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Dreadmask Aug 18 2014, 9:12am says:

Rip in peace.

+5 votes     article: I'm sorry.
Dreadmask Jul 8 2014, 9:50pm says:

It looks nice, but I think (especially for a multiplayer shooter) you should tone down the fog a lot. You can hardly see 3 metres in front of you, that's going to make it very difficult to play.

+1 vote     media: WIP Map - Ilthurn: Defence
Dreadmask Jun 22 2014, 7:22am says:


+3 votes     download: CrimeWars 2014 Release Part 1
Dreadmask Jun 20 2014, 7:13am says:

looks fantastic

+3 votes     media: Pre-Release 2014 Direct Zip Download. Unofficial.
Dreadmask May 21 2014, 1:27am says:

How did you even get it that big lol

+1 vote     media: roof and side damage
Dreadmask Jan 28 2014, 12:46am says:

Can you please explain to me how this proves any concept?

+1 vote     media: Proof of Concept
Dreadmask Jan 16 2014, 8:18pm says:


+1 vote     media: Into the City
Dreadmask Dec 2 2013, 6:57pm says:

An ok concept, but remember for this sort of mod you'll need to know a lot about the Hammer I/O interface, which I suggest you learn...
Also, I assume you have no lighting in the test map due to it just being a test map, correct? Regardless, even test maps should have basic lighting to test shadows etc.

+3 votes     mod: Puzzle Punches
Dreadmask Jul 7 2013, 12:15am replied:

Yes, when our animator gets around to getting out of doing work.

+1 vote     media: ESP LTD MH-1000NT
Dreadmask Jul 7 2013, 12:14am replied:

A lot of the details (such as the bridge, pups and logo) are textures, to save on polys and performance. Thanks for reminding me about the input though lol, I'll add that!

+1 vote     media: 3D View: ESP LTD MH-1000NT
Dreadmask Jul 6 2013, 8:57am says:


+1 vote     download: Half-Life 2: Wars 2.1.2 FULL 7z
Dreadmask Jul 5 2013, 2:46am says:

You'll be surprised at just how annoying it is to port it over >_>
So many little errors in maps to fix...

+1 vote     article: Source sdk update
Dreadmask Jun 28 2013, 10:53pm says:

Apologies for the music- I didn't know what I was writing for and it sucks haha.
Expect a trailer reupload with better music soon.

+5 votes     mod: Car-poral Keys
Dreadmask May 20 2013, 8:09am says:

A key function of zombie mods like this is map design. Looking forward to seeing some nice maps with good soundscapes, detail and optimisation!

+6 votes     mod: Zombies
Dreadmask May 18 2013, 9:37pm says:

Lol, selling a mod.

+13 votes     article: Important
Dreadmask May 13 2013, 8:07am says:

These guys suck.

+2 votes     group: Nautical Ninjas
Dreadmask Mar 11 2013, 3:06am says:

Did you actually make this? Because I find it hard to believe you improved in modelling that much after uploading that Blender picture yesterday...
Also you are now using Milkshape.
I have no words for milkshape.

+2 votes     media: OICW or AICW, which one is better?
Dreadmask Mar 1 2013, 12:35am says:

It begins.

+2 votes     download: Rot-Life Public Beta V1
Dreadmask Dec 24 2012, 2:22am says:

Sweet stuff so far :3

+2 votes     media: Type 100 model
Dreadmask Dec 17 2012, 5:57pm says:

"This suit uses best human engineering"


+1 vote     mod: HALF-LIFE UNIVERSE
Dreadmask Dec 11 2012, 7:19pm replied:

It won't be greenlit, it was rejected by Valve.

-2 votes     game: Faceless
Dreadmask Dec 10 2012, 1:15am says:

This is smexy :3
If you need help at modelling at all or any constructive criticism I suggest asking the gmod forums (now not so much just for garrys mod, has stuff for source mods, mapping, models), facepunch. I'm sure they'd be able to give feedback on the mod so far as well if you make a new thread in the valve games/mods section:
Trust me, as long as you don't act like an idiot, they are really helpful :)
If you ask permission, you can get some great models from there as well.

+1 vote     media: type 99 rifle textured
Dreadmask Dec 5 2012, 7:37pm says:

Looking really good! It might need some ambient occlusion and better normals I think, or even better just brush up on the textures to make them more HD in general.

+2 votes     media: type 99 rifle texture wip
Dreadmask Nov 28 2012, 1:22am says:

Source need an Arisaka bolty :3

+2 votes     media: Type 99 rifle
Dreadmask Nov 4 2012, 5:02am says:

Always thought there weren't many Pacific war games...
Looking good so far, I will be following.
Will there be bayonets? It'd be cool if the Japanese could go prone and camouflage and then bayonet charge the enemy.

+6 votes     mod: Men of Oath
Dreadmask Oct 11 2012, 1:59am replied:

Don't worry about these idiots, I see where you are coming from. It's a mod of Half Life 2 which should be a TOTAL CONVERSION meaning different story (which they have) and new CONTENT-meaning not using models from 2004. I mean, sure if you can put them in right it looks ok. But jeez, at least reskin it and learn more mapping techniques!

+1 vote     game: Faceless
Dreadmask Oct 8 2012, 2:35am replied:

I get what you are saying, with Slender being really oversaturated and tbh not scary, but I think the story has potential for a good scary horror game. And by the looks of things, this will be a more worthy slender adaptation than the crappy one that parsac made...

+1 vote     game: Faceless
Dreadmask Jul 3 2012, 10:33pm says:

For everyone who gets the error at boot up:
Open the gameinfo.txt file inside the mod folder. Change the SteamAppId to 218 and save. Now the game will run on source 2009 instead of 2007 and it will be fixed. Although, I have A LOT of missing models/textures, so whats going on there?

+2 votes     mod: Mission to Mars
Dreadmask Jun 29 2012, 3:55am says:

This looks really good :)

+2 votes     mod: Mission to Mars
Dreadmask Jun 4 2012, 2:19am says:

Perhaps it is an issue within the map itself. If you want to fix it, maybe try replacing the textures that are pink+black and the lighting of the map also. I'm not sure if it will work, but knowing that pink+black textures are replacing textures the game can't find, it is highly likely that something is missing in the mapping itself.

+2 votes     mod: SMOD Redux Version 9
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