Living at the top when your life is at the bottom. Stuff I do: Mapping, Composing, Storywriting, Design, Testing. I am currently not working on anything specific. Past projects include 2 Cry Of Fear Custom Campaigns/Mods [Eerie Silence, Simons Book The Chronicles] which I stopped working on because of the state the game is in and the unwillingness of the developers to fix some of it's major bugs.

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Great ideas poorly executed.

Texture clipping, gameplay issues, game breaking bugs.
Just a little art gallery to walk through, whose art style reminded me a bit of AoM Nightmare levels.
The messed up video playing later on is nice, but since it's no original work, I can't add points for that.

Tips for chapter 2: Make the player faster, work on texture clipping issues and bring more gameplay into it overall. Doesn't have to be enemies, but a puzzle would've been nice.