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Army of Black and Monster Mazes-noob_mods-omg weapons and monsters inspired

Apr 8, 2006 OMG Weapons! (and Monsters) 0 comments

Were fairly new.. we are making two mods for doom, Army of Black, a GIANT TC and Monster Mazes, a puzzle doom mod. Check us out!


so far

Apr 9, 2006 Monster Mazes 0 comments

We've completed making the Third-Grader Skill Level. Trust me, the puzzles are easy on this skill. We've made some textures, but we still need...



Apr 9, 2006 Monster Mazes 0 comments

We just ran thorugh level 1 of third grader mode. Good news: Everything is there. Bad News: Bug-mania.

Half Way Completed!

Aug 12, 2006 NOOB_PWN RPG 0 comments

Yes, the joy! NOOB_PWN RPG is almost completed. We are also changing game engines. We are no longer using the RPG MAKER XP engine. Instead we are using...


Monthly Update-AI Improve

Oct 12, 2006 SHELL OPEN GL 0 comments

Shell Open GL has improved the engine to where Dial Up-Friendly Bots (for those who dont have a high speed connection.) play against the other players...

Doom II

Monthly Update Number 1

Nov 11, 2006 Hell On Earth: The Invasion Of Karr 0 comments

Hell On Earth: The Invasion of Karr is so far, so good. Right now we have 8 maps completed, which are: map01:outpost beta map02:Train to Karr map03:Karr...

Doom II for once in a while

Feb 8, 2007 Hell On Earth: The Invasion Of Karr 0 comments

Everyone says my mod is dead. We'll its still alive, just taking a long time for me to understand dumb scripting. I would put everything in...

Alpha 1 Released!

Mar 18, 2007 1 comment

After some hard work and very heavy modding, i have compiled my maps and graphics together to give you the Alpha 1 of Battlefield 2 ZDOOM. It contains...

Not Dead

May 28, 2007 The Horde 0 comments

The Horde is not dead, just has been in-active for a long time. Plus, i have decided to Switch to the Source Engine instead of Qfusion. I am still on...

The Horde-Update On Whats New and Whats Gone

Jun 15, 2007 The Horde 0 comments

Hi everyone, we have a update on our game The Horde. We have so far, Done the storyline. Were starting on the Character, Item, and Gun Modelling next...

The Horde-News Update

Sep 9, 2007 The Horde 0 comments

Hey everybody, we are here to tell you that The Horde is going great. We Expect a release by the end of the Christmas Season. To also tell everyone, We...

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