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Dr.Thrax123 Dec 16 2014, 7:58pm replied:

Maybe the first phone was the original iPhone and the biggest phone is the iPhone 6?

+7 votes   media: Terrorist and Demotrap with Clusterbombs
Dr.Thrax123 Dec 6 2014, 8:08pm replied:

I think he just wants her to have bigger...melons, if you will.

+2 votes   media: China Infantry
Dr.Thrax123 Dec 6 2014, 8:06pm replied:

Or possibly just actual real Chinese artillery.

+4 votes   media: Totally NOT for mod of the year #5
Dr.Thrax123 Nov 28 2014, 6:52pm says:

"Clip their wings...or just explode anywhere near them."

+1 vote   media: Quad Cannon with Nuclear engine
Dr.Thrax123 Nov 20 2014, 9:20pm says:

The turret reminds me of the Cockerill XC-8. Is swear, that 120mm is also identical.

+1 vote   media: AIRFORCE GENERAL - WARDOGE IFV #2
Dr.Thrax123 Sep 18 2014, 9:07pm says:

They're supposed to be killing protesters though...

-4 votes   media: The Egyptian army
Dr.Thrax123 Sep 11 2014, 12:05am replied:

T-72 جيد! ولكن هذا هو أسد بابل، وليس

+1 vote   media: t72 new one
Dr.Thrax123 Sep 11 2014, 12:02am replied:

Actually, they are different. Iraq had very few T-72s, and even then they were export versions. The "Saddam" was the next step down, Iraqi assembled T-72s with even worse specifications, and then there are the Asad Babils, which aren't even close to being "tanks" ymore, just mobile pillboxes.
I would type in Arabic, but I'm a little rusty.

+1 vote   media: t72 new one
Dr.Thrax123 Jul 19 2014, 6:52pm replied:

Most T-62s in Russian service are in storage. They are still rarely used in Chechnya though.

-1 votes   media: USATankAbrams
Dr.Thrax123 Jul 15 2014, 8:38pm says:

Great work! But why did you call the tanks in the pictures "T-72" in the title but "Asad Babil" on the writing in the image? They do look like the Asad Babils.

+1 vote   media: t72 new one
Dr.Thrax123 Jul 13 2014, 4:34pm replied:

Yeah, just so you can kill civilians in real life AND video games!

-1 votes   article: Vote for new MOD factions
Dr.Thrax123 Jul 10 2014, 2:03pm says:

"MiG-29 reporting, ready to bomb our own civilians."

+1 vote   media: Syrian_Airport_Mi24
Dr.Thrax123 Apr 18 2014, 11:45pm replied:

Yes I am Syrian. And stop grouping all the groups who aren't allied with the regime as "rebels." The real rebels are the FSA and affiliated groups...the infiltrators such as ISIS and Al Qaeda are taking advantage of the conflict. Assad and his "Syrian Arab Army" are oppressors and must die. ISIS and Al Qaeda are oppressors and also must die. Also, Assad's forces are losing tanks and airplanes day by day. Soon enough, you'll have no more air force, and Assad will be no more. The Syrians will prevail against the oppressors!

-1 votes   media: Syrian_T-72
Dr.Thrax123 Jan 20 2014, 6:18pm replied:

Let's get back to using Shermans then...

0 votes   media: USA Chevalier Tank
Dr.Thrax123 Dec 18 2013, 8:22pm replied:

But remember, each time the GLA retreats, the next time they strike it'll be deadly.

+5 votes   media: New Screenshots
Dr.Thrax123 Dec 11 2013, 1:07am replied:

The (C&C)Paladin is a tank. The Leopard 2A6 is a tank. The M-109 Paladin is an artillery piece.
"We are NOT interested in changing the gameplay in any way"
Not happening. They are keeping the 2A6. It makes sense, too, because there is no US faction anymore, it's NATO now.

0 votes   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Dr.Thrax123 Nov 29 2013, 2:26am replied:

If they could, Leopard 1A6s would be enough. Or at most Leopard 2A4s, and that's pushing it. I'm pretty sure the Europeans wouldn't give up great equipment that easily, so the "worse" (yet still awesome) equipment would have to go first.

