Hi and welcome. My name is Dennis "Duruk" Schenkel. I have been Modding / designing since 1999. Started as Project Leader for SAS Into the Lion's Den (1999-2002) for the Unreal Engine. 2001 Gamepsy Mod of the week. 2002 Invited for Unreal Mod Summit at Epic Games HQ. 2003-2006 Designed and hosted Neverwinter Nights Custom world. 2008 Won Intel® Crysis Mapping Contest in category Creativity (Multiplayer). 2009- till 2010 worked on half hour simulator demo - September 2011 Awarded the second place in the design competition "Think inside and outside the box" (over at Crydev.net) - November 2011 Awarded first place in the "10-Year-Old Brother" Challenge." - March 2012 Awarded runner up in the "Story Telling Level Design Challenge 2"

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Duruk Feb 3 2014, 5:51pm says:

Nice artwork

+4 votes   media: NEYA-7 (Concept #1)
Duruk Nov 2 2013, 2:48pm says:

A little more info please or a source link. Whats it about, or Im afraid I have to remove it.

Thanks in advance.

+1 vote   media: CE3 Autumn Ruin
Duruk Aug 27 2013, 5:10pm says:

The artwork looks fantastic.

+1 vote   media: Intro Post
Duruk Aug 27 2013, 5:04pm says:

Downloading now.

+1 vote   article: Bring - release game!
Duruk Aug 27 2013, 4:57pm says:

I love the sdkfz 251. I rode along one last year. Youtube.com

+3 votes   media: Panzergrenadiere im Angriff
Duruk Mar 12 2013, 1:55pm says:

Translation: Arsch = ***
voll = full

+1 vote   media: Crysis 3 Arsch Voll Aktion BAM BAM BAM :)
Duruk Dec 18 2012, 12:57pm says:

Nice detailed model. Better then the World of Tank version.

+3 votes   media: Panzer IV Ausf. H -by Traction Wars Team
Duruk Nov 20 2012, 1:15am says:

Can't wait for the release and to see if my 30 dollars are worth its money.

+1 vote   media: Star Citizen reaches new Crowdfunding record
Duruk Nov 1 2012, 2:54pm says:

Great read.

Could you please add it to CryENGINE 3 Developers group Moddb.com
Thanks in advance.

+1 vote   article: CryENGINE 3: Breaking Ground with Sandbox
Duruk Oct 28 2012, 12:25pm replied:

Your welcome Reok

+2 votes   media: Stone Canyon - by Stonerage
Duruk Oct 10 2012, 5:49pm says:

DIE Kilrathi DIE !!

+2 votes   media: Wing Commander - Squadron 42 - By Chris Roberts
Duruk Sep 30 2012, 3:19pm says:

+1 Like

+3 votes   media: Urban Alpha map preview pt1
Duruk Sep 4 2012, 3:44pm replied:

Paralympics then :)

+4 votes   media: Guess where this is used
Duruk Sep 4 2012, 3:43pm says:

Nice creepy atmosphere. Love it.

+1 vote   media: 9Th trailer of HL2 Episode 3.
Duruk Aug 30 2012, 3:44pm says:

Look very good. Hope to see the tutorials.

+2 votes   article: 3D Character Design Course
Duruk Aug 25 2012, 6:45am replied:

Yes its CE3. Thanks Ravenblood.

+1 vote   media: Trinity Church
Duruk Jul 8 2012, 10:32am says:

I do like the Deus-Ex style.

+1 vote   media: nearly satisfied
Duruk Jun 4 2012, 11:40am says:


+3 votes   media: Yes
Duruk May 22 2012, 12:43am says:

Nice architecture, looking good.

+2 votes   article: Letters Upon A Page Release 1.00 (P100)
Duruk May 8 2012, 12:54am says:

Sorry to hear that. I feel with ya.

+3 votes   article: Difficulty and disaster
Duruk May 3 2012, 2:53pm says:

holy crap that is a massive city.

+1 vote   media: week in development
Duruk Apr 22 2012, 12:29pm replied:

As group owner of Moddb.com I can see any post that is linked to my group even it hasn't been approved yet by the moddb team. ;)

+2 votes   article: So, where are these "sounds" you keep talking about?
Duruk Apr 21 2012, 1:15pm says:

Looking good, it has a very natural feeling to it.

