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Intelectual Property violations by mods against ARMA serie content

Dwarden Blog 5 comments

Let me cut it first short, our MLODs for ARMA 1 and sample ARMA 2 were released under specific license only and only for usage with our titles, period. There never was any release allowing usage for games not from our studio.

Nobody is allowed use them outside the license approved scope (our titles) for profit nor non-profit (it doesn't matter). Nobody is allowed use them w/o our prior written approval, if You do so then You in volation of Intelectual Property of Bohemia Interactive.

Same applies for using various DX rippers, model rippers (easy to spot due to bugs caused by both types of tools) from our newer games, whose models weren't released even to our community (except some samples).

You need to realize that fair use means that You first COME and ASK for PERMISSION to USE work of someone else. In modding are same rules as for normal development, if the original authors not granted some universal unlimited open license You must obtain permission first. Even IF Your request is declined You must accept it and make own models or find someone who make some for You (not just ask another guy to give you yet another ripped models).

Modding communities shall accept fair approach and take care of the violators of IP because in the end it harms the modding scene (less and less companies will allow it). Also ripped content is then sold to various "sales" sites and as paid addons for games which allow such stuff. In the end authors of original modding content find themself ripped aswel.

e.g. like here vs

Also if modding communities fail to self-policy on IP violations then You should no be surprised when affected game studios or IP owners came in and take rightful legal actions to protect theirs own work.

So, IFs mod is using anything from our game(s) - not just model, could be sound, texture, voice etc. then it's breaking IP laws and main rule of this site which is quite clear:
"The mod is unique and original and not in violation of anothers intellectual property. "

Any questions?

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