+3 votes   media: GLA "El Burrito"
Dr.Thrax123 Nov 28 2013, 7:58pm says:

Looks great! Can't wait to destroy tank battalions with a spam-army of these :D

+6 votes   media: GLA "El Burrito"
Dr.Thrax123 Oct 24 2013, 3:18am says:

They look so good I can't describe them. Awesome work!

+3 votes   media: PattonTanks
Dr.Thrax123 Oct 6 2013, 3:58am replied:

You seriously use Wikipedia as a source? I'm not going to even bother've gone full retard. Never go full retard.

I never said they weren't strategic. I said they were not very important compared to everything else.
Naval units? You've got to be ******** me. Assad's army can barely use tanks properly and you think their puny fleet is going to make a difference?

Ever heard of the black market?

If Assad wanted to step down peacefully, he would have done so 2 years ago. There is no "diplomatic" solution. The government must be completely cleansed.

-3 votes   media: Syrian_T-72
Dr.Thrax123 Sep 25 2013, 9:33pm replied:

You're ignorant. Assad's army is losing. The Free Syrian army is winning. Video proof to prove you wrong. The Free Syrian army is composed of Syrians themselves. Inshallah the FSA will win a glorious victory over that tyrant.

If Assad was the enemy of Israel, then why has he not taken back the Golan heights? His father gave them up, why not take them back? Oh, that's right, because he doesn't care about Syria. He only cares about his pocket.
Al Qusayr was a minor victory for Assad, considering the rebels will be back.
Homs is split, it's not even close to being controlled by Assad.
Hama is split as well.
Same with Idlib.
Tartus isn't strategic compared to what the rebels are going after now.

-3 votes   media: Syrian_T-72
Dr.Thrax123 Sep 22 2013, 11:54pm replied:

Assad's T-72's killing civilians while the FSA are doing their best to destroy all of them.**
By the way, regime is losing right now, they are barely on the line. A mortar has landed on the Russian embassy in Damascus, that's how insecure Assad's army is, they can't even defend the embassy of their closest ally.

-3 votes   media: Syrian_T-72
Dr.Thrax123 Sep 14 2013, 2:19am says:

Nice models! Now all that's needed is the FSA to blow them up :).
Will you change the flag on the texture once the regime gets changed?

-2 votes   media: Syrian_T-72
Dr.Thrax123 Jun 29 2013, 5:28pm replied:

Please explain how Havoc, Halo, Hip, Haze, etc. are named after Indians...

-1 votes   media: Msta-S (update)
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 26 2013, 9:57am replied:

Looks great! Love the T-72 in the picture as well.
Keep up the great work! :)

+2 votes   media: T-55 "Scorpion"
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 21 2013, 10:29pm replied:

Can you please stop asking? This has been answered many times. It's in the FAQ too.

It's done when it's done.

0 votes   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 3 2013, 11:11pm says:

Maybe as a replacement for the rocket buggy, you could make the unit be the rocket pods mounted on pickup trucks in Libya?

Since the GLA isn't really a specific army, I could see any GLA-like force making this with not much difficulty. It fits the specs anyways...

+2 votes   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Dr.Thrax123 Jan 4 2013, 6:41pm replied:

Clip their wings.

+5 votes   media: BTR-152D "Quad Cannon"
Dr.Thrax123 Dec 4 2012, 6:31pm replied:

Doing so will put a lot of strain on older systems, and even newer ones. Not to mention that its very hard to do after they already remodeled most of the vehicles.

0 votes   mod: C&C Generals: Visual Reality Mod
Dr.Thrax123 Jul 7 2012, 12:07am says:

It's an AMX 30 with a 105mm I think lol

0 votes   media: Loading Interfaces
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 18 2011, 11:04am replied:

Don't you think the laser paladin is over powered? Take a look at this:

The laser paladin needs lower firepower or even hp. Just saying...

+1 vote   media: USA Laser General's Laser Paladin tank
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 18 2010, 11:19pm says:

It looks like i'm staring at real tanks right now they are awesome

+1 vote   media: GLA units
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 18 2010, 11:09pm says:

Merkava is Gonna DIE!!!!

Nothing lives when an Angry Mob is around.

Merkava go BOOM!!! LOL

-1 votes   media: Israeli and GLA forces
Dr.Thrax123 Mar 15 2010, 11:19pm replied:

read the name clearly!!!!! It's American and Syrian forces

0 votes   media: American and Syrian forces
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