+2 votes   article: So, where are these "sounds" you keep talking about?
Duruk Apr 19 2012, 12:44am replied:

I agree another city, or environment would have been beter imo.

+2 votes   media: Crysis 3 first screenshots
Duruk Apr 16 2012, 12:26pm says:

Back to the jungle.

+6 votes   article: Crysis 3 announcement
Duruk Apr 16 2012, 12:02pm says:

I wish they took the game further to cities like Washington with a full blown invasion.
In the first couple of screenshots I see lots of recycling of assests and enemies.

Still of course I will buy it.These are just the first couple of shots.

+2 votes   media: Crysis 3 first screenshots
Duruk Apr 15 2012, 3:24pm says:

A Dark mysterious tunnel..ish. Looks really cool

+1 vote   media: Sleeptime (WIP) -by David Brumbley'
Duruk Apr 15 2012, 11:43am says:

Cool combination of medieval ship and town.

+1 vote   media: WIP shots of a massive flying ship
Duruk Apr 2 2012, 12:47am says:

I haven't made it that far yet. I wish I unlocked all those weapons.

+2 votes   media: am i....lifeless?
Duruk Mar 30 2012, 1:08am says:

Episode 3 nice. Isnt that the same as telling Valve to hurry up with their ep3 ?

Wow your on a mapping spree.. another 2,5 maps. Any eta on the release ?

+3 votes   article: 8th Massive Update
Duruk Mar 12 2012, 1:42pm replied:

That could yeah or co-created by him and Cry-Puppy.

+1 vote   media: CryEngine 3 Visual Specs 2012 trailer
Duruk Mar 11 2012, 3:11pm says:

Some fantastic updates especially the new AI navigation options.

+1 vote   media: CryEngine 3 Visual Specs 2012 trailer
Duruk Mar 10 2012, 7:39am says:

Very nice work. I played the beta and the final version.

Btw I just saw a short article on Wreckage in the Dutch/Belgium/Luxemburg Magazine called "Gameplay" Pcgameplay.be
Will scan and upload it later on.

+2 votes   article: WRECKAGE - Deleted Scenes
Duruk Jan 14 2012, 3:17am says:

Oh wow. I see the team has done alot of work it really shows. Glad to see the first CE3 screenshots.

+5 votes   article: First look at our CryEngine 3 Tech Demo
Duruk Jan 5 2012, 12:51am says:

I never played Halo before, but your music version for the menu sounds fantastic.

+1 vote   media: Halo Homefront : Main Menu Music
Duruk Dec 23 2011, 1:05am says:

Time for some good old UT/Quake fragging.

+1 vote   article: THQ Partners and Machinima Join Forces to Publish and Promote Nexuiz
Duruk Dec 8 2011, 1:42pm says:

Oh cool. To bad I don't have android.

+2 votes   media: Star Fighter By Mominis - Featuring my music :)
Duruk Dec 4 2011, 4:33pm says:


+3 votes   media: Lost by sebastian___'s
Duruk Dec 4 2011, 6:07am says:

Oh nice to see that Crydev takes interest in moddb. Great news Squiggers

+1 vote   article: Crydev - IGOTY 2011
Duruk Nov 26 2011, 7:36am says:

Visually stunning. Although Japanese mmo's or rpg's are not my cup of tea it does look awesome compared to WoW, Rift and such. The CE3 engine really makes this stunning.

+1 vote   media: Project D ?? by Gream Studio
Duruk Nov 4 2011, 3:37am says:

Cool nice B&W effect

+3 votes   download: STALKER Particle Paradise Build 2614
Duruk Nov 2 2011, 12:16pm says:

...looks pretty empty to me these environments, where are the apre-ski cabins and skilifts and such ?

+1 vote   media: Snow the Game
Duruk Oct 18 2011, 3:26pm says:

Nice. What is the new level called ?

+2 votes   media: SS of crysis again...
Duruk Oct 13 2011, 10:40am says:

More photos: P.twimg.com and P.twimg.com

+2 votes   media: Look at what the mailman brought me today
Duruk Sep 30 2011, 1:22am says:

What are the specs of the pc ? And did you try to update directx ?

