Let me introduce myself before we get into this! I am Robert Nemet, 16 year old Romanian, who lives in a small city named Toplita, in a country known as Romania. I started my interest in video games at the age of 9, thoroughly playing games all day long, which was like a hobby for me. But as life went on, I started to show an interest in creating my own games. I first started off with Amnesia Custom Stories, which was something pretty easy for me, at the age of 14. My most successful attempt at Custom Stories resulted in this bad boy! Then, as I learned a lot more, I switched towards the Unity engine nearly a year later, and the first game I made with it wasn't so impressive, and life problems made me lose motivation on that. I started working secretly on the Unity engine, starting up a few projects and then it turns to the present. Lunacy - The Darkness!

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Robert_Nemet Mar 25 2012, 5:02am replied:

More details, please.

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Robert_Nemet Mar 25 2012, 4:52am says:

Peeps, you can send off your reviews of this CS if you wish. Just be sure you leave your opinions about it.

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Robert_Nemet Mar 25 2012, 4:48am replied:

Sort of... I used some sounds from CoF because they seemed perfect. Just converted them, and edited them out a bit. Some others are from SCP 087 B, and that pretty much it.

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Robert_Nemet Mar 25 2012, 2:53am says:

My second favourite part of this CS!

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Robert_Nemet Mar 25 2012, 2:51am replied:

I'm waiting for your reactions on this one! Post the link here of your LP once you're done.

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Robert_Nemet Mar 23 2012, 3:58pm says:

To be honest, this part is my favourite part.

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Robert_Nemet Mar 23 2012, 10:11am replied:

It's a massive screenblur. Works like I intended it to here. But on other players, it's a ripoff. They can't see anything. But at my version, it's sort of like the screeny above this comment section.

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Robert_Nemet Mar 3 2012, 11:18am replied:

Then where did this come from?


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Robert_Nemet Mar 3 2012, 10:51am says:

I have a second question.

How do I unlock the "BulletProof Vest"? I've completed Cry of Fear about 5 times (I only need to get 3 more unlockables and then I'll have every single unlockable) and I still don't have it. Any ideas about this?

BTW: Thank You ruMpel for helping me out in the previous question.

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Robert_Nemet Feb 29 2012, 11:06am says:

I have a question. When I completed Cry of Fear, I got an unlockable (secret weapon, which is a digital camera), and after the train crash (where you loose the bag) the camera disappears, and I can't find it.

Any idea where it could be?

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Robert_Nemet Feb 25 2012, 12:34pm says:

As I read from the CoF wikia, there will be commentary nodes available after you beat the game, and start from the beginning again. No commentary nodes appear at all. And I noticed a command in console "dev_commentary" which was 1 after I beat the game. That would mean commentary nodes would appear. But nothing appears.

IS there something wrong? TY.

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Robert_Nemet Feb 15 2012, 10:00am replied:

I knew I posted in the wrong area.

Well, as long as it runs finely, that's good. All this started with a question (OpenGL). But I didn't know what issue there was, and I thought you were using an engine similar to Paranoia or something. I was fearing that CoF would have the same issues Paranoia had. At first, I thought it was the video drivers, but it's the music system all this way (and CoF uses a different music system which works fine, as I was assured). To me, it seemed like an OpenGL issue. But it's not the case. From one question to huge posts.

But anyway, let's put Paranoia out of the way. We went really off topic. I seriously feel like I wasted somebody's time (not joking).

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Robert_Nemet Feb 14 2012, 2:37pm replied:

I think I stated that in a previous post, if I remember right.

It would still crash, but not as frequently. Also tested again, and it appears, that the very first option (shortcut and CPU affinity stuff) works 100%. Played from start to end with not a hitch.

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Robert_Nemet Feb 14 2012, 10:45am says:

After searching into this issue I kept having for days, it seems I came to several solutions that I hope would help people.

- Make a shortcut of hl.exe. Add '-game paranoia' without the quotes to the 'Target' making sure there's a space between the " and the '-'. Immediately after launching it, open Task Manager, disable UAC Virtualization (Windows 7), and set CPU affinity to CPU 0 only. (Dual Core comps) It appears 2 CPU's don't match well with Goldsource. Have tested by reloading 3 different maps 17 times (less than 3 times on 2 maps cause the crash on Paranoia at my PC).

-Disable sound completely on your PC. Worst solution, but if you've played through whatever mod you wanted, I'm certain it won't bother you.

-Try saving often. Always helps.

-After a freeze, wait approx. 5 minutes. Allows you to play longer.

-Don't fiddle with Video settings! That seemed to cause the crash to occur sooner. (Video resolution only)

-Try to add Windows 98/Me compatibility mode. It won't crash this way, but has the tendency to freeze up at certain points (usually loading screens, but occurs very rarely)

-Give your PC a reboot.

-Try the Windows 95 compatibility mode variant.

-Try to add the '-safemode' parameters to the 'Target' line of the shortcut you made (if you made one).

-Downgrade your audio drivers. Upgrading can help too, but causes issues.

Hope this helps. Last post regarding this. If you have questions, ask away.

