I am the Archduke of Hell, and I welcome you to my profile.

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3 comments by The_Archduke_of_Hell on May 1st, 2014


My name is Josh, I was born the United Kingdom, and I am currently still living in the UK. I am a Mount and Blade: Warband modder, I am the team leader of Calradia: Imperial Age and Nordland.

My hobbies are: Video Games, Video Game Modding, History, Renaissance to 19th Century weapons and armour, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), writing short stories and song lyrics, listening to music and watching porn.

I am a Socialist, a supporter of the #GamerGate movement, a supporter of the Transhumanist movement. I am pro-firearms, pro-drugs, pro-choice, anti-feminism, anti-religion, I am a firm supporter of equality of opportunity and believe the class divide should be eradicated.

My music tastes are rather narrow. I listen to Metal, Classical music, British, Dutch and Irish Folk music, and very rarely Fife and Drum. I cannot stomach Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, most Rock, Indie, most Techno and Electronica, or alternative Metal (Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D and similar bands.)

"Come, I'll show you the end
You're damned
'Cause no-one can defy me
Just watch these maddened creature
Like you they all once reach out
A war to win
But I'm gonna burn this vision down"

A nice little story:

The immutable truth.

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AnYnA Jul 29 2015, 8:20am says:

That he was indeed but while you are interested whether angels can fall i am interested more in the opposite phenomena...

* Steps firmly but slow paced towards the Archduke sitting on his throne and her steps echo within the entirety of the castle's hallroom sounding as if a bell of an unseen Cathedral calls the faithful forth to prayer *

" If you wish i can call my own to play some harp music too , to liven this place " * says she with a big smile ending with a serene giggle *

As if in person that doesn't happen too.There is defense and attack , there is people that hate you and people that love you, people who respect you and people who do not.Honestly i don't imagine someone able to attack you that easy and i think they hard a rough time too in turn.
Is this incident present on the site ? I'd like to read where if you won't mind it of course.I wanna see how the Archduke fights

Hmm, maybe you also consider my presence an attack.It's not.It's a friendly visit , a familly reunion if you wish :D

How is the wine ? I bring one myself as a gift of courtesy for your excellent welcome Archduke


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AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 6:28am says:

I come to greet you Archduke

* lands in front of him spreading her angelic wings wide as she lands on the burnt ground of the Archduke hellish castle's surrounding lands while heavenly light pierces through her hair - she stands firm holding her sword of pure fire and salutes him *

Aside from being pro religion and pro feminist in the rest i actually find myself having the other things in common with you and i also listen to your kind of music for the simple reason to expose myself to the temptations of evil and test my faith and resolve

See you around

* spreads her wings and flies away * :D

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Creator
The_Archduke_of_Hell Jul 27 2015, 9:41am replied:

Hail, and welcome.

*Casts a vast cloud of fire and smoke to blot out the light as legions of tormented souls attempt to climb the mountain to reach you and escape their daemonic overlords*

I'm glad that you can still find it within yourself to talk to me. Most if not all feminists I've encountered up to date have attacked me or tried to engage in a heated debate, though I personally have not been attacked by any theists fortunately. I seldom see any nuance on the internet.

If metal was truly evil, then you would not be tempted by it. A musician may write songs about performing acts of sadism and destruction, but if he were truly evil, he would not be a musician, he'd be seeking to destroy art, not create it. I see most things in a different light, there is hardly any true good or evil in my perspective, only that which seeks to destroy is evil, and that which seeks to create is good.

+1 vote   reply to comment
AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 10:53am replied:

Until the angels sound the trumpets we can still talk and share things , Archduke, even though we might meet in battle too when both our armies will be clashing

It's going to be amazing !