+1 vote   media: problem with cry 3 on other computers
Duruk Sep 21 2011, 4:16pm says:

Nice is that for Crysis1 or 2 ?

+2 votes   media: Crysis HQ shots
Duruk Sep 21 2011, 8:07am says:

I just love fans.

+1 vote   media: Mod (K10)
Duruk Sep 9 2011, 7:01am says:

Very nice.

+2 votes   article: Two new screenshots from EP2
Duruk Sep 9 2011, 6:53am says:

The video trackview isn't as smooth as I wanted it to be, but with a deadline for just 1 week Ill leave it at that for the moment.
The screenshots are more important.

+2 votes   media: Journey to the Sun
Duruk Sep 6 2011, 12:46pm says:

I'm entering this competition. Anyone else joining ?

+2 votes   media: [Competition] Think Inside & Outside The Box
Duruk Aug 26 2011, 2:57am says:

Will any of your Plasma City team members be joining you for this project ?

+1 vote   article: ashes
Duruk Aug 22 2011, 6:39pm says:

So will this be your CE3 project ?

+2 votes   media: ashes
Duruk Aug 22 2011, 5:31am says:

Sean level design looks awesome as always.

+1 vote   article: August Update - SDK Release & Even More Shiny Things
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 8:00am says:

wow Lovely

+1 vote   media: TRON Lightcycle Updated
Duruk Aug 17 2011, 11:56am replied:

Correct. It is also posted on Moddb news:

+3 votes   download: CryENGINE 3: Free SDK
Duruk Jul 6 2011, 1:38pm says:

Nice one Eric.

+1 vote   media: passage
Duruk Jun 18 2011, 6:53am says:

Oooh pretty colors

+1 vote   media: space stuff
Duruk Jun 15 2011, 3:35pm says:

Nice model. Looks like it styled from 60s scifi movies.

+1 vote   media: hyper's
Duruk Jun 13 2011, 4:48am replied:

About Playstation (4) Sonyps4.com

+2 votes   article: CryENGINE 3 Promotion week 4: Too much news
Duruk Jun 5 2011, 10:25am says:

Note above image is from CryENGINE 2 combined with parts of CryENGINE 3

+1 vote   media: ArcheAge
Duruk Jun 2 2011, 10:31am says:

Find the 6 differences.

Zoek de 6 verschillen ;-)

+1 vote   media: Home sweet home
Duruk May 26 2011, 5:40pm says:

Stunning skin.

+1 vote   media: HK416 SKIN.(model,uv & bakes by Mhaha2)
Duruk May 21 2011, 2:20pm says:

Nice I haven't seen the redbeard guy before. Nice work

+1 vote   media: Original Gillian + Harry image
Duruk May 21 2011, 5:05am says:

Every image is impressive, but this 1 just catches me the most.

+1 vote   media: sci fi passage
Duruk May 21 2011, 4:50am replied:

Impressive work and style would you be interested to work together on a “secret” Indie game ? Its in the concept stage but I promise you its gonna be something very different and creative . So far its just a programmer and myself. Seeing from the screenshots of your work you will be able to stretch the limits of your creativity.
Ill try to contact you.

+2 votes   member: bladestar
Duruk May 18 2011, 4:39pm says:

Hi Danielle. I looked at your site and I was wondering if you would bring out the prefab home kit for CE2 or CE3 for the community to use ?

+2 votes   member: DanielleEber
Duruk May 18 2011, 12:36pm says:

Lovely sunset

+1 vote   media: Blue Mars Levels
Duruk May 17 2011, 12:56pm says:

Thats a really sad story. Still nice job.

0 votes   media: Why unicorns are extinct
Duruk May 17 2011, 12:54pm says:

Poor Triss.

+1 vote   media: Triss Bruning
Duruk May 16 2011, 12:52pm says:

Its Geralt not Garelt ;)

+1 vote   media: Triss Geralt and a Romantic Graveyard
Duruk May 14 2011, 8:47am replied:

Actually Flash112 was the first one todo Mona Lisa:

3 days before Vessedeloup and 6 days before this post.

