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Unplayable due to CTD right before the intro video while vanilla CoP and other mods for it work. For this alone I would not give a 1 but if the devers do not even respond in the first place and then not caring at all since "we don't care about CTDs caused at startup by our mod" then this deserves a 1 for bad handling. And a mod that crashes and is not playable doesn't warannt anything more than a 1. Having bugs (even way too many according to various posts all over the Internet) is not a problem for me as long as you intend to fix it sooner or later. With "we don't care" though I've got a serious huge beef. Should this startup CTD caused solely by this mod is tackled I'll re-evaluate the score. Up to then it's 1 especially for bad community/bug handling.


Half-Life: "Ultimate Attack"

Mod review - 1 agrees - 3 disagree

Broken mod. Models to not show up or most of them don't. Unplayable like this.

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