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Mod Review on Aug 8th, 2014

Star Wars Warlords is certainly one of the greatest Star Wars mod ever made. The modification itself aims to recreate the Star Wars universe, that's for sure. The mod content is really impressive, and represents hours and hours of hard work. The visuals are great and powerful (regarding when it was released for the last time).

However, if there's something that we can easily notice while playing this mod is that the whole gameplay is completely different from Homeworld2. Even with an easy AI against you, even with a low size unit parameter, there are too many ships... I'm not talking about a performance issue, I'm talking about a gameplay issue. The gameplay is completely overpowered and if you never played this mod before you gotta be surprised.
In Homeworld2, you don't have massive battles... whereas this mod. The problem is that massive battles on Homeworld2 are not that great because the gameplay itself is not based on a such system. It's not Sins of a Solar Empire...

So, basically, this mod is great when it comes to realism, balancing and visuals. However, you gotta be surprised by the gameplay which is certainly not something you'll see in the original Homeworld2. That being said, I give him 8/10, mostly because I respect the work done so far and that it deserves to be played. I don't give too much because the gameplay is just what holds me back.