+1 vote   media: Mona Merigold
Duruk May 13 2011, 7:52am says:

This looks like how Alan Wake should have looked.

+2 votes   media: GDC 2011 Coast Environment
Duruk May 11 2011, 11:30am replied:

Oh damm you got me ;)

+1 vote   media: CE3 vs. UE3
Duruk May 10 2011, 3:23pm says:

huh he died at age 10 ?

+1 vote   media: Alternative Beginning
Duruk May 9 2011, 12:54am says:

Nice one

+2 votes   media: The hunt begins.
Duruk May 8 2011, 3:20pm says:

Haha lol. You did his whole profile.

+1 vote   media: Geralt is "INtense!" Real Alternative Ending!!
Duruk May 8 2011, 6:00am says:

nice one

+1 vote   media: The First Dollar
Duruk May 8 2011, 5:49am says:

I really loved that game.

+1 vote   media: DeusExGeralt
Duruk May 8 2011, 3:47am says:

Im so sorry Intense! You had to see that 1 comming. I just couldn't resist.

+1 vote   media: Me and Babes
Duruk May 8 2011, 3:31am says:

Omg thats the guys that stole my account information. (dc universe online)
Nice work.

+1 vote   media: Geralt the Hacker
Duruk May 7 2011, 3:51pm says:

Triss is nicely shopped.

+1 vote   media: That would be an oops
Duruk May 7 2011, 3:40pm says:

Do I really have to marry this broad ?

Wow very good.

+1 vote   media: Royal witching
Duruk May 7 2011, 12:31pm says:

Omg the King of Pop now looks even more scarier then when he was still alive.

+2 votes   media: Geralt - The Assassin King of Pop
Duruk May 7 2011, 11:28am says:

Ha you beat me to it. I was working on that 1.

Nice job.

+2 votes   media: Triss Lisa
Duruk May 7 2011, 10:24am says:

Orignal was made by CheshirePlaynWthFire for the Witcher fan art contest 2008

+1 vote   media: Geralt and Triss
Duruk May 7 2011, 9:59am says:

Stong poster, nicely done. I wish she could flex her arm.

+1 vote   media: We can do it! Triss
Duruk May 7 2011, 6:52am says:

oh nooossss.

+1 vote   media: Gerlet Hitler?
Duruk May 7 2011, 6:48am says:

Didn't someone else made this ?:

DidiCardoso made this

+1 vote   media: the witcher sims
Duruk May 7 2011, 4:39am says:

It was only a matter of time before Osama showed up. Nice setting.

+2 votes   media: Osama vs Geralt
Duruk May 5 2011, 11:27am says:

For me its hard to judge both engines since Epic Games payed my trip to America back in 2002 and I went to the movies (Minority Report) with Tim Sweeney, Mark Rein and CliffyB and others from Epic Games on the other hand I won my laptop from Crytek back in 2008.

So Im gonna politically says that both engines have their good and bad sides... :)

+1 vote   media: CE3 vs. UE3
Duruk May 5 2011, 11:23am says:

Thanks S87 for posting them.

+2 votes   media: Sandbox Editor 3 Screenshots
Duruk May 4 2011, 12:29pm replied:

Thanks for your comments. About the detail. There are a couple of reasons why the detail is low.
1) As stated in the background information the focus is on the road, because a) the viewing distance is extremely far so detail is sparse on the outer areas. b) We tested it a couple of times in spinning classes and experienced that after a couple of minutes the participants as they get more tired they enter in a tunnel vision and only watch the road and the immediate surroundings.
2) Well the spinning instructor had to leave the team and since it was his idea, its hard to continue alone.
3) You really need to look at the video while your on a home-trainer or spinning byce and not as a level designers point of view. Of course if I made this as a level I would have completely made it different
4) Production time was aimed at 3 months from scratch to 40-50 minute DVD video. That ment that I had to create a speed mapping method. The camera work and timing is the hardest work.
5) We had almost no budget so if we had we could add more variation to the objects.

+1 vote   article: Spinning and Cycling demo - 33 minute serious gaming/machinima
Duruk Apr 29 2011, 12:18pm says:

Sorry Phobossion Im will remove this image in a couple of days.

