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epischersieg Apr 3 2011 says:

>mfw Kevin is here. HI KEVIN

+1 vote   news: April Beta Gameplay Montage
epischersieg Mar 27 2011 says:

I don't care much about fallout, the 3 and new vegas. I find them too boring in terms of gameplay. i also will probably never touch this mod. But I wanna 10/10 it. This is simply amazing what you guys are doing. From the screens and such, this is just incredibly well crafted. Not sure about other fallout mods but, for some reason, I just felt the need to post and compliment you guys. This just seems so cool. I rarely comment on the mods I love and play, let alone ones for a game I have but don't play, and I mod I won't even download I assume. Great job, keep it up, and best of luck!

+2 votes   mod: Vault 24
epischersieg Nov 29 2010 says:

This is amazing, I had an idea almost like this, except didn't think about 2 kinds of reloading. Although i would like a magazine system of a general ammo pool, with this game being so realistic as it is, it just...makes sense, ya know? Although then you could only combat reload about 5 times before losing all your clips and that would be annoying :\
I guess it's up to the devs/testers where to put the balance between realism and easy of gameplay

+1 vote   news: The Rising MOD - New Reloading System
epischersieg Oct 9 2010 says:

it's funny how the only thing are cared about in this mod were the facts that A, you made the guns realistic, as in you use the parts in the gun you would in real like (pulling the stock out on some guns, checking the ammo like you would in real life, etc.)

Then I liked how you used lighting properly (like the first FEAR and not the second)

Then I loved the amazing gun models

Then the custom sounds

and now a realistic and awesome weapon upgrade system...?


+1 vote   media: Flashlight and Laser Attachments
epischersieg Sep 16 2010 says:

Makes me sad how in source it won't look THAT sexy. but the model is amazing, great work!

-1 votes   media: Mossberg 590 Version 2
epischersieg Sep 8 2010 says:

lmao. did you use these for the bullet sounds too? :P

seriously though, with the models, animations and level design, it's actually leaving me worry either A, the gameplay will suck, or B, the coding will be sloppy. Everything else about this mod is so OVER THE TOP AMAZING I feel like it has to suck in some way, but I'm sure (read, I hope) it won't. GREAT WORK SO FAR GUYS

-1 votes   media: Weapon Foley
epischersieg Aug 23 2010 replied:

just a comment to you sir. That's why I loved this mod. It brought back nostalgia from the F.E.A.R. I love and miss so much. Maybe that's just me, but I really loved to see those moments.

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
epischersieg Aug 23 2010 says:

Honestly. This brought back so much nostalgia from the first F.E.A.R. too me. This mod was ALMOST perfect. I got stuck on the MRI room and had to load the next chapter :\ but other than that...BRILLIANT. The second I finished the credits I opening up chrome to tell you guys that I LOVED it. I would love to see a full production scale game by you guys. Like with the UDK and everything custom, let your creative juices flow free! F.E.A.R. 2 was a major letdown for me, and this was the perfect horror fix I've been waiting for since I beat the first F.E.A.R.!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

0 votes   news: Wake up, it’s time for the real nightmare to begin (RELEASED!)
epischersieg Aug 18 2010 says:

second comment on this mod. been playing it for a while now. Never got past 15 kills. It's WAY TOO HARD. I checked the game settings. The AI is stuck on the hardest, which is probably why this mod is so damn hard! It's be nice if you had some scaling. Like 1-20 kills is super easy and as the game goes on it gets harder and harder.

+2 votes   news: Killer's Skill is now available!
epischersieg Aug 18 2010 says:

as much as I am looking forward to butterfly....I would much rather see a mod like Killer's Skill done well. Not that it isn't good. But a fully flushed out mod. Like one gamemode with demons, one with zombies, only with realistic zombies (headshots or spineshots only) maybe some custom weapon and new attatchments for them. Maybe a campaign going from city to city. that'd be SOOO amazing

+2 votes   news: Killer's Skill is now available!
epischersieg Aug 11 2010 says:

[update] just saw it will be and XBLA game, while I don't have an xbox I know that those are the smaller and cheaper games, when I get my job and this game comes out, I just might buy it :]

+1 vote   news: Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'
epischersieg Aug 11 2010 replied:

about the 1v1, that is so true. My friend is a huge PC gamer, back to the good 'ol LAN days. And he considers the great games where you can just have a LAN part with around 4 people and still have good fun with the game. While Orion crashed for me and I never got to play it, it looks pretty fun. I personally hate source (being a source mapper myself) and honestly see some GREAT source mods yet I sit there thinking "if only this mod moved to the UDK/Unreal 3 engine..."

best of luck to you all. I really don't think I can justify purchasing this (unless it's like blacklight [$15] then maybe) but I'm skimpy when it comes to games and paying for them, but after a few gameplay videos I may be wrong, either way, best of luck to you all and I hope any companies that set up contracts and whatnot still let you keep creativity. What I see happen so many times is great developers (sierra to name one) be bought out and then scrapped, leaving their creative titles to never continue or see sequels...


+1 vote   news: Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'
epischersieg Aug 9 2010 says:

how do you get in the private beta? Also, does your mod not lag like crysis? I remember running crysis DX10 on high and got an average of 30 fps. In the cryengine editor I ran on DX10, ulrta settings, and got 60fps average...

