrome on a par with such titles as Half-Life or Portal.
One final sweetener - the game is completely free!

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