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drimp Dec 23 2011 says:

Very good prop placement, please don't think I'm trolling or anything I just want to give some constructive feedback. I don't know if you going to do any of this already so don't shout at me for saying, I would have a overcast night sky for the skybox instead of what you have, it would add to the great atmosphere you already have. Seeing as this is singleplayer with not an over the top npc count you can afford to make you levels as detailed as possible so add all the detail you can. Maybe some dust particles and foggy clouds can hover about the place as the player walks around. Lastly the slightest of colorcorrection to put the contrast up slightly would do wonders the the fear factor. Just some of my thoughts for an increase in awesomeness. This mod is looking great guys, keep it up! :D

+1 vote   media: A house...
drimp Oct 29 2011 says:

An impressively vast piece of level design, great work! :)

+2 votes   news: Off Limits final nearing completion
drimp Oct 28 2011 replied:

You have to have emotion in places. :D

+2 votes   media: Sheol - Cinematic
drimp Oct 18 2011 says:

Looks good, though I have to say your over use of super intense colorcorrection which covers up lack of detail at the moment isn't looking all too good. Try to get the tones and hues with light entity's only use the CC to slightly edit the lighting making it perfect. On the good side the audio is sounding awesome, if used well it could really bring your mod alive once you are finished.

Don't ask me why I just typed all that. ^^ Tracking anyway

+3 votes   mod: The Surface Holds No Ghosts
drimp Oct 18 2011 replied:

Indeed I know lots of people like this. If anyone also knows anyone who may want to help too then please can you ask them, I really want to be getting on with the mod. (so ask around especially for a coder) ;)

+1 vote   news: Sheol - Recruiting now!
drimp Oct 6 2011 says:

Looks good other than the fact I've seen that picture before somewhere but I can't think of where I did. Not just that you could have maybe faded it a bit. But still looks good. :)

+2 votes   news: American Health and Wellness Act
drimp Aug 27 2011 replied:

The Disciple will be in many ways fully healer although I thinking of giving him one attack but wont be that powerful and maybe makes the opponent worse or something. The vampire will be much more 'hybrid' as he heals his team with his attacks, we will make sure that this doesn't overpower him in anyway though as I have played many rpg's / mmo's and know that the hybrid is usually extremely overpowered. The Disciple will have a good amount of healing compared to the vampire. When it comes to how even the sides are in defence and attack the Crusaders have probably the character who can take the most damage as well as the character who can heal the most, the Tribe must therefore use the speed of the Soul Eater to the best of their ability. Also the Tribe has the corrupter which I will make his hits cripple his opponents making the Soul Eaters speed even more affective. To win each team must use teamwork more than soloing meaning hybrid hopefully wont be overpowered. :)

As for some models, we are going to need some props. I'll send a PM. :D

+1 vote   mod: Sheol
drimp Aug 3 2011 says:

Not to troll or anything but the level design could have been done MUCH better it lets down what is a good 'narrative-based' mod.

-2 votes   mod: The Stanley Parable
drimp Jul 1 2011 replied:

That makes it sound sort of like Fears gameplay which is still a horror. (scary parts of break it up)

+1 vote   mod: The Deception
drimp Jun 30 2011 replied:

Well we will just have to make one for him them. ;)

+1 vote   media: Soul Eater - Start WIP
drimp Jun 27 2011 replied:

I agree with L34D about the fact that it looks empty. You can easily optimize the map in many ways to allow detail to be shown. Not going on gameplay (as I am sure the openness works for the type of gameplay you are going for) but on looks I believe there are many ways you can make this screenshot of this area look better. Finally if this area is less important then why would you use this area to show. Just some of my thoughts, not trolling or anything. :)

+1 vote   media: korengal WIP
drimp Jun 15 2011 replied:

It looks like some sort of creative health bar, but that's just a wild stab in the dark.

+1 vote   media: The Gallery
drimp May 26 2011 replied:

In game with use of colorcorrection.

+1 vote   media: Sheol - City
drimp May 24 2011 replied:

Cheers :p

+1 vote   media: Sheol - City
drimp May 19 2011 replied:

In the game there will only be two playable factions which are the two said here. Although the city's past has been forgotten now by all the people who live in the city and as they have now become much more free they allow both the factions in, I may make it that they have to gain control over the city as the city will be a pvp area but we'll see. Also there will be the arena within the city where I may make it so you gain reputation with the people of the city. There will be other enemy's which are a threat to the city and want to destroy it which would be a disaster to both factions, so you may see both factions teaming up at the final mission.

I haven't really thought over these other enemy's yet. You could give some ideas if you want :D

+1 vote   news: Sheol - A history lesson :D
drimp May 11 2011 says:

Level designing in progress and will hopefully be the next media, just for anyone who will probably be asking again. xD

+4 votes   mod: Sheol
drimp Apr 30 2011 replied:

Working on the maps, all of them are shells at the moment and I don't really want to release such under done screenshots. Although you should be seeing some WIP's soon. :D

+1 vote   news: sheol - Features
drimp Apr 25 2011 replied:

There's differences from TF2, one being there will be co-op and that npc's will be doing stuff as you walk around. It's much more of an rpg than TF2 is.

+3 votes   mod: Sheol
drimp Mar 14 2011 replied:

Well I wanted the unpleasant atmosphere in the area, as a screenshot map it isn't the best. I'm playing around with things at the moment to create a unique style towards this map.

Thanks for comments, I don't mind constructive feedback.

+2 votes   media: Sheol - church
drimp Mar 10 2011 says:

Going to tell more about each of the classes soon.

+1 vote   mod: Sheol
drimp Mar 9 2011 replied:

Cheers, I'll release more when it the ideas become final.

+2 votes   mod: Sheol
drimp Feb 18 2011 says:

What a change you have made from the old one. :p

-3 votes   media: Dear Esther Screens
drimp Jan 31 2011 says:

Tracking, looks interesting. :D

+1 vote   mod: An Open Window
drimp Dec 12 2010 says:

I have to say the maps don't look as bad as alot of stuff but no where near what I would think 60% to be. Needs loads more detail.

0 votes   mod: Return to Church
drimp Nov 23 2010 says:

I though 3D was already in the source engine. Or is that only for some of the games and not the engine itself?

0 votes   media: The Revenge 3D Shader
drimp Nov 22 2010 says:

This seems extremely random and has no back-story but meh. People seem to like it. :p

+1 vote   mod: Codename Cryforce
drimp Nov 22 2010 replied:

It seems the pipes aren't hollowed out and the one on the wall is just invisible on it's end. :p

+1 vote   media: Cinematic Pipe Destruction
drimp Nov 18 2010 replied:

Is this about what I said? D: I didn't vote you down

Tbh the mod looks good, I'll need to see it when it's fully done before saying anything in detail about it though.

-2 votes   game: Blade Symphony
drimp Nov 18 2010 says:

The corner we are looking at has a textures alignment error. I think anyway, hard to see. :p

+1 vote   media: Waitingarea
drimp Nov 18 2010 replied:

I think that is sort of what he said. :p

-3 votes   game: Blade Symphony
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