+2 votes   news: The Survival MOD "Killer's Skill" will soon be online!
epischersieg Aug 9 2010 replied:

if it was on UDK that'd be amazing. This game on source never worked. Crashed, reinstalled, loaded a map, froze, crashed. Then no people were playing, so I made my own server and it seemed cool enough. Can't wait to see what they are doing

-2 votes   news: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Image Revealed!
epischersieg Aug 1 2010 buried:



-24 votes   news: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 05
epischersieg Jul 21 2010 says:

wow...I must say, I wasn't really looking forward to seeing a house. But after playing through i really enjoyed it and thought the whole thing was done beautifully. The only complaint is chapter 1 doesn't go to chapter 2, but that's not a big deal

+2 votes   download: Portal 1 Memories Chapter twO
epischersieg Jul 19 2010 says:

UGH!!! It's comes out in one hour! THAT'S TOO LONG TO WAIT!!!

+1 vote   news: Valve announce Alien Swarm
epischersieg Jun 6 2010 says:

I don't get it guys. I don't think they really went out and got all this for the mod, it's probably things they easily could obtain. I truly think it's amazing and quality not seen in a mod, but I really don't think it costs them too much at all, either equipment they had or friends with a studio.

+1 vote   media: Foley Work on The Rising
epischersieg May 22 2010 says:

I'm in San Jose California and I get wayyy to much lag to really play this game. Also is there some sort of quick tutorial or guide? This concept seems amazing

+1 vote   mod: Proyect-Z
epischersieg May 19 2010 buried:


You should make this mod in the UDK o_o

-5 votes   mod: Canvas
epischersieg May 19 2010 replied:

Yeah, one thing I learned as a portal mapper is what may seem stupid obvious to you may not be really all that clear to the player. Then again, you don't want lit up arrows to your next objective haha. I'm really looking forward to this. OH! when the mine cart hits the door and the wooden barricade blasts open, I'd try and make that seem more smooth and natural. I can pretty much tell though that this was a release not 100% ready for the public but at least you got (hopefully) good feedback!

Any ideas when the next infodump or release or video will be out?

+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
epischersieg May 15 2010 says:

Here is my critique so far...keep in mind I only got to the part where you have to keep pressing the door opening machine button then I had to go.

AI and npcs. I feel that they are just...horrible. They hop around all over the place. If this is on purpose I would advise changing it, it just isn't scary at all. If possible make them sneak around, pounce out at a player, then run away again, and repeat.

Lighting. I love/hate this. At times I go "****, it doesn't need to be pitch black here" but at other times I love that, really adds to the horror feel. I'd say keep the darkness, just rework it a bit to make it more...realistic, like, light bleeds into rooms, so if light is in one part of the room, another part wouldn't be COMPLETELY black.

Level Design. One of the better level designs I've seen in a mod. So far only "The Haunted" tops this. But you do use good textures and I see you are re-working things, so I'm looking forward to it.

Weapons. I only got to fire the two main ones, picked up the remmington but it had no ammo. Only critique I have here is to make them...feel more heavy and real. It's hard to put that into words. But play games like mw2 and F.E.A.R. and then a game like your mod or hl2, in my opinion the guns feel almost fake, it's hard to explain.

Side note. The direction of your horror element seems good, personally I love horror like F.E.A.R. and not games like Doom 3, but the little bit I played of your mod got me scared a bit, and in a good way.


+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
epischersieg May 15 2010 replied:

AH! That was one huge complaint I had. I didn't think it was a bug. I saw that you added ironsights that...did nothing. Haha. What's the highest resolution the ironsights work on?

+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
epischersieg Mar 9 2010 replied:

any way you could do episodic releases? Like make around 3 episodes half baked at a time so you're never rushed to make another one from the ground up. Or will this mess with the open nature of the game? Either way, looking forward to it!

+1 vote   mod: Overgrown: The Unknown
epischersieg Mar 8 2010 replied:

In terms of easy of use, how does the unreal compare to the cryengine, or the source engine (if you've used that) I have yet to really try out the level editor in unreal, but I LOVED the cryengine.

+1 vote   mod: Days Of Valor
epischersieg Mar 8 2010 says:

if you need help mapping....hit me up!

+2 votes   game: Organized Crime: 1920s
epischersieg Mar 7 2010 says:

I have ut3. the UDK. And I'd like to help in any way possible. I only have a bit of experience in level design with Hammer (source engine) and would like to learn animations. let me know if you need help!

+1 vote   mod: Days Of Valor
epischersieg Mar 6 2010 replied:

Thanks, I just installed it through steam. First off, this is one of my favorite games...not mod, GAME!
Anyways, are there no servers or am I doing this wrong? I think this would be insanely fun as co-op, especially getting to play as the demon spawner thing.

+1 vote   mod: The Haunted
epischersieg Mar 5 2010 says:

Question... do I need to install UT3 to play this? I have the UDK on my PC and that's it. And if I do, can I just install of the disk or will I need to get a bunch of patches? I have the game but the disk is at my friends and I really want to try this most. THanks

+1 vote   mod: The Haunted
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