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Note up front: Sorry for the low brightness...

Been a while since the previous video, been busy working on Windward and doing non development stuff(Gaming mostly :P)

Today finally got back to work on it and finished up what I was last doing, here's a list of changes:
- Players and enemies now use the GDC sword model from the UDK content
- A visual update to the Test map, let me know what you think.
- A big change in the line drawing system(at least in code), dots in the line now have a screen location on top of a world location, the line drawing now uses the screen location and the world location only for teleporting and hitting.

This change means you can draw a line easily independent of the game world, but the functionality of it still takes place in the game world.

One bad side effect is that while moving, the line moves with you to stay on it's position(which makes sense if you think about it that it's now based on screen positions), but since I intend to not allow the player to move and draw the line at the same time, this shouldn't be a problem.

- Tied the wave system into my first stab at an objective/mission system(see upper right corner), might update this to the fully remade(and better imo) system I created for Windward.

Like always, do please leave your thoughts in the comments :)

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