I am just an ordinary PC Game reviewer nothing else. I review some good games and bad games for PC. I'm also a game/Mod designer, so that means that i'm trying to make Half-life 2 horror modification in the near future, but i'm still designing it.

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Half-life 2 Mod Idea

Dr.MiddleFinger101 Blog

I got this idea year ago, i wanted to make an Half-life 2 horror modification.
I've writed some Screenplays but they are not finished yet and the soundtrack is almost ready.
I don't have no voice actors, but i realized that i don't need them, i can act myself.
All the characters and monsters are almost ready but one character is not yet created.
This mod doesn't have any jumpscares because its getting kinda stupid and unoriginal, i want to make a little bit more disturbing, darker and creepy that you are getting to feel that someone is following or stalking you. This mod doesn't have any weapons.

If you have any questions for this mod, feel free to ask.
Hate comments are going to be deleted immediately.

PC Game Review: Dead Island

Dr.MiddleFinger101 Blog

My god i hate this game, well it has some good textures and graphigs but the gameplay isn't good.
When i saw the trailer of the game, i was excited and i bought it, what did i saw.
It was Douchebag version of Dead Space, but in First person shooter.
The story isn't that kind of special and the music was so terrible that my ears started to bleed.
There is no Guns but only meelee weapons, and that was kind of stupid idea for zombie survival game.
I will give 1/10 for this crappy game.

PS: If you are fan of Dead Island, don't bother to comment.

Indie Game Review :1 (The Briefcase)

Dr.MiddleFinger101 Blog

Hello! I have never done a blog before, so i decided to make one.
This is a review about the Horror indie game called "The Briefcase"

The atmosphere in this game is perfect and creepy.
The game was too short and i didn't had a change to see the monster closely.
Well yeah i saw the monster little bit, but only the shadow.
Graphigs are not that bad but i don't care about that, i only care about the gameplay.
Well anyway i give it 8/10
Good game.

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