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0 comments by elegantgamefreak on Apr 29th, 2013

You might be thinking well what is Miyu and what is this blog even about. It's pretty simple actually, I've been wanting to do a visual novel for a good while but I wasn't able to find a good program to use. I did come across Renpy which is a very good program for anyone wanting to make a visual novel. The problem I had was with coding. I cannot code for my life and I didn't want to learn coding just to make a game that I might stop midway. So I kept looking until finally I found one! It was Novelty thank the Internet gods I was able to come across this. I suggest you guys check the link if you are interested in making a visual novel but don't know coding or want to learn it.
So let me tell you what Miyu is exactly. Miyu is a challenge project I wanted to do to test myself. Right after I found the program Novelty I had to learn how to use it. So instead of sitting down for hours and checking up video tutorials or written tutorials I just decided "Well I have this idea of a game I want to do let me just do it." I didn't stop there though I decided "Since I'm going to make a game I think this should be the best way to understand at least 80% of it. So that's exactly what it is that I am doing right now. I've been working on the game for at least almost a full day now. I expect it to take me a few more days till the game is done if not then a week or two. I'll be posting diaries of whats going on with the development of the game as the days go by.

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