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Eonfge Sep 7 2014, 2:43am says:

I kinda like it. Although I never asked for it, the new smaller graphics fit quite well. Thanks for providing the option.

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Eonfge Aug 18 2014, 3:49pm replied:

Found it, it's caused by loading the level Dynamic hud On while using the Doom 3: Alpha hud.

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Eonfge Aug 18 2014, 3:09pm replied:

Commenting on my self because of a second issue I encountered: when loading some maps, with for example enpro, I loose my cursor and UI after the cinematic. This is anoying to say the least. I have not been able to circumvent it and it also happens with reloading or devmap.

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Eonfge Aug 10 2014, 3:21pm says:

I've played a few maps and discovered an issue with the zoom-feature in combination with custom FOV settings. I run Doom 3 with an FOV of 100+ because I have a pretty large monitor, but whenever there is a zoom effect (in game video, when start running) the FOV ***** up.

My proposed fix would be a custom option in the Sikkmod menu where the user can select the FOV which is global, so that it works under all conditions.

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Eonfge Jan 5 2014, 5:00am replied:

Hextreme? Gardens? Forest Fires? Nice! I like those maps and I would definitely like to see tem back into Twisted Insurrection.

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Eonfge Jan 1 2014, 3:40pm replied:

Better be something large.... Imagine it's just a screenshot :P.

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Eonfge Jan 1 2014, 3:07pm says:


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Eonfge Dec 31 2013, 11:54am replied:

You have to keep in mind how the triggers in maps work. If there are two maps with a teleporter on tag 7, then the engine does not know for sure which sector 7 it has to refer too. Considering Doom and Doom II contain a few thousand unique tagged-lines with things like 'open door' or raise lift, you'll have to replace all of those.

The invisible walls are I think caused because you run out of computable space within one map. Same as for monsters that do nothing. Your map is so massive that stuff like REJECT tables (which trigger monster behaviour) and the BSP nodes get ****** up.

ACS will also be required for coloured keys. How else are you going to simulate 60+ keys in one map without them breaking sequences.

I previously looked into doing the same kind of project. No really! I too thought it would be interesting to have one continues playthrough of Doom but when I compared the costs (loads of scripting and technical limitations) compared to the gains (average load time of a Doom map), I decided not to do it.

Still, I think it's a very interesting learning scenario for you and I strongly encourage you to take some extra time to work things out. As a proof of concept, your Episode maps work fine but to do more, you should improve your skills and dare where no man has gone before.

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Eonfge Dec 31 2013, 5:53am says:

You got a lot of work ahead of you. Let me give you a quick list of bullet points on stuff you will have to address:

* File format; consider using ZDoom format in UDMF, which is the most advanced format to support such large maps.
* Nod Builder; Check the kind of node-builder you use. Not all node builders will work with your map size so check ZDBSP/ZenNode out. Forget REJECT tables, with a map like yours that would be idiotic.
* Use ZDoom stable/GLZdoom Stable as development base. Zandronum is cool but not completely compatible and lacking some features which you will likely require.
* Use custom ACS scripts to simulate 'special events' like killing the Spider Mastermind.
* Use MAPINFO details and such to make sure people don't cheat using Zdoom features in a megawad that does not support them (no jumping for example)
* Check your voodoo dolls. At the moment, there are 30+ player 1 starting positions.

There are all just technical elements, but keep the artistic and gameplay part in mind:

* make smart use of teleporters to link maps together, don't just staple some hallways next to each other as it often breaks the level and art style.
* Make use of a starting-are with teleporters, which unlock once players reach certain areas in the map. As right now, if a player dies in E4, in multiplayer, he has to backtrack the entire first three episodes.
* Combining assets from Doom 1 into Doom 2 is technically a violation of the EULA and as such a copyright infringement. Fear not, there are already stand-alone packages with all Doom 1 and Doom 2 art, which you can take as dependencies. You could even use Doom 1 as a dependency, if players own both versions (who doesn't?).

These are the first things that come to my mind when looking at your project for 5 minutes. Good luck with it and I encourage you to get to know ZDoom and it's technologies, as they will be essential for you.

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Eonfge Jan 2 2013, 10:06am says:

Guys, keep up the good work. Take your time and make it awesome.

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Eonfge Dec 20 2012, 4:31am replied:
terrorist wrote:Allah akbar!

Yeah, it's surprising that making a game with a terrorist organisation was no problem 10 years ago, but even mod teams no longer dare to touch on Middle-East Stereotypes.

In comparison, you can bet a ten quid on it that there are plenty of American and Asian stereotypes.

I support every developer, professional or hobby, in their right of expression. It's your change and I accept that. On the other hand, I would also defend you if you were to stick to your own plans, even if that insults others.

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Eonfge Oct 5 2012, 10:31am says:

I find the small gap at the top right of the Firestorm Defence a pain in the ***. AI will always drive through it and it gives the bottom-right player a substantial advantage as it can move a lot faster to the top right fire base.

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Eonfge Sep 7 2012, 6:27am says:

You should not ruin a box art with PEGI info and PC-logo stuff. It's both not mandatory and the better box arts don't have it (deluxe editions, Diablo III).

Other then that, it's nice and well styled.

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Eonfge Aug 14 2012, 7:16am replied:

Duh, nobody would really build a base like this, other then to show off. Whenever I make my base, I just dump the **** on some spot so that not everything can be taken out by one superpower or bomb truck.