If you are nice , polite and do not attack me you can be Lucifer himself , i won't mind you and on the other hand if you aren't like that you can be one of my people and we won't get along

Probably further on if it gets to discussions about things we like or dislike that come in conflict , it might come to that too

I'm matriarchal , feminist but egalitarian and i don't drag these ideas with me when i talk to someone unless the topic begs for it

I'm a firm believer in my Lord , the nemesis of your lord , if you are truly satanist that is , but as well like i said above , i too don't drag my religion with me unless i have to defend it or my own person

It does preach Satan when played backwards doesn't it ? the music of metal. It is evil because it surely doesn't teach the listener paths of virtue unto God , but it's a sublime form of evil , that creeps in the soul of the listener , takes over their soul in a subtle way , transforming him or her ...but for the strong who are immune to that , there's nothing to worry about

I do however counter any " evil " music with byzantine music once in a while which is probably ( considered or not ) the anti music of metal

I know you believe all things reversed.I even downloaded the satanic bible in pdf last days , read it until the part about selling your soul and it didn't affect me not even in the least ,then i deleted it

The last thing i'll add is that i like lovecraftian mythos , pagan gods and all things related and i don't see them as evil or related to Satan , or are they ? because i'm not sure on this one

Nice talking with you my arch enemy :)

* Lifts up her sword that reflects the sunlight above casting a cleansing veil that chases away the vast cloud summoned by the Archduke , and for a fraction of a second , the tormented witness the sight of their annunciation for Salvation , if so they desire it *

See you around and remember that as close as Hells get to step on Earth so is the Kingdom of Heaven close to approaching from the stars

" Sky above , voice within ! "

See you around

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The_Archduke_of_Hell Creator
The_Archduke_of_Hell Jul 27 2015, 11:20am replied:

You've shown yourself to be a decent person, so I have no desire to cause harm. I only brought it up because I'm surprised that you saw what my stance on feminism and religion is, and decided to comment politely. Maybe I'm too cynical for my own good.

I'm not a real satanist, but I love satanic imagery almost as much as I love Renaissance era Christian art.

Metal doesn't preach Satan when played backwards, though some people will interpret that for whatever reason, it's amazing what you can psyche yourself into perceiving.

I've had a copy of the Satanic Bible, but I found nothing interesting within.

Arch Enemy? The greatest adversary is that which mirrors oneself.

*Sends forth a swarm of daemons to take the sight of those that witnessed the light as punishment*


+1 vote   reply to comment
AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 11:46am replied:

No desire to cause harm either

I merely wished to salute you because you treated me well on the Ashes of Dystopia group , thing that other guys into metal haven't and rules of good conduct do dictate that you should be polite back

I don't know you though i've noticed you around someplace , so i have no idea how anti-feminist you are and you being a bit defensive means that in the past you were attacked by less nice persons, sorry for that , some people just aren't too intelligent like some other

If you want a roleplay fight , we can , anytime , if you wish it too or just plain heated debate

I'm a being of energy and i hate things dull and boring , always looking for something new to do and discuss

Ahh , i actually liked the idea of you being one , i love conflict between opposing forces but i'll be less descriptive from now on if you mind it

I know that's what you tell them but the signs are everywhere

Those that have eyes should use them to see and those that have ears should use them to hear

I agree with that one but after one gained victory on themselves and surrendered themselves to the Higher power , they got nothing to fear except failure

What i really liked discovering at you is that you're also into Lovecraft because i am into it too and wishing to learn more

Noo please don't harm them ! I shall rescue them one day :)

* she doesn't have the authority from Heavens to do anything about those poor souls but mere prayer * * sighs *

All in due time , Archduke !

Thanks for that one It's beautiful

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Archduke_of_Hell Creator
The_Archduke_of_Hell Jul 27 2015, 2:19pm replied:

You've probably seen me commenting on the commie group, I left a while ago, my politics have become more libertarian and centrist since then, and I have no love for the red army either. Some people take their beliefs and ideology too seriously, and tend to lash out when it's questioned.

No, no, no debate please, as Cole Phelps put it "If you want to keep you friends, never debate politics or religion". Roleplaying is fine, got to catch me in the mood for it though.

I've known about Lovecraft for a while, but never really had time to fully delve into it. It's rather fascinating though.

You would defend these vile sinners? Many of these monsters were sent here for unspeakable crimes!

