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Earthbound Aug 8 2011, 7:52am replied:

Cheers, its been asked before but is it compatable with 1.1?

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Earthbound Aug 7 2011, 4:07am says:

Evidently Laz is not gonna support MODDB anymore so no more patches or comments on this website. THo of waht he said of the kind of people who download on MODDB im not gonna say (:

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Earthbound Jul 31 2011, 8:48am says:

Anyone know if there is a C&C/Red alert style text to upgrade the units pitcures with text eg scorpion tank, marauder tank etc.

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Earthbound Jul 31 2011, 8:46am says:

Yike what happened to this awesome download. I played this mod and loved it all the kung fu moves and the new shootdodges (Though they are OP). Noticed a few bugs tho. One bug is that sometimes I get is that I become invulnerable when my pain meter is full of red and nothing can kill me (this goes away when I use a painkiller). Another is when Horne is running up the stairs. If u shoot at her then it glitches and she gets stuck, so the way around it is to maybe shoot her a few times or no times at all.

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Earthbound Jul 23 2011, 11:09am replied:

Lol the "shadows" u encountered are witches and they are populating the forgotten tower because that is part of a minigame involving your class charm to get am extra maximum skill level. The monsters in Tristram are warlock and shoot punishers at u which insta kill you. They are there because Laz wanted a more rogue like game, but they dont give really anything to the game other then annoyances

You should really check the forums or even the basic website before u claim there is a bug.

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Earthbound Jul 22 2011, 12:10pm replied:

I cant really help u with ure d2maniacs prob but I know for a fact that account passwords can only be retrieved by use of email attached to the account (sunny said so herself)

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Earthbound Jul 19 2011, 4:54am replied:

Are you sure that You have omega version

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Earthbound Jul 2 2011, 5:43pm replied:

Some of ure items might not work or be changed but all over it should work. Btw if u have an older version of median xl there exists a patcher of only 10 or so MB, which u can use to patch ure version of diablo to this version, which Laz should put up a link to on the moddb page

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Earthbound Jun 21 2011, 12:42pm replied:

Maybe a virus or your downloads arent working properly. Try using a download manager or scan your computer for viruses

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Earthbound Jan 26 2011, 9:19am replied:

go to shadowdiablo for that

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