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EnnemyOfficer Jun 2 2015, 8:58pm says:

This is just a terrible game with the sole goal of mindlessly killing random people, developed by a nazi polish team and backed by a huge mass of childish retards.

Shame to Mr Gabe Newell for forcing his team to keep this piece of **** on Steam and thus allowing polish nazi to spread their ideology of hatred for the human kind to the entire world.

+2 votes   game: Hatred
EnnemyOfficer May 9 2012, 9:22am replied:

Because the author is having fun making "Edit mod" then "Save mod" and it's gets bumped.

+3 votes   mod: Mercenaries
EnnemyOfficer Apr 4 2012, 11:47am buried:


The Source Engine is an outdated piece of **** that makes you spend 60% of your time trying to find alternative ways to make something because of the amazing number of bugs the SDK contains.

I want to make a laser that dissolves any NPCs ; I can't because the beam doesn't do any damages even if I set the properties/flags rightly. So I try to parent a trigger_hurt to the beam but even if I set "Damage Type" to "Beam", it is only turning a NPC to a ragdoll and doesn't dissolve it as I wanted. Great, now I have laser that just turn without blood a combine into a ragdoll, very realistic !

I want to make an introduction sequence with a point_viewcontrol that will fly over a path_corner/path_track, I can't because the viewcontrol doesn't stop and still continue to fly in a direction even when it's out of the map. Great, I have to use it in a static way.

There are so many stupid bugs that force you to change things you wanted in your mod.

And please don't tell me "wfgo I make css map and soucre 4 ever !!1!1 never had problems", since the Source Engine may seems nice only when you make what Valve is making now.

-10 votes   engine: Source
EnnemyOfficer Mar 24 2012, 1:54pm says:

I like this gun because it is so much "clean"

+4 votes   media: The laser rifle of the mod
EnnemyOfficer Feb 25 2012, 5:26am buried:


Black Mesa will be released after Episode 3

Now can you stop with boost ?

-8 votes   mod: Black Mesa
EnnemyOfficer Feb 24 2012, 10:46am replied:

I can't understand... why do you support this guy ? He is just randomly stealing stuffs from other mods and games to make another boring zombie mod which we are discovering for the thousandth time.

At least, if he was trying to make SOMETHING ORIGINAL it could be tolerated but there are already tons of zombie mod over half-life 2 which are actually, excepted few one, made by people with the LESS TALENTED and CREATIVE MIND.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie life
EnnemyOfficer Feb 16 2012, 10:17am says:

new comments here, 10 years later :
- HEY guys doesone know when is this going 'be released ?? lol
- Meh said sooner, no updates since time long :x
- Orly they said they will relase it :O
- Cant wait :x
- Whyr dont' post uptaes ?
- Boringz
- Hey !

There are hundreds of other mods, maybe you should try few of them instead of wasting your time here ?

+2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
EnnemyOfficer Feb 9 2012, 11:44am says:

Make some maps for a multiplayer game like CSS befoe trying a full mod.

+1 vote   mod: The Malibu Messiah
EnnemyOfficer Feb 9 2012, 11:19am says:

"Join now we need: Weapong Programmer's Map Programmer's Map Builder's Player Programmer's Car Model Builder's Player Model Builder's Prop Model Builder's Model Programmer's Effect Programmer's Graphic Designer's NPC Programmer's Game Scripter's Game Programer's Voice Acting Alien's Sound Creator Weapon's Sound Creator Vechicles's Music Creator's Animation Creater's Vehicle Programmer's"

It is not enough to make a mod.

+4 votes   mod: SPACE of 2319
EnnemyOfficer Feb 9 2012, 10:32am says:

stop downloading porn

+1 vote   news: Bad News!
EnnemyOfficer Jan 28 2012, 5:41am says:

Mmmmh, this is changing from the the other screenshots from Google Picture soO

+1 vote   media: ALPHA Earth - New York City
EnnemyOfficer Jan 28 2012, 5:39am says:

Mmmh... Have you really made this yourself ? Or maybe you just googled it ?

