Everyone needs at least one form of art for express the inner self, mine is dance. I can proudly affirm that i am the first person that dance Ebm, Electro Industrial, Futurepop and Psy-Trance in the city of Rome outside the night clubs, the 1st in my country (IT). Due to my versatile style, i classified each video under a category. Each one is intended for highlight a specific set of my skills. 1.FACTORY (the mechanical gears): This category is focused on speed, the moves are basic due to the intense bpm. 2.AT THE TANNHÄUSER GATE (the hopeless dreamer): This category is focused on unusual style of dance, the objective is to maximize the visual impact beyond the dance. 3.BOLTED (the blue collar): This category is focused on my straight style of dancing Ebm and Electro Industrial. 4.THE CHRONICLES OF E:B:M: (falling through life): Not a dancing category. Sometimes a dream beyond the edge of life, sometimes a nightmare through a merciless reality.

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