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5 Review

Game Review on Jan 6th, 2012

Looks pretty decent... Too generic though, and seems like i'm not the only one having control issues

Project Zomboid
8 Review

Game Review on Jan 5th, 2012

It's still too rough to give it a better rating that an 8, but what this game could potentially become is something really fresh, and i do really hope it fulfills our expectations. In the meantime, it's just a bit more than an aimless, kind of boring sandbox with zombies and not much to do, but it does really look like it can become a great piece of gaming. Let's hope it does.

Clone Wolf: Protector
7 Review

Game Review on Jan 4th, 2012

No review provided

Urban Terror
9 Review

Game Review on Jan 4th, 2012

No review provided

4 Review

Game Review on Jan 4th, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

Just a Wipeout wannabe with out of place cell shading graphics, and way too simple game mechanics...

Alien Arena
6 Review

Game Review on Jan 4th, 2012

I remember installing alien arena 2004 when it came out... I had a wonderful time playing that(mainly because i had no games, and i had a really bad computer), but although it has improved A LOT, it's just too cheesy for 2011. But just like any game, there's no way it can stay in shape for over 7 years. Too many graphical effects; not enough graphical beauty, and an old(classic, call it what you will) gameplay style that adds absolutely nothing new to gaming. That said, it's a really nice free game, but i bet people would rather play Quake games than a Quake clon.

Really Big Sky
10 Review

Game Review on Jan 3rd, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

I don't usually like this type of game, but the visuals, soundtrack, and gameplay are so fresh, clean and smooth, that it just doesn't matter. Anyone who enjoys games can have a great time with this. The only con to this would be sometimes it gets a bit confusing, but that's part of the fun! Giving it a perfect score may not seem realistic, but i felt like giving it less than that was unfair. A true masterpiece.

8 Review

Game Review on Mar 3rd, 2011

Really interesting game with experimental gameplay. Way to make 2D shooting really realistic! Too bad the creator completely forgot about this to focus on his other successful game.

1 Review

Game Review on Feb 27th, 2011 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

It's just a couple of maps for UT3, and not good ones...

8 Review

Game Review on Feb 27th, 2011

Very interesting art style,but the game itself it's pretty easy/stupid; You can actually complete it just walking and jumping, without having to "scream", but, it looks truly intriguing