This is a screenshot from Cryengine2 made by Cry-Puppy before he started working at Crytek.

+1 vote   media: CryENGINE3 nature
Duruk Apr 28 2011, 1:07am says:

Duruk is signing up for the beta testing. My pc is 1 year old.
64 bits, 12 gig memory, will post the rest of the specs when I get home.
Can speak English, Dutch and I understand German and can write a bit German.

+1 vote   article: Wreckage - test test test
Duruk Apr 24 2011, 4:45pm replied:

Hoi Metalspy. Dat klopt. And I hopefully I can update the tutorial soon.
Welkom hier.

+2 votes   group: CryENGINE Developers
Duruk Apr 24 2011, 4:34am says:

Welcome everyone.

+2 votes   group: CryENGINE Developers
Duruk Apr 23 2011, 2:51am replied:

There are some Crysis Total Conversions. For Example: Mechlivinglegends.net . So saying there are none isn't entirely true.

+5 votes   article: Be Free... Be Creative... Be the Developer
Duruk Apr 19 2011, 10:25am says:

That looks good. Is that for Farcry1 engine ?

+1 vote   media: Medic place in our Prison map
Duruk Mar 20 2011, 12:56pm says:

Nice and peacefull

+1 vote   media: Killer's skill mapping
Duruk Mar 20 2011, 12:46pm says:

Good luck with learning Sandbox2. Will you switch to Sandbox3 once its out (probably next month or so)

+1 vote   article: Sandbox 2
Duruk Mar 20 2011, 6:53am says:

Nice 1. Didn't you enter the Intel mapping contest with a map like this ?

+1 vote   media: Killer's skill ambiant 2
Duruk Mar 20 2011, 6:42am says:

Very nice Christopher. Glad to see you still making great buildings.

+1 vote   member: Ramza394
Duruk Mar 19 2011, 3:52am replied:

BTW if you need any of the textures that I created for my White House map. Just let me know

+1 vote   media: The Whitehouse
Duruk Mar 18 2011, 2:44pm replied:

Nice detailed brush model. I know how much work you have put into it.
I wish The Cryengine2 had more brush options.
I couldn't create any round/cylinder brushes for my White House map:

+1 vote   media: The Whitehouse
Duruk Jan 3 2010, 7:20am replied:

Life is good atm.

Im gonna buy a new pc this month and Im updating my old WhiteHouse map for Crysis Wars with new details and smoother gameplay.

Plus Im working on something that I can´t speak about yet :)

+2 votes   member: Duruk
Duruk Dec 31 2009, 3:35am replied:

Heya Don Happy new year. I thought you stopped moddeling ?
I sure hope not since Ive always loved your work.

+2 votes   member: Duruk
Duruk Dec 31 2009, 3:33am replied:

Thnx for downloading.
It should be located in ..\crysis\game\levels\multiplayer\ia\
Crysis Wars version is in the make and it will be much more optimized and playable from low to ultra quality. This version has issues with low and medium quality.

+1 vote   download: White House (Instant Action level for Crysis)
Duruk Sep 7 2011, 3:17pm says:

Still got a alot of work todo, here is my progress so far.

(next up is texturing the room and detailing the back wall)

+1 vote   media: [Competition] Think Inside & Outside The Box
Duruk Sep 7 2011, 2:26am replied:

Its an example screenshot made by a Crytek employee.
So its up to our imagination to create something more interesting.

+2 votes   media: [Competition] Think Inside & Outside The Box
Duruk Sep 5 2011, 9:17am replied:

Its shortly after the release of the SDK and their license department will probably be flooded with requests. Also do note that previously they had a rule where you could only request with a company e-mail adress. (Don't know if that is still needed). So no hotmail but something with yourname@yourcompanyname.com.

+2 votes   group: CryENGINE Developers
Duruk Sep 1 2011, 2:35pm says:

@Brainz80 Because Leadwerks costs only $200 (at least thats whats it did cost 1 year ago) and CryENGINE 3 asks for 20% of your revenue.
So I can understand they choose Leadwerks.

+1 vote   article: New engine
Duruk Sep 1 2011, 2:32am says:

Oh nice the first Crysis 2 map on moddb.

