Hey, I'm [RLM]Darksteel, AKA: Emraldis! I'm an aspiring mapper for UDK, and I used to map for the UT40K development team. Space hulk and manufactorum were mine. There would have been more there but there were a few errors with the lighting engine...

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[RLM]Darksteel May 9 2012, 11:44am says:

oh god, that's... disturbing

+1 vote     media: Some actual heresy...
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 30 2012, 8:58pm says:

interesting how they use their guns as clubs instead of actually using the bayonets...

+6 votes     media: If repost delete, if not enjoy
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 27 2012, 2:30pm says:

wow, that looks really nice, Keep up the great work!

+12 votes     media: Covenant UI
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 20 2012, 6:55pm replied:


Wait, how are police gonna stop him?

+1 vote     media: Ravenwing Veteran Sargeant
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 15 2012, 2:18pm says:

It's pronounced "DIAMONDS" not "TRIANGLES" unless I'm looking at something else...

+3 votes     media: Let's fix the silence
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 11 2012, 7:20pm says:


Does want....

+1 vote     media: Chibinids
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 9 2012, 10:49am says:

Wow, looks like you're doing a good job! Keep it up!

+4 votes     article: Work In Progress (4/8/12) - Happy Easter!
[RLM]Darksteel Mar 29 2012, 8:04pm says:

oh, yeah i see the legs now, i thought he was standing still...

+1 vote     media: Come at me bro
[RLM]Darksteel Mar 29 2012, 11:50am says:

wow, that's a really awkward sword-holding position...

+1 vote     media: Come at me bro
[RLM]Darksteel Mar 13 2012, 7:18pm says:

tau are almost as tall as space marines, have about the same reach, and drones don't do ALL the boring manual tasks, only MOST of them. I am dissapoint.

+1 vote     media: possible repost
[RLM]Darksteel Jan 26 2012, 12:05pm says:

apparently nids don't go after necron worlds or worlds that are about to have necrons emerge on them, (according to the old necron codex)...

+5 votes     media: Greatness Devoured
[RLM]Darksteel Jan 16 2012, 12:22pm says:

Just a question, but will the turrets actually rotate in this mod? because that would be awesome!

+1 vote     media: Hero of War
[RLM]Darksteel Jan 14 2012, 5:14pm says:

true dat

+1 vote     media: Dark Angels vs Chaos
[RLM]Darksteel Nov 17 2011, 12:05pm says:

WOW Score:

animation: 10/10
effects: 10/10
voice acting: 7/10
Bonus points for epicness, win, and effort: over 9000
total score : ITS OVER 9000!

+2 votes     media: The Lord Inquisitor Trailer [HD]
[RLM]Darksteel Nov 14 2011, 9:18pm says:

You could probably make an entirely different game with it tho!

+1 vote     media: Water - Concept
[RLM]Darksteel Nov 14 2011, 8:33pm says:

I take it that this wasn't actually implemented into the game?

+1 vote     media: Water - Concept
[RLM]Darksteel Oct 15 2011, 5:51pm says:


+1 vote     media: Amazing Tau Titan
[RLM]Darksteel Oct 15 2011, 5:39pm replied:

Orks are one of the first races Tau met I'm pretty sure...

EDIT: (whoops, replied to the wrong comment!)

+2 votes     media: Tau
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 22 2011, 5:34pm says:

I find the model's shouler pad and helmet are a bit off... the shoulder pad is too small, and the helmet goes down too low...

+1 vote     media: Anchorage 40k
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 22 2011, 5:26pm replied:

Tau aren't pussies! Jumping around corners, shooting, and jumping back is a legitimate strategy!

srsly though, tau are awesome.

+1 vote     group: Warhammer 40K Fan Group
[RLM]Darksteel May 28 2011, 1:22am says:

This is one of the bes SINS mods i have evar seen!

*tracks mod*

+2 votes     mod: Dawn of Victory
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 12 2011, 9:29pm says:

i'm just trying to play, but i'll try re-installing. Thanks!

+1 vote     mod: Exterminatus
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 10 2011, 11:11am says:

This mod is amazing! just a few things though, I think the genestealers face is to humanlike, and the smaller hands too... Also i seem to have a glitch with the current patch, where I can't move or shoot when I enter a game...

+1 vote     mod: Exterminatus
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 10 2011, 11:08am replied:

Alien swarm is free, and a source game... :) that should solve your problem!

-1 votes     mod: Exterminatus
[RLM]Darksteel Apr 7 2011, 7:51pm replied:

yeah, but why settle for worse gameplay?

0 votes     mod: Battlefleet Gothic Mod for Dawn of War
[RLM]Darksteel Mar 25 2011, 11:38pm says:

Have you considered moving this mod to Sins of a Solar Empire? Their basic structure is better than dawn of war's for making a space RTS since that's what it is any way. all you'd have to do is change the models, races, research, and other features around and voila! a better mod!

0 votes     mod: Battlefleet Gothic Mod for Dawn of War
[RLM]Darksteel Feb 15 2011, 12:47am says:

so there are only two playable races right now?

+1 vote     mod: Lambda Wars
[RLM]Darksteel Feb 15 2011, 12:05am says:

i have a glitch with the game, every time the server changes maps, my game crashes, apperently it happens to other ppl too... could you fix that?

+2 votes     mod: Exterminatus
[RLM]Darksteel Feb 13 2011, 2:25pm says:

wow, there isn't even such thing as a Tau general...

0 votes     media: Tau General
[RLM]Darksteel Feb 13 2011, 1:33pm says:

I love this mod, but there aren't enough ppl on the servers :(

0 votes     mod: Exterminatus
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