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I just got some extra time in my schedule now.
Yesterday at 9.30PM I was called by one of the members in board of the union which I have been working for in one and a half year. Without my opinion I have been fired due to the ultimatum of finding a new landlord or a new caretaker, and I am the cheapest choice.

With my rational mind I can see reason in the decision, but the ultimatum from my colleague was due to two problems this summer, two problems in all the time I was hired. A demand of me changing my call hours, which already were accepted by the board, and a customer who claim they ordered a cleaning, but which I can document they hadn't. I don't see how that justify such an ultimatum; since I was hired, the income has grown with approximately $12000 - So I'm proud of the work we have done.

I believe there is more to it than just those two things, but these were the only ones which my colleague told me about. They have known the position I'm in with my studies, they have approved the call hours, and only 1/100 orders were actually non-eletronic (email). I had yet to meet an actual emergency call. So email should be quite sufficient.
I wish he had told me what else there might have been on his mind, yet I pity the one who have to work under such circumstances. I believe the problem will exists until they find someone who can work 10 hours a day for $200 per month.

We are in 2012. But perhaps that is also a part of the problem.

If a customer reads the information on a homepage, yet don't use it, demanding to talk after work hours about a order the next year. Is that acceptable? Is it okay that the customers who have network and access to the information, who we require to make written orders with anyway, doesn't give a shit about a person being at a lecture, in a meeting or on the way to bed ?

Clearly some thinks so. But I don't, at least not for $120 a month after tax, especially when this wasn't required of me from the start.
I think it is right to point out the working hours to the customers. I think it is fair that we demand customers not to expect last minute orders and I also think it is fair that those who are a year ahead of them self don't need an instant response, especially when we don't apply such order before Fall.

The mobility we have apparently make people believe that we are some machines who can work 24/7. And if the first don't pick up, then try the next. However, we are humans, we got other things to do than extending our hands to everyone's demands. Even my wife have asked me why I chose to accept working under such conditions, to which I have replied: I don't, I just call them back tomorrow.

I had hoped to work till the next spring and then resign due to my work being unrelated to what I want to work with. Being fired seems like an relief, cause I don't want to work with an union on accepted terms and then being expected to cover much more without knowing that.

I suppose for some that 9:30 PM is expected as working hours, that I missed my course about divide and conquer this morning due to work is acceptable loss in the interest of financial savings, and that I had to be the last in line to know that my colleague didn't like my efforts, cause he couldn't tell me himself.

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