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Dead Space is a game that I've pretty much ignored since it came out -- I played maybe 10 minutes of it before a few days ago. However, after trying to find some decent games that are pretty much guaranteed to work in Wine, I found Dead Space -- I decided that since I already had Wine set up to run Skyrim / Torchlight 2 via Steam that I would just go ahead and buy the Dead Space pack (which includes both the original and the second game).

Steam in Wine is, unfortunately, a bit crap -- it's sluggish and often doesn't respond quickly, but it gets the job done and means that I don't have to manage DVD images etc, so after downloading 11GB for the original, I took it for a spin.

It turns out, that at max settings and 1920x1200 resolution that the game runs really nicely. Much better than I remember trying on Windows back then at least.

I got a solid 30 FPS with fluctuations up to 40, which made it seem like a good candidate for recording. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case and the first few attempts caused sound to go out of sync (just like with Rochard, except I was on the ball this time). Also, I had some serious issues with keeping the recording alive when saving the game (hence why I don't do it in the video) and quitting the game -- both actions often caused ffmpeg to crash, which created a broken mkv file (that wasn't repairable with mkvextract and mkvmerge).

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