My name is Josh, I am an atheist, socialist, die-hard fan of metal and an avid reader of fantasy. I am one of the developers working on Mount & Empire I am also the creator of Call of the Kings (Native Enhancement)

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My name is Josh, I was born the United Kingdom, and I am currently still living in the UK. I am a Mount and Blade: Warband modder, I am the team leader of Calradia: Imperial Age and Nordland.

My hobbies are: Video Games, Video Game Modding, History, Renaissance to 19th Century weapons and armour, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), writing short stories and song lyrics, listening to music and watching porn.

I am a Socialist and a follower of Marx and Engles, a supporter of the Zeitgeist Movement, a supporter of the Transhumanist movement. I am pro-firearms, pro-drugs, pro-choice, anti-feminism, anti-religion, anti-currency, I am a firm supporter of equality of opportunity and believe the class divide should be eradicated.

My music tastes are rather narrow. I listen to Metal, Classical music, British, Dutch and Irish Folk music, and very rarely Fife and Drum. I cannot stomach Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, most Rock, Indie, most Techno and Electronica, or alternative Metal (Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D and similar bands.)

Rule, Britannia!

Lero, lero, lero, Liliburlero
Liliburlero bullen a la
Lero, lero, lero, lero
Liliburlero bullen a la

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