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9 Review

Mod Review on Oct 5th, 2014

I can't make a good review because I didn't find any server with humans in them, this game is apparently dead (can someone confirm that?). I'm a big Team Fortress Classic fan and this game is really similar to it, I'm a Quake fan as well and I decided to try QWTF. After playing the game, looking at a few gameplay videos and wiki pages I really liked it but I couldn't enjoy it because of the lack of populated servers. Because of that I can't make a proper review, all I can say is that this game looks awesome!

Half-Life: Subtitles MOD
10 Review

Mod Review on Oct 5th, 2014

This is simply perfect. It's really well done and useful when playing Half-Life. Valve understood this and started adding subtitles to their games starting with half-Life 2, but they didn't add them to the original game! I can't wait to see subtitles for Opposing Force and Blue Shift!

Absolute Redemption
3 Review

Mod Review on Aug 28th, 2014 - 2 people don't

I just don't like it. I can't believe that this was included in the official Counter-Strike and Half-Life CD! It's badly made. The design is not linear, and you can easily get lost. I really hate running everywhere, even backtracking just for finding the exit. I also hate checking every corridor for something! It's too difficult, in the first mission you must fight lots of grunts with very little supplies, and then fight in a Temple filled with Assassins! I almost died there. Finished with 20 Health Points, and then got attacked by an entire swarm of Baby Headcrabs. Uh. Then there was a mission in a Park where I always got lost, and had to noclip when I had to escape. The third mission was so boring and confusing that I deleted this mod. Too hard and too confusing. I had to run everywhere to find something, and then deleted the mod. Waste of time.

Half-Life: Zombie Edition
9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 15th, 2014

One of the best mods, but with some imperfections. The idea of playing as a Zombie and an Headcrab is great and there is an interesting RPG System to change your classes and upgrade your powers. The mapping is quite good and looks like Black Mesa. It has a good atmosphere and exciting battles, they are quite hard and you need to use your skills there! Black Mesa Personnel, including Barneys and Scientists, use strong weapons too now. Barneys use even Shotguns and Combat Rifles while a few Scientists use Pistols. As a Zombie you can have Special Powers and certain Classes and you can also grab Headcrabs from the floor and throw them at your victims. As a Headcrab you can even use a nice Stealth System to sneak past your enemies. However the new Models were simply horrible: why did the Creator include those horrible PS2 Models in the mod? I hated them. That's why I lowered the rating of this mod.

4 Review

Mod Review on Aug 13th, 2014

Very bad mod. First of all, it's in German. Okay, I understand, the author is German. But the majority of Half-Life players are Americans and who isn't probably can understand English. English is the official language of Half-Life! If you make a mod just in German nobody, except for the (very) small German community will understand it. Basically everybody said lots of stuff in the game and I didn't understand a single letter. Second, it has an horrible framerate and r_speed. This mod wasn't optimized and polished at all, my copy was choppy like crazy. It also has some really horrible custom models, I seriously vomited after seeing the new ugly MP-5 and the old Counter-Strike Shotgun. Okay, the Shotgun wasn't ugly, but you are wearing an HEV Suit and the Shotgun is being wielded by bare hands without an HEV Suit on it, wtf? It's also full of puzzles very hard to understand and impossible battles, uh, just don't play this bucket of crap. It starts off in a good way, on a Skyscraper! I was excited, I believed that I was going to fight in a City! But then it goes down in the toilet. I flushed the water and deleted this disgusting "thing". Play something else, seriously!

half-life: mission mc Poker
10 Review

Mod Review on Aug 11th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

MAMMA MIA Sorry i'm just too excited to review THIS FANTASTIC MOD OMGROFLWTFLOL let's be serious now! The mapping is gorgeous. Basically it's a real world map. Do you understand? Open the window and take a look outside. You see a street (probably). In this mod you see maps that look exactly like their real life counterparts. Models are incredibly realistic, they look very lively and fantastically animated, every single finger is animated! Heads are modeled from real life VIPs (ex. Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth...). Voices are pure gold, registered in an high quality sound ( MHz) and because of this it requires top notch hardware. Sounds are brilliant: zombie sounds are taken from real life top secret military experiments about mutations made just for this fantastic piece of platinum/gold/silver/gold nugget. Bullet sounds are taken from a war started just for this piece of platinum/gold/silver/gold nugget! A lot of soldiers and millions of civilians were harmed during the registration of the sounds. But who cares anyway? Everybody can die, the important things is that this mod still lives. Alien sounds are taken from an expedition made by the Black Mesa Laboratories on Xen started just for (again) this piece of platinum/gold/silver/gold nugget. Every time that a Bullet pops out from your gun you can see an enormous Muzzle Flash that will give an heart attack to everybody near you. You will see bullets flying everywhere thanks to the brilliant physics system called PLATINUM PHYSICS. The only problem is hardware: you need a 1024 GB of RAM, 563 GB of Hard Drive, a Radeon or Nvidia version and other cool techno babble that you probably can't buy because you are just a poor person. Bad for you. Wow, did you really read this? Get a life! Oh and P.S. this is MOTY for times!

Prisoner of Event
6 Review

Mod Review on Aug 11th, 2014

Meh. Quite boring and not very detailed. No scripted sequences, simple battles against Aliens, no Marines to fight against, just their dead bodies. The mod could have been good if it didn't end in such an abruptly way! Also you can easily miss the Crowbar.

Quarter Life
7 Review

Mod Review on Aug 11th, 2014

A silly little mod, very funny! Worth playing if you don't mind the bugs. A really good job because it's the author's first mod. It also has a short version of the Boot Camp from Opposing Force! You have to infiltrate a Research Facility and massacre every Scientist and Barney inside it with a few Military Weapons. You will also drive an APC (unfortunately very buggy) and plant C4 packages on sealed doors. It's however very buggy! Be prepared to use cheats. A sequel was unfortunately cancelled, I would love to see another game.

Edge of Darkness
10 Review

Mod Review on Aug 11th, 2014

One of my favorite mods ever. It's a large grunt fest, you can really feel being in a war! You start off in a Warehouse District of a City and receive a mission to assassinate the G-Man. The initial levels are a little tough but everything else is quite easy (I play on Easy: it wasn't hard for me. If you play on other difficulties it will be very hard because of the large number of Marines). You must ride a Tram to go to the mountains where G-Man's HQ is located. You can see a lovely skybox with mountains on it! It's full of well done scripted sequences, too. After assassinating the guy and destroying his laboratory you must escape
and the final part is very well done! You must fight destroying Ospreys, Alien Vessels, fighting Marines and Aliens! And you can finally escape with an Apache. Fantastic mod! It was made by one of the best mappers of all time, the creator of the rat maps used in Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic!

Infinite Rift
8 Review

Mod Review on Aug 11th, 2014

Very nice mod. It doesn't raise the bar in any way, it's your classic adventure in Black Mesa, but it's very well made! Great mapping, balanced difficulty and gameplay. It also has a quite good story. There is a part where you must eliminate Scientists that may sound an alarm. If you don't, they really run to an Alarm Box and press it! There are buttons and cameras, and lasers too. There is also a friendly Scientist that helps you by sending messages to your HEV Suit before getting killed. The boss battle is also quite creative! A must play.

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