Hey, I'm [RLM]Darksteel, AKA: Emraldis! I'm an aspiring mapper for UDK, and I used to map for the UT40K development team. Space hulk and manufactorum were mine. There would have been more there but there were a few errors with the lighting engine...

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[RLM]Darksteel Jul 7 2014, 1:45pm says:

Nice! Only issue I see is the eyes seem like they are looking in opposite directions a bit...

+1 vote   media: Planet Explorers poster
[RLM]Darksteel Jul 5 2014, 8:32pm says:


+2 votes   media: To destroy Chaos, you must become Chaos
[RLM]Darksteel Jul 3 2014, 12:17pm replied:

I've seen a few good 'nids, not online though...

+1 vote   media: Daily Art
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 28 2014, 1:14pm replied:

Heh, I could add some environment art using UDK or UE4, but it's gonna take me a few more months of straight practice before I can model anything like that :P

+1 vote   download: Beta Firestorm over Kronus
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 28 2014, 12:58pm says:

does this now/will it ever include the new models from the new codexes, and the new units that were released in the past few years? (The riptide, gorknaut, wraithknight, etc.)

+1 vote   download: Beta Firestorm over Kronus
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 21 2014, 1:49am replied:

Why not? Aren't they the fighters, or am I completely out of touch now?

+4 votes   media: Covenant Refinery [Concept]
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 21 2014, 1:47am says:

Glad to see that you still update! Are you still using UE3, or have you moved to UE4?

+1 vote   media: Fighting through the anubis battleship
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 15 2014, 1:35pm replied:

IDK. I use them, and they work fine for me. I like the extra weapons and drones they get over fire warriors. Also, they get more markerlights than other options in general, so I can get more markerlight counters off of them. I agree that they are kind of weak now, but I don't consider them useless.

+1 vote   media: Daily Art
[RLM]Darksteel Jun 15 2014, 12:53am replied:

I'm not sure I'd call them useless, they are still quite useful IMO, you just have to equip them with a few shield drones. They are definitely MUCH more useful than vespids used to be.

+1 vote   media: Daily Art
[RLM]Darksteel May 29 2014, 1:16pm replied:

storm bolter + Power fist for the terminator.

+2 votes   media: Screenshots from the 7.9x Alpha Tests
[RLM]Darksteel May 23 2014, 7:43pm replied:

XD, So true! unless this was written by george RR martin..

+3 votes   media: Daily Art
[RLM]Darksteel May 16 2014, 5:00pm says:

Looks great guys! I remember seeing this game a while back and thinking it looked pretty cool. Great to see this much progress! Keep up the awesome work!

+5 votes   news: StarDiver - Take a Ride Through the Galaxy!
[RLM]Darksteel May 16 2014, 11:06am says:

I think the pixel stars should stay, they add a neat effect to the background...

+2 votes   media: design screen skybox
[RLM]Darksteel May 15 2014, 1:24pm says:

I would love to see a track editor or something in this game!

+2 votes   game: Quantum Rush
[RLM]Darksteel May 13 2014, 11:34am replied:

Yep! Much better! The only issue is the bolter, which is supposed to be red. But you guys got the armor perfectly. I wasn't able to check the terminator though, was it bone-colored?

+2 votes   download: Darkangels Skin Pack for Exterminatus
[RLM]Darksteel May 12 2014, 11:34pm says:

riiiight, forgot to check to make sure this skinpack is correctly skinned! :P Man, that was a looong time ago...

+2 votes   download: Darkangels Skin Pack for Exterminatus
[RLM]Darksteel May 9 2014, 1:36pm says:

Honestly, I find this change a good one, I think it adds more strategic depth to the placement of your turrets and generators. What if the enemies targeted your generators and turrets? (unless they already do) I think that might add more strategic elements to the game...

[RLM]Darksteel May 7 2014, 2:34am says:

Honestly, these should show up randomly with a really small chance of actually occurring (maybe like the SC and WC units if you click enough)

+1 vote   media: SotP Voice Acting Bloopers/Out-takes
[RLM]Darksteel Feb 21 2014, 11:23am says:

is this actually an update!?

+1 vote   game: Angels Fall First
[RLM]Darksteel Feb 5 2014, 7:07pm says:

could someone please translate...?

+2 votes   media: Some WH 40k stuff
[RLM]Darksteel Jan 7 2014, 7:02pm says:

I like the trailer, but the music drives me crazy... :(

+4 votes   media: Legacy of Reach
[RLM]Darksteel Jan 2 2014, 1:20am replied:


+1 vote   media: Stormblade Motivator
[RLM]Darksteel Dec 12 2013, 7:02pm says:

really, a tyranid update already? why not Orks, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, or one of the other codexes that hasn't had an update as recently?

I guess tyranids might need a bit of a balance fix though, with the new psychic power rules and such...

+1 vote   media: Codex: Tyranids
[RLM]Darksteel Nov 25 2013, 6:42pm says:

YAY! canada is a space marine!

+5 votes   media: warhammer-ball
[RLM]Darksteel Nov 6 2013, 5:52pm says:

Looks very roman. Cool.

+2 votes   media: Nov6th
[RLM]Darksteel Oct 20 2013, 4:01pm says:

This franchise has gone too far... First all the plushies and soft drinks, now they've got Warhammer!

+2 votes   media: Angry Bird stompa
[RLM]Darksteel Oct 12 2013, 9:14pm replied:

Best PC case EVER!

+5 votes   media: Dreadnought real
[RLM]Darksteel Oct 6 2013, 11:15am says:

yeah, i don't get it either...

+1 vote   media: It`s like a thousand mouths cry out in anguish
[RLM]Darksteel Oct 1 2013, 2:48am says:

they aren't dead, they are merely crippled and near death... Lore man, Lore.

+5 votes   media: Stuff and Things
[RLM]Darksteel Sep 22 2013, 8:56pm says:

right arm is a tad long, i think...

+1 vote   media: Loyalists, Xenos, and Heretics
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