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Raycasting Game Maker

Engine review

Very good for starters, though somewhat limited



Game review

A real masterpiece in all regards: sound, visual style, and gameplay



Game review

This is the kind of game you expect to be alright, but as you play it surprises you with its genius. At first, i was afraid the gameplay mechanics would get boring or repetitive; experience proved me wrong.
As you progress there's a load of new environments(hard thing to do, as EVERYTHING is blocks) and puzzles.

There's also a slight(very slight though) plot to it too, which will get you very intrigued, specially in the end. Most of it is just puzzle after puzzle, which might get a bit tiring to some players, but it wasn't for me.

The music sets the tone amazingly well, and never gets annoying. It's the kind of music that sets the ambient more than being proper music, which is very pleasant.

Some people compare this to Portal (the resemblance is undenieable), and ironically complain about the length of this game. I have to say it is MUCH longer, (and harder, in some ways) than Portal; It took me around 4 hours to beat.

Conclusion: a great game, and a great deal, specially for its price.


Urban Terror

Game review