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Robert_Nemet Feb 13 2012, 10:48am replied:

Then Win7 32bit should have no problems. Right?

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Feb 13 2012, 10:19am says:

Sorry for posting this many times, but I really think I resolved the issue now. I set the compatibility mode to Windows 95 (from Windows 7 Professional). I set it on the '!Launch.bat' and it seemed to work. Only thing is it freezes when it changes maps. But at least doesn't crash (yet). Let's hope this won't happen again. I'm already sweating when I enter a point in the game where it crashed before, thinking it will do the same again.

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Feb 13 2012, 9:56am says:

I found a temporary fix for this issue. But it's the worst. You will have to disable the entire audio device (through device manager). It never crashes with this.

Will Cry of Fear run properly with Windows 7? (Works well in older Windows like XP, but barely works, or doesn't run at all in Windows 7)

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Feb 13 2012, 9:05am replied:

Not exactly.

My issue isn't completely fixed yet. The crashes still occur, but rarely, instead of nearly 25 times throughout the whole mod (paranoia), it occurs 7-8 times.
It must be the music system. Since I saw a post with someone else who had the exact same problem. Except there it froze, here it crashed.
OpenGL had strange effects, and at random times, it said that it's not supported. That one is solved.
Could be the music system. Even if I remove the folder, it still occurs. Just like at that other person. I'll keep looking into this... A glitch like this won't stop me.

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Robert_Nemet Feb 13 2012, 7:48am replied:

After trying a new solution, I can say (100%) that I fixed my issue.

I had Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT with 285 version drivers. Downgraded to 275 and now works perfectly (4-3% speed boost), with no crashes at all.

Don't know what was the cause, though. The latest drivers must have caused a problem.

Also tested with the music. After downgrading my sound drivers, that got fixed too.

How easily it disoriented me...

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Robert_Nemet Feb 13 2012, 7:38am says:

Well, it appears I'm back again.

It's not just the music though. It still seemed to crash. At the exact same points. I still keep experimenting, though.

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Feb 12 2012, 12:37pm says:

I think I found out my problem!

It's not OpenGL related at all! After experimenting for 2 hours, I found out that Paranoia crashes at the exact same points during levels.

After that, I found out that at those exact same points during levels, (when you open a door, for ex.) the music track changes. For some reason, it freezes up. Now that I renamed the music folder, it no longer 'appears' to crash.

The reason I said 'appears' is because I didn't have the time to properly test that. It could be an audio issue, not OpenGL.

See where just a simple problem leads? It wasn't openGL all this time.

It's all so strange...

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Robert_Nemet Feb 12 2012, 10:04am replied:

I don't know about that. But that will remove the effects Paranoia uses. And I oppose that.

I'll keep experimenting with different video modes to see what is the issue.

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Feb 12 2012, 8:39am replied:

Looks like I'm not alone.

As far as I know, the newest drivers could be an issue. Not to mention, I'm using Nvidia Geforce 9500GT. It worked w/o crashes on windows xp. Turned to windows 7, and here I am.

OpenGL works, but crashes after several level loads or at random times. Direct3D crashed instantly. Didn't try software because there were certain effects (Paranoia) that I wouldn't want disabled.

Newest drivers ATM are 285.26 if I'm correct.

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Robert_Nemet Feb 12 2012, 8:18am says:

I have a question.

Will Cry of Fear use special effects which could require OpenGL? (Just like Paranoia) Or can I just use Software?

The reason: I have an unknown problem, and goldsource games don't run very well with OpenGL. They crash randomly (mostly experienced with Paranoia)

I patiently wait for your answer.

BTW: Can't wait. This is going to be so cool.

+3 votes     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Aug 19 2011, 11:03am says:

Can anyone help me, please?

Nightmare House 2 crashes as it loads Chapter 7.

Details: It loads everything else fine, but when it loads Chapter 7, it freezes for like 3 seconds, then crashes to desktop without an error showing up.

+1 vote     mod: Nightmare House 2
Robert_Nemet Aug 19 2011, 8:58am says:

I've got a problem.

Why does Nightmare House 2 crash while it loads Chapter 7?

Any help will be appreciated.

+1 vote     download: Nightmare House 2 Release 1.0 (.EXE)
Robert_Nemet Aug 9 2011, 10:13am says:

Is that AI bug in the video fixed? Just asking.

+3 votes     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Mar 30 2011, 1:01pm says:

I have to say:

Nice countdown system. Wonder where you got something like it.

The mod looks fantastic. Looking at the countdown, it's only 9 days left till the release date.

+1 vote     mod: Half-Life: Gold
Robert_Nemet Mar 18 2011, 9:56am says:

Shouldn't we be talking about the game, rather than about TrollFace?

Things really went off-topic.

+6 votes     game: Cry of Fear
Robert_Nemet Feb 9 2011, 1:58pm says:

KingOblivion411 You might want to let the developers do their work on Cry of Fear, and if you post stupid comments, no wonder you're getting insulted at that time. If you don't like the mod, just walk away. Now if you think, that your words can change everything, Think again!

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
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