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8 Review

Game Review on Feb 19th, 2012

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Zeno Clash
8 Review

Game Review on Feb 10th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

Great atmosphere and interesting gameplay. Very nonsensical aswell, but with a nice art direction nevertheless.

8 Review

Game Review on Jan 24th, 2012


Serious Sam: The First Encounter
8 Review

Game Review on Jan 24th, 2012

A classic Old School shooter; mindless, fast, and FUN!

8 Review

Game Review on Jan 23rd, 2012 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Sets the mood amazingly well, has some awesome graphics and ambient music... But, again, it's just 20 minute long. A little experiment made by a brilliant team; We can expect great things from these guys if they develop a proper game.

Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend
8 Review

Game Review on Jan 19th, 2012 - 3 people don't

It was surprising to play this awesome expansion, as the original game was extremely mediocre. This should've been the original game!

The Polynomial - Space of the Music
8 Review

Game Review on Jan 8th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

I can't believe the amount of time i spent(or rather, wasted) playing this little toy. The visuals alone make it worth paying for, as it creates a rather cool ambient for your music. Im sure some people have already used this to play music at parties; it looks really nice. The gameplay isn't specially complicated, but it's good enough: Flight simulator controls, enemies which keep spawning faster and faster and try to eat the power-ups you can collect(which in turn spawn at a faster rate too), and you gain speed while close to the particle field, which vibrates to the beat of the music. Nothing excessively complicated, yet astonishingly addictive.

8 Review

Game Review on Jan 7th, 2012

A fun, yet a bit slow, but also innovative blend between a classic RTS, an adventure game, and a social management simulator. You'll like this wether or not you like strategy games, and you'll fall in love with these little green guys! I don't usually like strategy games, but this is lovely.

Project Zomboid
8 Review

Game Review on Jan 5th, 2012

It's still too rough to give it a better rating that an 8, but what this game could potentially become is something really fresh, and i do really hope it fulfills our expectations. In the meantime, it's just a bit more than an aimless, kind of boring sandbox with zombies and not much to do, but it does really look like it can become a great piece of gaming. Let's hope it does.

8 Review

Game Review on Mar 3rd, 2011

Really interesting game with experimental gameplay. Way to make 2D shooting really realistic! Too bad the creator completely forgot about this to focus on his other successful game.

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