*Stands atop my castle, and calls forth an inferno to scorch the damned and wicked as daemons maim and torture the dead*

+1 vote   reply to comment
AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 3:52pm replied:

* She cannot bear the sight of such atrocities
She turns her face to the sky , offers a prayer from her heart to the above and after a while pure crystal tears come flowing from her eyes and in that split second a sudden blinding light whips the Archduke's castle , widening in diameter , capturing all tormented within , releasing their souls and vanishing the demons caught along into pure ashes * Amen ! Haha

It is my duty to bring hope to them and bring wisdom for the living so they won't end up here , dear Archduke of Hell

We can debate other things than religion and politics.
It's not like there isn't anything else to discuss

All i found so far is this site


then of course Wikipedia.
I also have some images about them on my profile too + i played Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth the game but quite long ago

So yeah i agree.Fascinating indeed

I would actually respect you and admire if you'd defend your beliefs

I'm very theistic.I cannot stand not believing in the beyond or any superior entity for that matter and if i were not Christian i would've certainly been a priestess to an obscure god or two

It's how i am.I reject with my whole being something dull , boring and not holding anything of the unexplained or the beyond.
DnD rules based i would be Lawful Evil/Lawful Good and although very positive , i show no mercy , i show cruelty to opposing forces because mercy and kindess should be reserved for those in need of protection only

Sorry if my replies are so big , i just like talking to you and i got no idea why...yet

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Archduke_of_Hell Creator
The_Archduke_of_Hell Jul 28 2015, 1:58am replied:

Many of those released souls shall be back here to experience unending torment once more, as is the will of our father. Murderers and other such wicked monsters cannot escape the wrath of Hell. Alas, you may find yourself among the fallen within Hell as you have defied His wish, and sent forth vile villainous vermin to torment the living.

* Sits back in a chair carved from the bones of titans and watches as the gate to the heavens closes behind you and the light vanishes as you are slowly trapped within Hell *

Aside from our differences on feminism and religion, I suspect you and I have a lot in common.

Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out later. My experience of Lovecraft goes as far as a few bands that are inspired by his works, which is what got me interested in the first place.

I can't bring myself to believe in anything outside of this realm we live in, instead I look towards the physical world outside of what we know, rather that which cannot be known. There is much beauty in this world which has yet to be discovered and explored, many mysteries that even puzzle the greatest minds of today, and much more beauty to be created by humanity itself. Such things are the wind in my sails.

I rarely feel the need to defend my beliefs, most of the opposition I encounter tend to attack me more than what I stand for.

There's another thing we agree on. I am fairly respectful to others, but once crossed, I will not hesitate to be as cruel as humanly possible.

I don't mind long posts, just understand that I can't respond to everything. ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
AnYnA Jul 28 2015, 6:25am replied:

Dream on Archduke

I'm not a fallen angel nor would i fall but i can see where this is going, into a direction meant for adults...


I'm pure so that will not happen :) but it's a provocation nonetheless

* Begins to walk undisturbed on the floor of the Archduke's castle , naively glancing at the infernal forms of art around the place while heavenly butterflies of light fly around her wings beginning from nowhere and ending to nowhere when switching realities as they appear and disappear.Her presence is making the lugubre statues and claws stand strangely silent to her alien presence contrasting to the extreme with the castle not to mention with the Archduke himself "

Of course you cannot because you have chosen the below but i'm totally with you here.Earth holds mysteries that would make its dwellers tremble and it still shows the primal beauty of our Father in Heaven's design despite the countless sins of its dwellers that chipped away at its beauty across all these eons

Why would someone attack you personally , a nice gentleman like you ? English men are all gentlemen

Exactly and i wonder if we'll get to be cruel with eachother too

I understand you perfectly

The Heaven's and the Hell's work is never done so being busy is an ever present state for both of us

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Archduke_of_Hell Creator
The_Archduke_of_Hell Jul 29 2015, 1:56am replied:

Not everyone is that pure, after all, Lucifer was an angel, and the Archangel Michael once fell from grace too.

* Candle light flickers, lighting the obsidian walls of my castle, unveiling the beautiful works of art, and biblical carvings telling of past prophecies and what is to come. I sit in my throne and pour a glass of wine as I observe you wander around my decadent castle halls *

The reason why is simple: It's the internet! :D I suspect it's just the death throes of people who have no argument, or even a defensible position because their beliefs are so abhorrent, so they throw away any nuance and go right for the accusations and personal attacks.

I sure hope not, but I do not foresee it happening though.

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