+1 vote   media: Campaign: Nod Mission 11 Preview
Eonfge Jul 17 2012, 9:19am says:

I like the whole idea of upgrading, but there is some trouble: It's generally a time consuming action. Every action must be preformed twice to build an upgraded turret.

Would it be possible to make the upgrade-building cost no time, so that you can instantly place a turret. Select the upgrade (and pay for it) and then place it on location. This would make the action of placing an upgraded turret easier, because it can be done at once.

Other then that, the turrets have a lot of nice detail and I would like to see them in action.

+2 votes   media: GDI: Gatling Tower & Updated Icons
Eonfge Jul 16 2012, 4:02pm replied:

He Metamorphosis,

No problem. I don't have any time to actively contribute to any community projects for the time being, but I will always help out when I have the change and when problems arise.

Kind Regards,


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Eonfge Jul 14 2012, 5:45am says:

Horay! A new version of this glorious Quake Package. I'm not sure how I like the monster changes between the different mission packs, although the mission packs are not that great anyway.

Can advise this mod to everybody, especially the people that now get it from Steam and which to play it with a little more flair.

+2 votes   mod: Quake "Epsilon" Build
Eonfge Apr 29 2012, 7:31am replied:

It only contains the the demo package as well as the community mod packages. To play the full game maps, you require the original Quake Files.

Other then that, it's awesome. It's a great introduction to Quake, and with 3 campains to play (Demo, The Myths and Beyond Believe) it's a must try for all people that wish to experience '90 PC gaming in its full glory.

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Eonfge Apr 7 2012, 10:48am says:

I support your decision and think that your cause is just. You provide a great all-in-one package for Quake and it would be a shame if some nit-pickers would block such a great project or make it less accessible.

Id has previously shown to be very lenient and have actually endorsed it in multiple situations, so I would not fear that they suddenly change their opinion.

I can advice everyone to buy Quake and play it with this compilation.

+1 vote   article: Regarding the Quake shareware EULA
Eonfge Jan 10 2012, 10:51am replied:

You're making a strong case for your self:

+1 vote   mod: Crossfire 2.0
Eonfge Jan 9 2012, 4:45pm replied:

This comment has come up many times before, and I second it. After finishing the whole Freelancer game, and restarting it with crossfire for more options and awe, I find my self unable to take down the first enemy fighters I encounter.

The game should not be easier, but when the starter-mooks fly round with 10 nanobots and shield regens, it gives a problem. Perhaps lower their equipment, or make lower level enemies make it use less.

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Eonfge Jan 3 2012, 3:36am replied:

Another thing also happens with the new extracted-ultra build: It doesn't look like it's using the models from reforged. This is especially visible with the Scrag ( which has now become some sort of bat.

+2 votes   mod: Quake "Epsilon" Build
Eonfge Dec 31 2011, 10:24am says:

He, thanks for the new version, it's cool to see how you maintain and update the project.

I do have to second Cornflake. I too have trouble starting up a lan game or closing the network selection screen.

+2 votes   mod: Twisted Insurrection
Eonfge Dec 14 2011, 3:52pm says:

I like your project, but one tiny thing. I gave it a 9 rating and I expressed why, but can you please remove those demons that descent unto dead monsters. it really breaks the flow of the game sometimes and it makes a lot of lame deaths.

+2 votes   mod: Quake "Epsilon" Build
Eonfge Dec 8 2011, 2:25pm says:

Awesome! Although, with a release like this, my project is totally changeless for the MOTY awards. But that's just kidding.

I mentioned it before, and I will say it again: your mod has a very strong art direction, engaging gameplay and it a must have for every Command and Conquer fan.

+2 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection Public Beta 3 Released!
Eonfge Nov 27 2011, 9:02am says:

What I really want to know, did you also fix the AI memory leaks that plagued large games? That's possibly the most important thing to fix, because it brings the game down to a crawl.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals Zero Hour : Enhanced
Eonfge Nov 25 2011, 11:04am replied:

I'll extend on my previous comments, with a few extra things:

* For some reason, I instantly use med packs and bandages.
* I can not disable camera effects, without disabling night visor.
* The cfg file can not be written on, from inside the game with the console.
* some menu items overlap on 16:10 aspect ratio.
* it looks really good, so my compliments for that

I hope that this will find its way into an independent source port. You will need a GPL-oke from all contributors, but I do hope that it will also be used for a co-op mode like lMS and more features down the road.

keep up the good work

+1 vote   mod: Absolute HD Mod
Eonfge Nov 25 2011, 10:20am says:

He, I'm really interested in your project and I would like to run it. But I got one small problem, the readme... Can you please write your readme and project info in English. I am not able to understand it, and even with translation software, I have no idea.

Also, what source are you working from. It would be very cool if it's GPL or similar because then it can be used in other projects too.

+1 vote   mod: Absolute HD Mod
Eonfge Nov 16 2011, 4:35am replied:

I'm afraid yes. The Nvidia 6XXX generation does not support OpenGL 3.2

We require OpenGL 3.2 compatible cards and there is no real change to undo that. OpenGL is required for the lighting, special maps and anti aliasing, without it, you're back at Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

+3 votes   mod: ETXreaL
Eonfge Oct 25 2011, 5:44am replied:

We are very aware of that. We hope we make it, because there are still some things we have to work on hard. For now we are looking at the following:

* 6 playable maps (and optional backwards compatibility - recompiling is advised)
* 2 Servers ( and
* new Renderer (dúh)
* new base textures for walls and certain terrains
* NoQuarter support
* Omni-bot support
* One dedicated team that wants to maintain the product they make ;)

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