+1 vote   media: Moon
EnnemyOfficer Jan 28 2012, 5:35am buried:


The devs "have more important things to do" than updating the profile of their mod at ModDB, where the fans are losing all hopes.

I don't know from where did they got this tactic, but there is nothing worst than letting the whole fan community from ModDB (#1 website about mods) without any news and make them think there is nothing to wait from this mod anymore.

It is seems they don't realise how incredible it is that their mod is being keep in the Most Popular list even they haven't gave a crap about posting updates since two years.

This is simply the dream of all modders, but the devs actually don't care about because they have "have more important things to do".

I am not a fan of this mod but with this kind of arrogance, never will I.

-6 votes   mod: Black Mesa
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 1:36pm says:

I think there is something wrong with the proportion of the head and the body...

0 votes   media: LS Promo Art
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 1:22pm replied:

People like this mod because it makes them think that they are "intellectual" and can now get on philosophy. Just look the reviews ; 62% of the raters give a "10/10", which show how are they childish since they don't have any criticism and immediately give the best rate without even thinking. Also, there are so many posts containing negative critics who get instantly buried, because the immature people who love so much this mod can't accept any bad comments about it.

The concept of this mod may be original, but with the poor graphics and mapping, without sub titles, I think it does only reward something about 6-7/10.

Now please don't talk me about the "remake", we are talking about the original here.

+1 vote   mod: Dear Esther
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 1:08pm says:

Too bad for the devs, but the nerds from Black Mesa don't come here to post useless comments and keep this mod in the top list ;)

+1 vote   mod: Opposing Force 2
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 12:55pm says:

Mmmh, I think more people would be playing your mod now if you hadn't keep it secret until it's release.

+2 votes   mod: Das Roboss
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 12:53pm says:

If you don't have a story for your mod and you are making it for "fun", I can assure you will never finish it.

+5 votes   mod: Nuclear Rain
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 12:48pm says:

Good job with the level design !

+5 votes   mod: Fast Detect
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 12:35pm buried:


You should have work more and your mod before posting it to ModDB, because you are now only presenting some orange maps and an worthless description.

Also, it is a good idea to show what you have drawn for you mod, but you should practice more before uploading it because you don't have a good level right now.

-8 votes   mod: Fusion
EnnemyOfficer Jan 22 2012, 12:26pm says:

You should make mods for GARRY'S MOD instead of Half-Life 2

-2 votes   mod: Zombies Vs City 17 (WORK IN PROGRESS)
EnnemyOfficer Jan 20 2012, 11:56am says:

It is nice to see that there are always some idiots to keep this mod in the "most popular" list ;)

+3 votes   mod: Black Mesa
EnnemyOfficer Jan 20 2012, 11:51am says:

So 90% of the posts here are about the origin of the developer ? Nice way to keep this mod in the "active" list ...

+1 vote   mod: Snow Blindness
EnnemyOfficer Jan 17 2012, 12:31pm says:

It's nice to see that you are trying to make something different compared to most other mods :)

+1 vote   mod: Ground Complex
EnnemyOfficer Jan 17 2012, 12:23pm replied:

Obviously, people prefer MINECRAFT and ZM_LILA_PANIC rather then good mods.

+2 votes   mod: Jailbreak!
EnnemyOfficer Jan 17 2012, 9:45am says:

Wow it's Half-Life 2 with IRONSIGHT ?? And it has SMOD too ?? What a revolution ! But well... I think I will skip this mod...

+7 votes   mod: Smod: Assassins
EnnemyOfficer Jan 7 2012, 10:29am replied:

so you will only be about "leading the team" ?

+2 votes   game: Half-Life 2
EnnemyOfficer Jan 7 2012, 10:28am buried:


Minecraft is for retarded LEGO's lovers

-12 votes   game: Half-Life 2
EnnemyOfficer Jan 7 2012, 10:22am says:

The summary is too hard to read, skipping...

+3 votes   mod: The Forgotten Ones
EnnemyOfficer Jan 7 2012, 10:19am says:

It was overall a good mod but it would be better with some colour correction.

+2 votes   mod: Titan: XCIX
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