Hey, whoever you are! I am an animator for Battlefield 2. I animate first person weapons. I love pie and cookies. I Love reading books and drinking coffee. I'm still in University taking up a Fine Arts course :) My catchphrase is "I like Turtles!" :O

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MSR animation set testing!

EnemySniper Blog

Here's the MSR set in-game!
There'll be more edits to it for now, like more cam movement and more edits to the timings.

Stay tuned for more stuffs!!! :D

MSR animation set coming up!

EnemySniper Blog

It's been another long intermission between uploads but finally, here's another animation set! This time for the MSR! Thanks to ProfKiller for sending me the weapon model! ;)

I've got some others planned to be made(hopefully!) for the next 2 months but for now I'll leave this here:

There'll be more, so stay tuned! :D

Long absence!

EnemySniper Blog 7 comments

Hey everyone! ES here :D

There's been these long periods of inactivity on the forums...and pretty much everywhere else, and I apologize to anyone who may have been inconvenienced by this. For the past few years school(college) has crept up and suddenly exploded into a really serious situation :D It's kinda gonna get "worse" and I haven't had the time to do anything other than school. Even the weekends.

Even so, I've always made it a thing to make a few anims or upload some stuff on my YouTube once in a while to show that I'm still modding(or a little active) :)

Oh, and the reason I haven't been active on BFSP this year is that my ISP(I'm not sure) is preventing me from accessing the forum, haha. My recent accesses have been from away from home!

That's that for now, I have a few weapons that are lined up for making that I just haven't had the time to make, but just look out for those(like a Cheytac M200) as they might pop up suddenly!

See you guys soon!


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