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6 Review

Game Review on Feb 1st, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

Everybody praises this... Meh, i do not like it.

And Yet It Moves
6 Review

Game Review on Jan 24th, 2012

Pretty interesting. It was entertaining to play, not extremely fun, but well. Pretty weird artistic design, and weird as f*ck soundtrack. Nevertheless, a good choice when you don't know what to play.

Alien Arena
6 Review

Game Review on Jan 4th, 2012

I remember installing alien arena 2004 when it came out... I had a wonderful time playing that(mainly because i had no games, and i had a really bad computer), but although it has improved A LOT, it's just too cheesy for 2011. But just like any game, there's no way it can stay in shape for over 7 years. Too many graphical effects; not enough graphical beauty, and an old(classic, call it what you will) gameplay style that adds absolutely nothing new to gaming. That said, it's a really nice free game, but i bet people would rather play Quake games than a Quake clon.