+1 vote   download: Training Ground (Canyon)
Duruk Aug 31 2011, 2:28pm says:

Leadwerks is a good engine and the (German) programmer is a nice guy he sometimes adds features to the engine on request.

+1 vote   article: New engine
Duruk Aug 30 2011, 3:07pm says:

Hi Scott,
Did you hear that Dice is considering to release mod tools for BF3 ?

+2 votes   member: INtense!
Duruk Aug 30 2011, 3:05pm says:

Quote: “We have heard the community very loud and clear on this topic — that they want mod tools. We are considering it, back in the studio. The game won’t ship with mod tools, but we have heard it. I’m not saying that we’re going to do it, I’m saying that we are thinking about it.”
Source: Bf3blog.com

+1 vote   article: No mod support for Battlefield 3
Duruk Aug 28 2011, 10:35am says:

Thanks for tutorials

@SinKing More CryENGINE 3 Tutorial pages:

+2 votes   article: Cryengine 3 Tutorial - Custom Textures and Models using XSI Mod Tool
Duruk Aug 24 2011, 4:43am replied:

20% is correct
Quote: “For those who want to make the step into commercial gaming, we’ll offer a royalty-only license model for games made with this SDK, where Crytek require only 20% of the developer’s revenues from the commercial launch of their game.”
source: Crytek.com

+3 votes   group: CryENGINE Developers
Duruk Aug 24 2011, 4:37am says:

I edited the layout for your news a bit. I hope you don't mind.

+1 vote   media: ashes
Duruk Aug 22 2011, 5:37am says:

Im not sure yet. But from what I think it will be that you can either go solo or join up with other survivors in order to surive the ongoing world.
Basically its a world with respawn zombies so there will be no ending.

From my experience with LeftForDead grouping up can be annoying when inexperienced (teens) shoot you in the back amongst the confusing. So I would rather play the game solo or with a trusted group of players. So I would stand a better chance for survival. I rather get eaten by a zombie then get shoot by a teen ;-)

+1 vote   media: Class3 an open world Zombie game
Duruk Aug 21 2011, 7:48am says:

Yeah they are I just heard about it.
Quote: "With the cutting-edge technology of CryENGINE 3, combined with the experience and talent of our own Team Zed artists, we think we’re getting awfully damn close to achieving Doug’s vision, even at this early stage of development."

+1 vote   media: Class3 an open world Zombie game
Duruk Aug 20 2011, 6:39am replied:

Yes it has this is for example from CryENGINE 2 (the version before the SDK release) Youtube.com

+1 vote   article: Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge
Duruk Aug 20 2011, 6:35am replied:

You have to dance with a bikini on in front of Crytek Frankfurt crew ;-)

+1 vote   article: Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge
Duruk Aug 20 2011, 6:32am says:

The Bugman are Dwarf fighters from the Bugman Brewery led by Josef Bugman. ( Coolminiornot.com )

+1 vote   media: Bugman
Duruk Aug 19 2011, 1:52pm says:

Oh wow thanks for the improvements.

+2 votes   article: Super site updates!
Duruk Aug 19 2011, 4:22am says:

Amazing work. Nice atmosphere of your screenshots.

+1 vote   member: nero_angelo
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 2:17pm says:

All sales of the game(s) that you create with the SDK.

+1 vote   article: Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 11:09am says:

NP Leon.
Kinda looks like C&C but then in fps.

+2 votes   media: Warface
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 2:29am replied:

DX11 render will arrive "very soon" see FAQ.pdf in SDK main folder

+1 vote   article: Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 2:22am replied:

You can use Geocontrol 2 (geocontrol can be combined with Vue) as well for creating realistic terrain : Geocontrol2.com

+1 vote   article: Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge
Duruk Aug 17 2011, 4:25pm replied:

A mod created with the Crysis2 tools that uses Crysis 2 assests will not be playable on the Free SDK since its missing the Crysis 2 assets.

+1 vote   article: Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge
Duruk Jun 29 2011, 1:46pm replied:

Im installing it as I write this.

+2 votes   group: CryENGINE Developers
Duruk Apr 24 2011, 1:13pm replied: +1 vote   mod: Strike Force
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