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elite879 Apr 7 2014, 2:45pm says:

The voice over wasn't a bad thing, though sometimes when combat gets intense your voice ends up being drowned out. I recommend turning down game volume to make it easier to hear you.

I also like the idea of troops being able to miss, even if it's actually a bug. Perhaps you should design types of weapons which keep accuracy in mind, where some are more likely to miss but do more damage? Or perhaps introduce research which makes your units more accurate? I don't know, just thinking of stuff off the top of my head.

This is my first time seeing the game, and I'm loving the direction you're going with it. It's the kind of RTS/FPS blend I've been looking for for years but no game that attempts it has gotten close. Keep up the good work, Hesky!

+2 votes     article: Executive Assault Gameplay video v0.60
elite879 Jul 27 2012, 7:41am says:

Those shots with over a dozen or so missiles launching at once had me wondering.
How many simultaneous missiles/aircraift/both would you have to launch at a battery for it to be overwhelmed?

+1 vote     media: WiC MW Mod 3.0 Development Scenes
elite879 Jul 22 2012, 1:53pm replied:

The art style is gorgeous, the gameplay looks simple but fun and now we get tanks to crush the destructible buildings with.
This game can't possibly get much better, can it?

+5 votes     media: Recruits - WIP Tank Gameplay
elite879 Jul 17 2012, 11:48am replied:

I just saw your comment on an Overgrowth update and thought I was still on it when I saw this then got confused. Stop trying to trick me!

+2 votes     media: Soviet Vehicle Factory Ingame
elite879 Jul 16 2012, 11:56am says:

I always feel sorry for the second PAC-3 missiles, they rarely ever get a chance to strike an incoming target as the first missile strikes first.

+2 votes     media: MW Mod 3.0 - 9K79 Tochka, MGM-168 ATACMS and PAC-
elite879 Jul 15 2012, 9:59am says:

This is the first I've heard of this issue but it sounds bad.

Not to sound too insulting but the SSC team doesn't too professional anyway. I went on the mod page and many people's comments have just been deleted, not only insults as well. If they go around censoring everything but praise and cause this much of an uproar in the community I'm not quite sure what to think of them.

+4 votes     article: Map Background Dispute Between SSC and HHF
elite879 Jul 15 2012, 9:56am says:




+7 votes     article: Hello
elite879 Jul 13 2012, 3:11pm says:

I spy at least three different weapon systems on that beast. Is it going to have a missile/cannon ability like the T4-B? Maybe even periodically firing those smaller weapons at infantry like the 2M Repulsor tank?

+7 votes     media: Deathwatch Heavy Tank
elite879 Jul 13 2012, 10:14am replied:

What exactly are you asking? Are the Patriots able to destroy targets like the video?
Well of course they are. It's not as if they've programmed some "fake" Patriots for this video which they won't release.

+1 vote     media: MW Mod 3 - FLINT IADS (SAM Patriot)
elite879 Jul 10 2012, 12:57pm replied:

Uh, submachine gun? In the first world war?

But this guy has a point, the trenches do seem unusually straight.

+1 vote     article: German campaign
elite879 Jul 9 2012, 7:10pm replied:

What GeneralMunro said, amphibious vehicles in MoW is very possible.

+3 votes     media: VBL
elite879 Jul 9 2012, 7:08pm says:


+1 vote     media: Apex Studios Update 09/07/2012
elite879 Jul 9 2012, 11:46am says:

Fun, I love playing town maps.

+3 votes     media: German campaign
elite879 Jul 9 2012, 11:44am says:

At last, we have team allegiance editing! Thank you very much.

+3 votes     article: New Overgrowth a185 video devlog
elite879 Jul 5 2012, 11:11am says:

I like the idea of only being directed vaguely to an objective instead of being give its exact location. Gives the player a chance to think for their self and also pay attention to the objective updates.

+3 votes     article: All Quiet on the News Front
elite879 Jun 30 2012, 9:11pm says:

That's ... different ...

+3 votes     media: Me as a Vulcan
elite879 Jun 28 2012, 12:18pm replied:

There's been a really, REALLY buggy version of SFM online for years now. It's so horrible most people don't use it though. And now it's being officially released!

+1 vote     article: Introducing the Source Filmmaker!
elite879 Jun 18 2012, 3:05pm says:

The face reminds me of Christopher Manic in a way, before he shaved his face that is.
For those who have no idea what I'm talking about.

+1 vote     media: Богатырь
elite879 Jun 18 2012, 3:02pm says:

Heh, nice choice of music.

+1 vote     media: AH-64D Apache Longbow - New Model Demonstration
elite879 Jun 17 2012, 1:28pm says:

Ah, the good ol' Executor Class Super Star Destroyers. Not as foreboding as the Eclipse but still makes you want to mess yourself and hyperspace to the nearest space station in fear.

+4 votes     media: Glorious
elite879 Jun 13 2012, 11:27am says:

Btommom floor? What do they keep there?

+5 votes     media: Old factory
elite879 Jun 9 2012, 10:39am replied:

What this guy said.
For what looks like an underground mine the walls, floor and ceiling are perfectly aligned without a single bump. Maybe you should rough up the floor a bit to make it bumpier with displacements (I think I'm talking about displacements, I'm a player not a mapper!)

+2 votes     media: Another Menu Map
elite879 Jun 7 2012, 12:17pm says:

That is just gorgeous.

+2 votes     media: Menu Screen Done!
elite879 Jun 5 2012, 7:39pm replied:

I agree, that **** is incredibly interesting.

+2 votes     media: Titan Factory
elite879 Jun 1 2012, 1:05pm says:


+3 votes     download: ScGt.Uberligt House
elite879 May 26 2012, 8:25am says:

Solomon's Theme during the first half of the video made the slaughter of so many missiles seem ... sad.

+1 vote     media: World in Conflict - Advanced Homing Laws
elite879 May 26 2012, 8:21am replied:

"I prefer obscurity."
Yep, we definitely have a hipster here.

+7 votes     media: Victor Charlie Voice Compilation
elite879 May 25 2012, 11:10pm says:

Holy hell that Titan yard really is big.

+9 votes     media: Cerberus Update 3
elite879 May 25 2012, 9:22pm replied:

This question has been answered so many times it's just ridiculous to ask now.
No animations will be done. The only real way to do it is with particle effects and that is time consuming with very little reward.

+9 votes     media: Cerberus Frigate Shipyard
elite879 May 25 2012, 11:21am says:

Nice read, one thing though. You have this paragraph twice:

This of course was a very old school 2D game and was very fun at the time. Which of course was when Duke Nukem 3D came out with its build editor of which my whole family joined in on at the time building new levels of streets, piles of enemy's to kill, placing buttons everywhere that opened trap doors and moving platforms.

This is the third paragraph down but also stuck on the end of the second paragraph. I got to the end of paragraph three and thought "Didn't I just read this?".

+3 votes     article: Developers History Blog ( Updated 28-5-12 )
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